Author's Notes

This was supposed to be for a competition but I didn't get in so... :P ENJOY! ^

My feet slowed in the hard baked ground as the soil crept between my toes. The guard tightened their grip on my arms and I could feel them trembling with fear, despite the number of times they have been through with the people before me.

I closed my eyes, just for a second, to hear the screams of the people. I wonder what afterlife is like, maybe it doesn't even exist. Now things that didn't matter are my biggest worries, I'll never face them again.

At the corner of my eyes, I recognized a face squeezing through the crowd to get as closely as possible. I remembered how he was always there. It was bad enough already, I didn't want to see him.

I was tied to a pole which sharp ends pricked my back and I felt blood rolling down.

Soon, my surrounding was a red-orange painting, heating with envy and anger. I knew the captors wanted to rid of me, the obstacle against manipulating the citizens.

"Let them be fine," I finally let the tears roll down; no one would be able to see by then. I forced out a smile. It hurts, but it was worth it.