A/N: okay guys this is sort of a short poem that I dedicate to all those who have been spending their life thinking they are not worthy enough, and can't fit in. Review please :)

They are not you

You might be different,
but that's what's good.
You have your own life,
your own style and looks.
It's amazingly clear that you stand out,
in that fanciful group of people,
the group i call a normal crowd.
when you decide that your destiny is far from long,
that you can't be special,
my dear that's when you go wrong.
we have all seen their ways and we know they're wrong,
but what you do is right and honest,
it's the perfect symbol of uniqueness believe it or not.
They're not who you think they are,
they're just actors who pretend,
and to not be you is just hard.
You're unique and you're just you,
be what you want to be 'cause they are just afraid,
of the four words that say,
they are not you

Tahira Sadaf Khan

Age 14