Ratsanne's Notes (。◕ ∀ ◕。)

Salutations earthling, I'm Ratsanne. I come is peace and this is but a humble gift from myself, in celebration of co-working with the oddball, Authour-sama. Also the other two followers, who are some times just TWO (too) much.

The dark clouds looked like a black curtain of fury, covering the beautiful sky. Even though it looked like it was weeping, it loomed over the city and brighten the city, making it seem as if the Sun were replaced. People scurried to the comfort of their homes, ignoring the beauty of the artwork made by the clouds. Soon, the marching cloud let lose a huge amount of water droplets. It spread over the area like a deadly virus, covering almost every inch of the city. At little gaps between the clouds though, the Sun shone through.