My little sister is really small and annoying. Tomboyish and playful, she never stops at anything.

My mom always wants me to take her out with me when I hang with my friends. I have to keep an eye on her, she always runs off to do her own shenanigans.

One time, she ran across a street for my soccer ball while a car was heading towards her. I had to run my fastest to throw her out of the way. We landed on the other side of the street, with nothing but gashes on our skin. She was unfazed by the shock. What a nerd.

She grew up to be the type playing video games and wearing hand me downs of my large jackets. She's always been such a trouble maker, and always found a way to get me in trouble to even appointing it as her job. I guess that's what little sisters decide to do with their brothers. After all, who can blame them.

I, of course, grew annoyed at her antics. But being her older brother, I took them on. Surely, I grew accustomed to her habits of hanging water buckets on doors and switching the Oreo filling with mayonnaise. After every prank, I let out a deep breath, and just smile and laugh.

Her prankster days disappeared and just turned into a practical jokester. I've got to admit, her jokes aren't too shabby, and she may even be qualified to be a stand-up comedian.

I told her this once, she punched me in the arm.

Finally her elementary days are over and entered junior high. Her piles of work never let her return to her normal routine of video games and television. Sometimes, she even forgot to tease me when I got home.

Even then, she was so annoying, but she is my little sister after all.

One day I came home and didn't find her in her usual pile of homework. She was nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of searching around, I found her huddled in a corner of her room, her sweater sleeves covering her hands, and her head buried in her arms.

She had been teased that day of being weird and annoying.

Sure enough, I reassured her. Perhaps she was weird of annoying, but she was also funny and very smart. Always there to perk me up in my bad days and the best company, and I honestly could never had asked to have a better sister.

The usual sparkle in her eyes returned, and with a tear-stricken face, she smiled big and wide.

What a nerd.

I have not written in a while and I'm really rusty, I apologize about that u o u