The girl watched several people mingle together at her table and chat about random things. She tuned out their conversation and decided to stare at them. A girl with dark curls, a dark-haired boy with a laugh that was contagious, and several other people. She listened to their voices. One deep and full of amusement; another voice was perky and bright. The girl was surrounded by beautiful people.

She glanced at someone's thin lips and suddenly felt uncomfortable when a girl caught her gaze. She ducked her head and ignored the heat spreading throughout her body, tearing her eyes away from the crowd. She didn't like being caught. It felt so bad to be caught, like she was doing something wrong. She was doing something wrong. She stared at people in skinny jeans, observing how their legs looked. She took notice of people's lips - from plump and full to a straight, thin line - and she adored eye colors and hair. She was the definition of a freak.

That was wrong, right? Especially when it was everyone. But she wasn't like that, she was simply observant of people's looks. She wasn't attracted to everyone, she knew that.

So why did she stare at both boys and girls?

It was just her job to admire people's beauty of all kinds. She could see their flaws and their strengths in their looks, even through their makeup. She observed the people around her. The gamer boy who enjoyed shooting games and the extreme bookworm girl had a gorgeous shade of amber eyes that she couldn't help but be jealous of. The popular kids had athletic bodies and were usually very pleasant to look at. The 'losers' had their own unique things about them that made them who they are: beautiful.

She loathed them all. She was cursed (yet, she was gifted at the same time) and she didn't understand anything that went through her mind anymore. Why wasn't she beautiful like them? Why couldn't she find her strengths instead of all her flaws? Why did she even have to look at them?

Because she was observant.