Author's note

"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story."
Frank Herbert

I remember the time I started writing this story. It was way back in August 2013. I started writing a script, with possible plots, storylines and characters.

March 2014, I started writing the very first chapter and on May 1st I uploaded the first one, here on FictionPress.

This was a huge project for me. This story is very dear to me, it's like my baby.

I worked really hard for this, and I know that this may not be the ending you wanted.

But just like the quote above is saying, there is no real ending.

This story is about how Sophia met Jensen, how he changed her life, how she fell in love.

And it just doesn't feel right to continue this story. This is definitely not a happy ever after. It's real life. They have to work things out and keep fighting for their love. Even I don't know if they will stay together in College, or what will happen after my ending.

They say that the best time to leave is when things are going well. And that's what I'm doing at this point.

I really like the ending, and I hope so do you.

I wanna thank everyone who read this story, added it to his favorites, followed it and who reviewed it and all the people who wrote me private messages.

I can't say how thankful I am. I just wanna thank a few people right now.

"Brightheart." Who was the first one to ever review this story. Thank you so much!

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And of course the lovely Guest reviewer PencilsCameras, who was my 100th reviewer! Thank you!

I wanna thank you guys for leaving all these lovely reviews. I can't even express how grateful I am for your support and for the nice words you guys left me. Thank you so much!

I wanna thank the lovely Kayleigh, aka Kayleigh8, who became a close friend of mine within the past months. I'm so grateful for your help, for all the times you read snippets and told me your honest opinion. All the reviews and all the helpful tips and suggestions! You're a huge part of this, thank you so much!

A big thank you goes to one of my best friends, Isabell, who inspired me to the character of Hanna. She's just as funny and lovely as her. A lot of Hanna scenes actually happened with her! She started reading my stories in English and always supported me and I love her to death.

I want to thank all my other friends as well, especially, Chris, Steph & Cherly. Thank you for your support.

I love you guys.

Thank you to everyone who joined me on this journey.

I used to write FanFiction & Short stories, so this is my first real original story, and now that it's finally finished, I'm happier than ever before.

Hopefully you all enjoyed reading this story, and to the people who may read this in the future, I hope you will like it!

I already have ideas for new stories that will be published soon, but for now I'm taking a break from writing.

Thank you guys!