You probably shouldn't know about this. They're chasing me down, and I only have one choice, it's to use it. Use what, you'd most likely just asked me? This wand right here, a powerful wand capable of transporting things to anywhere, at least, that's what's been spoken to me.

The reason I'm taking this wand? For exploring. Why? Information gathering, rather, object collecting. How? The wand does it all for me. All I have to do, at least, what they said to do, is possess the wand and hold it tight in my hands, thinking about the place I need to go to. Then, all of sudden, you're there.

Snapping back from informing you things you shouldn't know. Oh, and speaking of informing you and snapping back, my name is Snappy. You can call me Snap for short, but no time to speak of my identity, infact, you shouldn't even know about me. The shadows are catching up, but I'm faster than the rays of the sun. Anything in my path gets demolished. I knock down the door to the entrace of the throne room.

Where is it? Oh no, uh oh. The king must've used it, now I can't seem to find it. They're catching up faster and faster. Quickly, think Snap. Behind the throne of course! Silly me, I jumped behind the throne, grabbed the wand, and quickly thought of home. Boom, I was gone. The shadows stopped, and they stomped in rage. They had a one job, to stop me, but they'd failed to do so. Now the Shadow Queen is angry, angrier than ever. Infact, she was so enraged, she sucked the shadows into her soul, and crushed them into little ashes.

"That ssshould teach thossse foolsss, now I have to get new onesss," Shadow Queen mumbled to herself.

"hopefully, thisss time, the othersss won't messssss thisss up for me." She hid back into her coffin, and went to rest, until she could think of a plan to stop Snap.

Where was I? Where was my house? This isn't my home. This is a dark, creepy cave. I saw shining in the distance, it looked the shape of wands. There were six of them, and I had one. The first one I saw was sky blue, it was shining bright as the sky. The next wand was a more of a dark blue color, it shined barely, and had a cold fog around it. Next to that wand was a red wand, I could tell it would hurt badly if I'd went and touched it. Then the wand adjacent to the red wand, was a wand that had flowers planted onto them, and vines hanging off. I inferred it was a wand with nature in it. Then, the second to last wand I could barely see. It felt faint and very clear. The last one, it was so dark, I had to take my eyes off of it, there was evil all around it, pure evil and malevolent things were in that wand.

"Whoa, this place looks really nice." I said. Crystals of all different kinds were scattered around the cave. Shining all, making everything better to see. I readjusted my eyes as I saw another crystal, no, wait. That isn't a crystal, but a person! I had to quickly had to hide somewhere, so I went behind a very bright crystal. I could barely see what was going on, but I could tell it was a lady with a nice, blue dress matching the first wand.

"Ah, here's my wands. I should tell the others, surely they'll be excited to hear the great discovery." She spoke. Suddenly, she gasped.

"Oh no, where's the great wand? Oh no! And what's the evil wand doing here? This is bad, very very bad. It must've been stolen by the evil wand's owner," She uttered.

"but, why would it leave its wand here?" She added. Oh wow, I stole the Great Wand! I was so pumped, until she turned around and faced my way.