Flower wheeled her chair right behind Monica as they went into the elevator. They went up into her room. Flower did in fact feel incredibly guilty, despite the fact that it wasn't her direct doing, that triggered Monica, however that wouldn't keep her from feeling terrible about it.




"right" Flower laughed in a nervous tone.

"you okay?"

Monica asked slightly worried.

"ya." She practically squeaked that.

"right" Monica is in disbelief.

"anyways..on with the research"

"okay!" Flower was a bad liar.

Monica uncertain turned to the computer. She googled physics. She didn't find what they were looking for, however she did find something else.

"what is it?"

Flower asked staring at Monica as she stared intensely at the screen.

"look" Monica turned the screen towards her friend.

The screen read


"What do you think?" Monica turned her body towards Flower.

"What is it..how is it…I don't understand…"

"I don't either my clan hasn't said anything about this"

"that's weird…"

Flower remarked. Monica sighed.

"maybe it's nothing"

"maybe, but if it says that it shouldn't it be important?"

"I don't know…maybe I'll talk to Natasha about it at the annual clan meeting"

"oh okay.."

"I'd invite you but its feeders and wolf's only sorry"

"it's okay.."


Monica packed up her things, and headed out, after flower left. She was a bit sad. She still wasn't over what Geo did to her. Then again she was in bad shape so maybe he was just, she thinks to herself. No he had no right. She thinks once more. She continues her way out the door.

The meeting is as usual nothing out of the ordinary happens. Until Monica raised her hand, something normally only Farzana could get away with. Everyone stared at her.

"I found something" she spoke with a shaking in her tone. Natasha merely crossed her arms. She was hesitant to respond but eventually did so, knowing Monica would not speak out of turn if it was something trite.

"yes what is it?"

Monica coughed. "um, I found an article on a website, that said we were disapering."

Jun stared at her in awe. Their were mumurs within the clan.

"elaborate" Natasha spoke over them.

"well you see..I heard..or saw..on a website..an article claiming that their was a supernatural force wiping us out."

Jun stood up and walked towards Natasha. They talked and whispered something.

"meeting adjourned. Monica you stay"

Monica gulped.

"yes Natasha?"

"what website?"


"I asked you what website?"

"I don't remember…" Monica bit her lip.

Natasha sighed.

"okay well, were leaving this town"

"what!?" Monica asked. Jun overheard he has been waiting by the exit for Monica.

"yes. If we're not welcome here, then we're not safe. If we're not safe we must leave again."

"but that makes no sense"

"Yet I make the rules" Natasha barked.

Monica kept quite.

"now then you and Jun shall be going" she stretched out his name to make sure he was aware she was aware he was there.