A pale face, with big, dark eyes, was starring at her. The face seemed to be twisted into a mix of horror and disgust. It took her a while to realize that she was starring at herself in the mirror. "Gross." she said as she looked at her hair, matted and sweaty. "Gross," She said as she looked at the bags under her eyes. They were dark blue, almost black. She looked as if she'd been beaten.

She kept looking, searching her face for a familiar, warm sparkle in her eyes, searching for her old, endearing smile. But they were gone. It had only been a month, but she looked as if she'd aged years. Her face was weary and wrinkles were starting to appear. Her mouth hung downward slightly. Her eyes were half closed. She was tired. She hadn't slept in days. weeks, to be honest. She was fatigued. She hadn't eaten. Her clothes hung loosely off her body and her bones were visible.

"You can look all you want," said a voice behind her, "but you're not getting any hotter."

He walked toward her with a cautious and friendly smile. "Get out Geo. I don't need your sass right now," she said through clenched teeth.
"Hey now, I just came to get you your coffee. If you're not gonna eat, at least drink something, you look like shit."
"Gee, thanks bro."
"Anytime, sis."
He placed the cup on her dresser. "Before I forget, Natasha wants us to present in the basement for a meeting. All of us."
"Did she say what it was about?"
"No, just that presence is mandatory. It's not until 6, so you have some time…Monica, please sleep. And eat. And come out. We're here for you You don't-"
"Thanks, Geo. You can go now"

She continued staring at the face, she stared for what seemed to be forever. Finally Jun interrupted.

"um M-monica"

"What?" She asked as she muttered to herself.

"It's time for the meeting nnow"

"Ok" she moved her eyes away from the stranger. She moved her hand away from the scar. She followed Jun into a basement, Their lye the clan. Wolfs and Feeders. She took a seat based on her rank. She watched as Natasha the leader begun to speak.

"We have, a problem" She stated slowly. "The humans have caught on. We must leave this town at sunfall."

Jun who was the original in command now secondary spoke. "Start packing we need to leave in the morning"

"meeting adjourned" Natasha spoke. Natasha has always been cold. Not necessarily

collected. She strode away first, and the wolves followed. Leaving the feeders by themselves. "dammit" Monica muttered. "Hmmm?" Li asked. "None of your business" She was first to leave, something uncommon for a feeder of her rank. She went into her room. She laid down. She held herself with her one arm. She felt the scar again. It was a huge mark on top of her left eye. It was unpleasant, beginning to fade and reached down to her cheek. She hadn't been the same since the accident. An arm amputation? That was no problem for Monica. But being mauled by a wild bear, was another story.

She stayed and thought and thought and oh yes, thought. Finally Jun entered her room. "monica are you ok?"

"Go away" she sighed with her hand covering her eye.

"Are you ssure?" He asked. The two had always been very close. Closer than her and Geo. She didn't even mind his stutter which most others mocked him for.

"Yes, now leave"


He walked away.

She laid in silence. She thought back how this all happened, how her parents reacted, how she could've kept quite and stayed safe. She thought again. Finally resting her eyes as she slept.

She awoke to Geo waking her, it was sunfall. A term that her kind had created.

They left having perfect vision within the pitch black sky. They got upon a train. They were discrete. They all wore uniforms, showing their rank, something most clans and humans wouldn't due. Even having rank for her kind was uncommon. The fact that they lived in a clan was something to a degree unusual. Especially given their companionship with the wolves. Monica lifted her frail body from the seat. She sat next to Geo. "

Are they?"

"Are who?"

"Are…are the donors with us?"


"But.. Emily"

"I know, you two were …close, Mony but we have to leave, in this town it's forbidden for our kind, we have to go, besides she wasn't that cute anyways"

"but, Emily" She repeated.

"Can't come with us"Geo stated.


she moved her limp body away from him and back into her original lifeless chair. She sighed. A man was sitting next to her and she was feeling drained. She had refused to feed since the accident. A reason for her state. She looked back, she saw the youngest of their clan a 5 year old named Farzana. She had run away to be with them. She ran up to her upon the glance. "Monica?"

Farzana asked. "What?"

"Are you, gonna, you know,"

"No Farzona."

"but ya have too."

"no Farzona"

"please, I mean he's sleeping"

"no" "c'mon, pleeeese" Not even the sweet child could could persuade her. "You can off of me if you-" "I said no!" the girl looked scared. She scurried back to her seat. If she were to feed as unlikely as that was to be, she wouldn't feed off a stranger and certainly not a little girl. Finally one morning later the clan took refuge in an hotel. Their Monica went to a store. She was in lacking in energy. She had been using coffee to replace the missing life force. Their she saw an odd girl. This event would change her life in ways she would not ever expect.

She walked past the girl, silently. But the girl noticed her. She approached. "Excuse me?"

The light skinned girl asked. "But I couldn't help but notice…." She had a lisp not too strong or noticeable but it was theire. "your…energy." "Pardon?" Monica asked through clenched teeth. The girl wheeled to her table. She touched Monica without permission. Grasping her pail hands in Monica's dark ones. Though Monica often appears pale, and can be mistaken for white she is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother was white while her father is black. Her brother Geo, is quite darker then her. Theirs no mistaking his race. When people see them together theirs no mistaking hers either. "It's off?" "How'd you?" Monica asked gripping her coffee as if her life depended on it. The girl looked down. "I don't actually know I can just sorta tell that kind of stuff. ….Are you one of them?" "One of who?" " Energy feeders, wolfs, lyncans, whatever." Monica knew she was supposed to be descrete. She knew she was not to tell given the forbidden ill of her kind in this territory.

However she had been irratated, saddened, and quite upset. All this due to recent events. So she decided to tell the strange girl.

"I'm a feeder, and I havn't fed in months."

She sounded weary, as if confessing something hidden for far too long. The girl in the wheel chair smiled. "Well that's cool. Why havn't you fed?"

"It hurts people, it damages them, their life force or cycle. I've recently been damaged." Monica gestured towards her scar.

"I don't want to hurt others anymore"

"But that's natural for an energy feeder? They need to do that. Or you need to do that. I mean you can't live without feeding?"

the girl sounded worried, afraid, and very casual. Monica got up. "I think I'm done talking" she walked away pulling her saggy pants up. Her state was not healthy. You could even see her bones through her skin. Though that had less to do with feeding and more to due with eating disorders. She walked into the elevator. She went to her room. Their she saw everyone staring at her.

"your late" Geo sighed.

"Sorry I met this girl…you know what never mind."

She took a seat. Natasha spoke first as usual. "This town like the last, forbids our kind. Both of our kinds. I'm still not sure why humans hate us to the degree they due, but we can't change that. We must be stealth, while in this town."

She looked down at her papers. "We musn't let anyone know. Now this is only temporary. However even so, until we can find a town where our kind is welcome this is where we shall stay. Do your best to find temporary donors with good life force. Half of us will need it"

She always speaks in a commanding tone. However when Zarzana raised her hand Natasha's voice became soft. You weren't supposed to ask questions at the meeting. But everyone makes exeptions for Farzana, the five year old wolf.

"Yes Farzana?" Natasha asked.

"Why can't we go into a town where they like us?"She looked worried,

"Because their aren't any towns that like us."

"At all!?" the little girl practicly yelled.

"No there are a few. But very little and we just need to find them sweety. Ok?"

"Ok" Farzanna nustled back into her seat, looking disappointed.

"Meeting adjourned" Natasha spoke harshly.

The wolfs left first going by rank. Their were seven feeders and six wolfs in this clan. While feeders need to feed off the energy to survive wolfs don't do much when it comes to surviving. Humans are afraid of wolfs but they have no reason to be. Wolfs are merely humans with a wolf spirit inside. Their much more ordinary and mundane than feeders, a reason it's uncommen for them to be in a clan together.

Monica left first again. Jun was upset. "hey you cant keep doing that!"

Monica stared. "Your to low of rank"

Monica merely sat back down. She's not one to normally comply so easily. However she was beginning to loose hope.

"You did what I said" Jun managened to say.

He merely looked back down. Then Monica looked at Geo waiting for him to leave. "Right sorry, I should, ya I should go. Well nice meeting thing."

Geo hastily got up. He left. Then Jun. Then Monica. The rest of the feeders followed. Monica headed to her room only to see the girl again in the hall. "What are you doing here?" She asked. The girl looked up,

"I just wanted to um check on you"

The girl had a flirtatious smile.

"Ok you can …come in I guess."

She came into Monica's room by Monica's lead. "I never got your name" The girl asked.

"Monica, Monica Storm."

"Oh that's nice, I'm flower Gasto"

Monica for once smiled back.

"So…nice place"

"It's a hotel room?"

"I knew that" Flower laughed.

Monica for once made eye contact. Something she frequently struggles with. She stared into the Flowers eyes and looked down at her smile.

"What?" Flower questioned.

Monica looked away "nothing"

"So how long will you be in town?" Flower was quite curios.

"I don't know"

"How come, your by yourself right?"

"No..actually I'm in a clan. With wolfs and feeders"

"That's weird" flower was looking at Monica's right limb.

"I travel in a clan. I know its not common…but it's what I do"

"Oh cool." Flower stopped staring. She looked around. "Awsome. So they feed?"


"And you don't?" She still wore that smile.


"You know, you could…"

Monica looked at her examining her hair and then her small chest.

"Feed off me if you want?" She was being extremely flirtatious at this point.

"I can't"

"you can"

"it'll hurt you."

"not if it's only once" She bit her lip.

Monica sat down at her bed. She had starving for energy. She put her hands to her face and put her French braided hair to the side. "maybe"


"what do you get out of this?"

"I don't know. I'm just kinda curios." She laughed.

Monica liked this Flower.


"what!?" She was surprised but delighted.

"I'll do it. I need the energy anyways."

"Cool. So, how does this work?"

"Take a seat"

"aren't you forgetting something"

The girl gestured towards her wheel chair. "Right." Monica sighed. "Move towards the bed then."

"Ok." Flower winked at Monica. She moved as asked.

Monica pulled up a chair next to the girl. She sat in front of her.

"Give me your hands"


Flower handed her hands over.

Monica breathed in. "You have good energy."

"So I've been told."

"Alright your about to feel drained."

"I think I can manage."

Monica started feeding. She felt a wave of energy befall her. She felt replenished. She smiled. She had been starving for so long. Finally she felt alive again.

Flower put her hands to her head.

"You alright?"

"You were right that is draining. I think I need to lay down, help me out of my chair?"


They laid down together. Monica held the Flower's hand.


"Your welcome"

Then in an instant Geo walked in.

"oooh" geo bit his lip. "Am I interrupting something? You too um ? you know?"

"Get out" Monica stopped gazing into Flower's eyes. She got up and slammed the door on him.

"Sorry that was my brother, he's..a pain in the ass"

"Is he a feeder too?"


"Theirs a lot of feeders here."

"Actually I live in a clan"

"Your whole clan's here?"

"yes" Monica looked down.

"You do realize your not allowed in this town?"

"It's temporary."

"oh ok" Flower looked around trying to appear casual.

"Here's my floor number, I think I better get going" Flower handed Monica a card with numbers and letters on it. Not that Monica would be able to use the thing given she was illiterate.


Monica helped Flower into her wheelchair. She went out the door and in the elevator to her room.

Monica was feeling happier then normal whether it was from the flirting or having finally fed is uncertain. She laid down with a huge smile. She then felt the scar and her smile faded. (why did this have to happen) she thought as she rested. She then called geo. Him and her were sharing a room.

"you done making kissy faces at that girl"

"Oh shut up"

"No I think it's cute. Lovebirds" Monica threw a pillow at Geo.
"Hey hey ok, I'll stop"

"Good" She laid down on her side.

"So um…what's her name?"

"Her name?"
"C'mon you have to know your girlfriends name?"

"She's not my girlfriend."


"Flower. Her names flower."

"I can ship it already" He said triumphantly.

"Not shipping again."

"I ship real people and it's a passion" He was pretending to sound offended. Monica laughed. "Woah I haven't heard that in a while"

"I guess"

"No I...I think it's good. You need that in your life"

Whenever Geo got serious it made Monica uncomfortable.

"Oh by the way." Geo picked up a drink he gotm, from the dresser.

"I got this for you. I know you haven't been eating but again you look like shit."

Monica rolled her eyes. "Fine"

"Fine?" Geo was surprised.

"I'll drink it."

"Well, good" He was still caught off guard. But still quite happy.

He noticed the card. "Ooh she gave you her number" "I thought I said stop"

"I will once I get the digits" Before she could get the number geo quikly swiped away the card.

"Hmm room Three 0 eight. Nice"

Monica sighed.

The next day she went to speak with Natasha who was acutally a cousin on her fathers side. Natasha knew she hadn't been feeding. She knocked on the door. Their Natasha answered. "Welcome to the feeding circ- oh Monica"



"I need to tell you something." She walked in seeing several feeders draining humans of life force and energy. Monica walked her into a more private section of the room. "Well." "I've…fed"

"You have! Monica that's great."

"I guess so."

"How or why? You've been starving for months"

"I met this girl…"

"Say no more I got you. So would she be open to others?"

"It was a one time thing."

"If you did it once you can do it again."

"Not in my interest"

"I know I can't force you to do anything you don't wish so, I believe this is the first step."


"Your welcome"

Monica walked out the room finally feeling free. Given it was late she then walked over to Geo and her room and slept. She awoke, to the sun shining bright in her eyes. She turned on the pillow. She couldn't escape it though. Energy feeders have nothing against sunlight but Monica specifically prefers the dark.

"Waky waky sleepy head"

She heard a familer voice ring. It was Geo. Shining the light in her eyes.

"What the f-"

"Morning sunshine you've slept all day…again."

"here" She sat up and he handed her pancakes.

"No thanks." She put the food on the dresser.

"Please atleast take a bite"

"You know I can't do that"

"You can try"


"Monica please atleast one bite. It won't kill you"


"It won't" Geo put the plate back in her lap. She took the knife and cut a piece about the size of her pinky's nail. She ate it. "Good now swallow" that was something Monica didn't plan on doing.

"Mony please, swallow" With a deep sigh and tears she swalled the piece of pancake. "Good, your getting better."

"Take it out of my site now." She was wiping her tears,

"Okay" he took plate and threw the paper thing away.

Then the door bell rang.

"Who's that?"

"I inveted that girl over. Flower was it"

"you what"

But in a flash as fast as the flash he opened the door. "Flower please come in, Monica's been expecting you"

She came in. Monica was embaresed to be in her pajamas. "hey" She said.

"Hi" monica blushed.

"Well I'll leave you two cats at it. So long"

Geo closed the door.

"You..didn't know I was coming did you?"

She laughed.

"Not really no." Monica laughed with her and sighed.

"So how's everything"

"Everything's fine"

"Have you been eating?"

"Don't tell me Geo"

"Ya, he told me"

"Look that's really private ok?"

"I understand"

"But back to the present, how are things with you?"

"Great still trying to figure some things out."

"Such as?"

"Well, I have abilities."


"Ya that. And im not exactly sure what they are."

"Are you phycic?"

"I don't know"

"well do you need help?"

"Maybe, I just,I can tell things about you I knew you were a feeder before you told me. And when I look at people I can see these colours within them that have feelings attached, does that? Am I making any sence?"


"So do you know?"

"Why would I know" Monica asked confused

"Since you're a energy feeder."

"Not all energy feeders are exports on the supernatural."

"Oh sorry."

"No I'm sorry, sorry I can't help."

"No it's fine. Anyways do you need to feed.?"

"Again. That was a one time thing."

"It doesn't have to be."

"Are you sure?"


"I only feed once a week but given that I've been starved.. I guess so."

"Ok lay me out on the bed" Flower sighed.

"Sure thing"

And like that the girls begun the ritual.

After the ritual Flower and Monica chated. Flower eventually left. Monica went in to the restroom. She looked at herself. "Disgusting" she lifted her shirt to examine her stomach. "I'm so…" before she could finish she pushed down the shirt. Monica doesn't see herself as others see her. She is not healthy in this way. Geo knocked on the door and entered.

"Oh Monica not again" He looked down at her. "Please, stop this" he moved her frail arms to face him. "I told you not too look in mirrors. You keep doing this" Monica glanced over at the scale. "Don't even think about it" "Geo really this isn't your concern"

"Fuk it isn't my concern. You have a problem Monica." "That is my problem not yours." "If you're my sister then it is mine. C'mon" He took her hand. "where are we going?" "Just c'mon" he led her down to a presentation at the hotel. "What are we doing?" "This is an anorexic awareness presentation" "Geo!" "Monica your going" "No I'm not" "This isn't up for debate." "You and Natasha picked this hotel is that why!?"

"Get in there" "No" "I said get in there" He grasped her arm and pushed her inside shutting the door. Monica heard a voice. "The presentation is starting" the lights dimmed. She took a seat. "Dammit" by the end of the meeting Monica was crying. Food triggers her, and Geo had forced her into a situation all about it, in fact just talking about her disorder triggers her. He forced her to face her triggers head on and that was something she wasn't prepared for.

He greeted her at the end of the entrance. She started punching him. And kicking him. He held her and pushed her into a hug. She was crying. "screw you" she pushed him away and continued walking. She saw flower. "thank goodness you're here" She hugged Flower unexpectedly.

"Geo did the worst thing to me." Flower looked at Geo from a distance. He nodded and left. "I'm here" she patted Monica on the back. Flower felt guilt, for it she knew this was to happen and did nothing to stop it, in fact she had given Geo her support. Flower and her, went to the coffee shop. They sat down. Though food upsets her the coffee shop atmosphere has something about it that calms Monica. As long as she doesn't look at food it's fine. She's does well with drinks but consuming anything else is very troubling for her. She sat with Flower at the Coffee shop.

"I just don't get it"

"Get what?"

"Why he would hurt me in this way?"

"He was trying to help"

"I wasn't ready Flower. I wasn't"

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be. You had nothing to do with this."

Flower looked down at her coffee.

Monica spoke up. "So about your abilities."


"I was thinking that we could do some research."


"Ya you can come to my room and we can check every website available"


Flower's guilt was growing.

"Your welcome no problem"