This will be a small multi-chapter about somethings that people never really noticed.

You look at a picture and it's always the same. As much as you want to change it, it will always be the same. A picture, a frozen piece of time.

Pictures are beautiful. Pictures are scary. Pictures are sad. Pictures are happy.

Pictures are powerful. They have more power than we give them credit for. They can make us laugh, cry, angry, and scared. They help us solve murders, save people. Yet, nobody pays attention to the little camera lens that focuses on a certain spot. In today's era they can be so many things. In our computers, pen, key-chains, phones, and so many more. They are always watching you. Even when you don't know it, or see it. Sometimes that's bad, but sometimes that's good. They protect you but they can also hurt you.

Someone you lost, someone you loved. You look at their picture and you cry, or laugh. Or do both. You wish for them to come back but you know in your heart it will never happen. You wish you could experience that special moment again, but you can't.

Sometimes a picture is all we have left of that someone besides our memories. But memories can be so fragile. So we all go back to the same They can preserve memories.

Some people just take pictures for granted.

Many people take pictures every day. Celebrate birthdays, tourist pictures, flowers, selfies, and so much more, more than I can count.

They can destroy someone's life or yours. Pictures are dangerous.

They save people's lives. Pictures are wonderful.

They can preserve our special memories. Pictures can make us happy or even cry.

They can show us the truth we don't want to see or believe. Pictures can make us angry.

They can show us something we don't want to see. Pictures are scary.

They give us the information we need to know sometimes. Pictures are useful.

Pictures are so many things...and not a lot of people know that.

Pictures are confusing...