The Adventures of David and Connie!

The Grocery Store!

By Shadowgate

13 year old David and eight year old Connie O'Connor were with their mother Linda heading to the grocery store. Linda told them as they pulled into the parking lot "you two had better behave. I'll tell you it irritates me the way children behave in grocery stores these days."

When they enter the grocery store Linda grabs a basket.

They quickly move through the produce section and then the cereal aisle.

David commented "oh they have a new chocolate toast crunch cereal."

Connie replied "I want regular cinnamon toast crunch."

David mimics her "I want regular blah."

Connie yelled "Shut up David!"

Linda snapped "what did I say to both of you outside in the car?"

Connie said "yeah David."

Linda yelled "Enough!"

Next they went over to the milk section.

Connie said she wanted chocolate milk. David replied "okay but don't get the store brand. You know that other brand is good."

Linda said "let's get a store brand David because $5 for a gallon of chocolate milk is a bit ridiculous."

Connie looks over at the magazine section and sees a Pop Magazine with Justin Bieber on the cover. She says she wants it and Linda asked if she had any money and Connie pulled out a $10 bill.

David said "I'm glad I listen to rock music."

Connie replied "dad says he doesn't want you listening to rock music."

David shot back "I'm 12 I can do what I want."

As Linda puts eggs in the basket David said "mom let's get an extra carton of eggs so Connie and I can have a food fight."

Linda said "stop being silly David."

A little old lady walked up to Linda and said "your kids do not behave well in the grocery store. Children should be seen and not heard."

Linda yelled "My kids can talk in a grocery store if they want!"

After hitting the meat department and then grabbing ice cream the O'Connor Family heads to the checkout stand.

The cashier said "hi I'm Melissa Dugan and I'll be your cashier today."

David asked "where did you get that black eye Melissa?"

Linda snapped "David!"

Melissa answered "my now ex-boyfriend hit me. He's in jail now."

Connie said "my mom's sister, my Aunt Carmen just got out of an abusive relationship herself. My mom was happy when charges were pressed, she even said she hopes that in jail my Uncle Benjamin will be someone's bitch."

Linda said "Connie you don't need to repeat that."

After the O'Connor Family checked out they headed home. Once they got home Linda said "I'm never taking you kids to the grocery store with me again."