And that's how I got here, stuck inside a magical cell that cancels the power of the "Great Wand". I learned, later on, that the lady in the cave is named "Sky Liza"

"Alright, Snap, you must come with me," Sky demanded as she opened the cell.

"What do you want from me? The wand? Here, take it," I ungratefully said as I flung the wand across the room.

"I just want to get out of this place, and go back-" Just then, I was interrupted as the wand flew back to me. I gasped, throwing it again and again, it wouldn't get away from me.

"Well, you see, you're now the new owner of the Great Wand. The wand will never go away from its owner," Sky explained.

"the real owner, unfortunately, died from an unknown cause. Whoever uses the wand next, bounds to it." I widened my eyes. This can't be, I'm stuck here for how long I should know. I screamed in horror and tried to run for it, but there were guards.

"Stop him!" Sky faintly shouted. I thought quickly, the wand illuminated bright stars and swirled around the guards, causing them to fall down and sleep. I ran without hesitation. More guards, I waved my wand at them, causing bombs to shoot out in a spherical shape at the guards. They fell down in pain. I could get used to this I thought.

"Wait, stop! Please," Sky ordered. She caught up, I swirled my wand in my hands and- everything turned white.

I woke up in faint agony, I didn't quite exactly remember what happened after I Sky tried to stop me. I couldn't see a thing.

"Where am I?" I questioned myself as I got up from the floor.

"Welcome to your destiny, Snap." Someone said. There was a really bad ache in my head, so I heard that same voice in an echo.

"Who... are you? How do... you know me?" I uncomfortably. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't do it. It seems like I was paralyzed.

"Remember those wands you saw in the cave you went in?" The voice questioned.

"Yes..." I answered, moaning in pain.

"Since you've so kindly lead them to me, I stole them all!" The voice laughed.

"Give it up, Snap, you've lost your family in a ship wreck. The only thing you can do to survive is to go into the keep? That's pathetic," The voice claimed.

"but, then I saw potential in you. You were destined to hold The Great Wand. If you so desire to see what it is, then answer." I hesitated. I didn't know what to say, I had no choice. I, still paralyzed, nodded. Then, I heard an evil laugh, followed by a werid noise getting closer to me. I clentched my hands together, wishing I'd see. Just then, I saw black smoke with thunder surrounding me. I quickly wished to stop the black smoke, but it was too powerful. I thought of a place, a place like the throne room. The noise suddenly stopped. I looked around me, I was in the throne room, with the exception of it being polished and tidy. There were no blood puddles. I noticed somebody was sitting on the throne. It looked like a king. He was smiling at me, then he frowned.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" The king asked. I noticed my wand was gone as well, I saw it on the throne's armrest.

"I... uh... I got here by the wand you have right now..." I pointed towards the wand. He picked it up, and glanced at it. The king grinned.

"Ah... so it was true, the wand has powers..." He said to himself.

"So, what's today's date?" I questioned.

"April 22nd, 1689" He answered. It was the year I was born.

It was the year 1950, the future from where I was. Sky gasped, she'd just witnessed the evil wand owner take me. Just like that, poof, gone.

"Oh no, this is bad, very bad..." She stuttered. Sky knew that we were all doomed if the evil wand owner got its hands on The Great Wand. If that happened, space will be taken over by massive black holes and anti-matterl. It wouldn't be very good.

"Sky, my wand is gone." She turned around to see Dr. Roberto, the electric wand owner.

"What? Are you sure you haven't mixed it up with your stick subjects?" Sky asked. Dr. Roberto is a maniac, crazy human, well, used to be human. He fell into a pit accidently, critically injuring every limb. He'd no choice other than to put his brain into an android. Suprisingly, he was successful on doing so and here he is now, doing more science.

"No, I haven't. Look, if I can't find my wand, then I can't create enough energy to store my labratory to test the experiment on the cause of-"

"Look, you talk way too much, just compress your sentences, okay? Now, I don't know what happened to it, but I have other things to worr-" Just then, Sky was interrupted by another wand owner, videm.

"Okay, where did my wand go!?" videm questioned. Sky stressfully growled.

"Look, I know your wands are missing, but The Great Wand owner just took off and got captured by the evil wand owner, and if I can't get enough peace and quiet to think about what I have to do solve my problems, then I can't solve any of yours either!" Sky screamed. Videm stood there in shock with his mouth opened. Dr. Roberto just stood there with a stirn face, crossing his arms.

"Look who's not compiling their sentences." Dr. Roberto muttured. Then, the lights went out. Darkness was coming.

"I have your precious wand owner in my time travel, and if you don't surrender, he will..." A strange voice laughed.