For Tucker Martel things had gone from bad to worse in his life. He lived in the West Midlands, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. He had lived in the area all his life and at first seemed to be happy. But things began to deteriorate in what seemed to be in the blink of an eye.

He was in his mid-thirties around 6 feet tall with black hair and brown eyes. He was slim had had some stubble on his face. Just a few years before he had a high paying job in an electronic retail company, a reasonably large house and even had a beautiful wife. His life seemed to be perfect but then the economic recession hit him like a ton of bricks. The company he worked for was liquidated and his wife filed for divorce.

Without his job he fell behind on the mortgage and eventually his home was foreclosed by the bank. The job market had also taken a beating so finding another job was difficult. He was forced to live in a council flat on the outskirts of Walsall. Many of the people who lived there lived on benefits and he was embarrassed that he was amongst them. Although he had some benefits from the government it still wasn't enough for him to have a comfortable life. He would struggle to pay the bills and feed himself.

One escape he had was watching the football on his small TV. Every Saturday he would watch the live scores and highlight shows. Although his favourite team wasn't even in the top league it made no difference to him. If there were any live matches he would watch them at the local pub with his friends. If it was the Black Country Derby normally there would be some trouble.

On this night Tucker looking out of his small balcony. His bath towel was hanging over the railing while it was drying and all he could do was look out over the horizon. He was thinking about how his life had turned around. Once he was a successful businessman, now he was what the locals called a Dole Dosser. He then looked to the ground and shed a tear. Unwelcomed thoughts were flying through his head. Over the years a few depressed people had jumped to their deaths from this building and he was considering doing the same himself. He saw nothing worth living for.

Suddenly when he looked up over the horizon he saw something move. At first he thought that he had imagined it. But as he looked again he saw something that he thought was impossible. It even took him a moment or two to fully comprehend just what he was seeing with his own two eyes.

In the distance he could see what seemed to be a giant woman. She had long curly brown hair that flowed down to the upper part of her back. She wore a yellow dress with matching flat shoes. He could not see her face fully from where he was but he noticed that she had a clipboard and a handbag over her shoulder. She was taller than most of the buildings around her but not taller than the block of flats. Tucker had some maths skills and he estimated that she was around 120 feet tall. Her legs were very long making up more than half her overall height and her breasts were so large that he thought that they had to be some kind of large implant.

It wasn't so much the appearance of this mysterious giantess that had confused him. It was the fact that there were cars driving past just metres away and none of them seemed to notice her. They drove past in no hurry or panic; they just went around their normal business even though there was a giantess no more than fifty feet away from them.

Tucker just stared at her as she walked around and wrote down on a scaled up piece of paper on her clipboard. He thought that he would have seen people panicking by now but there didn't seem to be anything. She just walked around looking in certain directions and writing information down.

He watched her for what seemed to be an eternity but had only been half an hour. After she seemingly finished writing down on her clipboard she turned around and walked out of his line of sight.

Almost immediately Tucker ran out of his flat and went upstairs to one of his neighbours. He frantically knocked on the door and eventually his older overweight neighbour answered the door. He was not very happy with having to get up and answer the door.

"What the bloody hell do you want?" asked the Neighbour.

"Did you see it?" replied Tucker with excitement in his voice.

"See what?"

"That giant woman?"

The neighbour looked at Tucker confused. "I saw a giant Mel B on the tele if that's what you're on about."

"No I mean an actual giant woman walking round the streets."

"Are you barmy mate?"

"No I'm bloody serious mate. There was a giant woman walking around for everyone to see."

The neighbour slammed the door into the face of Tucker. He thought that he was insane and wanted to get back to his shows. Tucker reluctantly went back to his flat and back to the balcony. He continued to look out over the horizon in an attempt to see her again. He thought that he might have been going insane and had simple imagined the entire event. But it looked so real to him.

After several hours fatigue set in and Tucker eventually went to bed. He was going job seeking again in the morning and needed his rest. But sleep would not come easily for him, all night he kept thinking about what he had seen. Even though he knew that it was impossible for him to actually see a giant woman something inside told him that what he had seen was true.

The next morning Tucker watched the national news channels to see if there was any mention of the giantess. Much to his surprise there was nothing, he thought that a giantess would be a top story but all that appeared on the news was about the financial climate and the happenings of the Middle East. He waited until the local news came on and even then there was nothing.

In his mind it was impossible for someone that of that size to walk around a built up area without being seen. He thought that he was going insane like his neighbour had told him but he kept telling himself that the giantess was in deed real.

Every night Tucker would stay up until the early hours of the morning looking out his balcony hoping to see the giantess. But every night there was no sign of her. Days turned into weeks and still he kept his lookout. He wanted to tell more people what he had seen but he thought that they might think he was insane and throw into a madhouse. But as the nights rolled on he kept his lonely vigil. Even he was beginning to think that he had simply imagined the giantess.

Almost a month had gone by and still Tucker had not seen the giantess. He was starting to conclude that he was in fact going insane. This wasn't helping with his depression and once again he was beginning to turn to dark thoughts. With everything that had been going on in his life, losing his mind was going to knock him over the edge.

As he moved once more to the balcony he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His life was flashing before him as he walked closer and closer to the balcony. But when he opened his eyes he saw what he had been waiting to see for the past few weeks. He finally saw her again and he almost cried with joy.

He could see that it was the same giantess who had come the month before but this time her clothes were different. She was wearing blue denim jeans, a black top, a blue denim jacket and blue open toed heels. Once again she had her clipboard and handbag. She was also much closer to his flat this time and she slowly walked closer and closer. He just stood there and watched in amazement as once again no one around seemed to notice her.

Eventually the giantess was standing right by his balcony. Although it was quite high off the ground she was still considerable taller than where Tucker was standing. She still wasn't as tall as the entire block of flats itself. He stared in amazement since this time he could also see her face.

The giantess had hazel eyes and her face seemed to be perfect. He had seen models that didn't have a face as beautiful as hers. She was also wearing some lipstick and he could smell what he thought was perfume.

Tucker was also at level with her handbag. It was only a couple of metres away from him and he reached out to touch it. He felt that it was in deed real and not part of his imagination. But he thought that it could be part of his delusion. There was only one way to know for sure though.

He decided that he would attempt to climb into the handbag. If it was real and he actually got inside he knew that he had been right. If he was wrong he would fall around seventy feet down to his death. At this time in his life he didn't care whether he lived or died.

As he jumped towards the bag he closed his eyes and half expected to simple jump through it and fall to his death. Instead he actually grabbed what seemed to be the opening of the bag. At first he couldn't believe that it was actually real. He now truly knew there and then that the giantess was real and not a figment of his imagination.

Tucker used all the strength to pull himself up and he quietly slipped into the handbag itself. There was a small fall before he landed in the interior. Although it was very dark inside he saw what seemed to be an oversized mirror, lipstick, mascara, pen and finally a purse. Once again he touched each of them just to make sure that they were real.

Suddenly he felt everything in the bag move and he realised that the giantess was walking away from the block of flats. He climbed up the mirror and was able to popped his head out of the bag. He could see his flat move further and further away and it seemed that she was moving towards a nearby park.

He looked down at the ground and was still amazed to see that no one seemed to notice her. He would have thought that there would have been mass panic and hysteria but instead everyone was calm.

When the giantess reached the park she stopped walking and lifted her right wrist up. On the wrist was a strange device that looked much like a wristwatch. There was a couple of buttons on it.

The giantess then began to speak quietly but to Tucker she seemed to speak gibberish. She then pressed the red button on her wrist device and almost instantly there was a bright purple light blinded him. The surprise made him fall back into the bag but the since the bottom of the bag was patted he wasn't injured.

Then he felt a strange feeling as if he was travelling at superhuman speed. The sensation prevented Tucker from getting back to his feet. He lay down on the ground and everything around him was going dark. He was in fact beginning to lose consciousness.

When he woke up his head was thumping. He began to sit up and he vomited his earlier dinner and gave out a groan. For a moment he forgot where he was but as the seconds ticked by his memory was returning to him.

Suddenly the top of the bag opened up. He was instantly bathed by light but then he was once again covered by darkness. This was because the giantess's head was just above the opening. She once again spoke but like before it seemed to be gibberish. Tucker screamed in shock.

The giantess's hand then came into the bag and Tucker tried to scurry away. But there was nowhere for him to run and the giantess quickly grabbed him. He expected her to squeeze him but he was instead he felt no pain. She had only enough grip to make sure he couldn't escape but not to hurt him. The hand then raised him up and within seconds he was out of her bag and into the light.

When Tucker's eyes adjusted to the brightness he saw something that he thought only existed in science fiction. He saw that he was in a huge hall all lit up and there was a few dozen people going by their business. The ceiling was so high that the giantess was only half way towards the ceiling. He saw one person walk through a purple portal and disappear from sight. He saw a huge window to the one side and there were several floors that he could see through it. He then looked down and saw a few people around the feet of the giantess. A couple were wearing what seemed to be lab coats but there was one that wore a uniform that looked similar to an army general. Everyone was talking the same gibberish that the giantess had been speaking.

Tucker was panicking due to what was happening and he tried to squirm his way out of the giantess's grasp. But she held onto him and began to speak at him but he couldn't understand a word she was saying. She then squatted down and gently placed him on the ground. Almost instantly two men grabbed hold of his arms and he continued to struggle. One of the men in the lab coats had what seemed to be a pill and an earpiece.


His struggling was futile however, as he struggled all he was doing was tiring himself out. The two men were holding him seemed to be unusually strong since he could not move his arms at all. The even held his head in place as the man in the lab coat forced the pill down his throat and place the small ear piece in Tucker's right ear. As the pill travelled own his throat he felt it attach to his voice box and it caused him a bit of pain.

The man in the lab coat was talking to him but again it was gibberish. But as he continued to talk his voice went silent as if he had been muted but then it began to clear up but now he was speaking English.

"Can you understand me?" asked the man.

"Err yes I can," replied Tucker with surprise. The man spoke in what seemed to be an American accent. "You speak English now?"

"No I am still my native language. The device we placed in your ear is translating every word you say into a language you can understand. The pill which has attached itself to your voice box is translating everything you say into our native language."

"What the bloody hell is this place?" He then looked up at the giantess. "And what the fuck is that thing?"

"I think Agent Snape wouldn't appreciate being called a thing. You're lucky that you didn't get yourself killed. If you had done you would have saved us a lot of effort."

"Drake back down," said the Agent Snape. She then tried to smile at Tucker to calm him down. Her accent also sounded American and her teeth were pearly white and straight. "I know that this might be a lot to take in but we need you to stay calm." Her voice sounded sweet and re-assuring almost like that of an angel. "If you struggle you may hurt yourself and no one here wants to hurt you."

Her words strangely calming and Tucker began to relax. That was when the other man with a lab coat began to walk up to him. In his hand he had a syringe with a green liquid inside. The needle made Tucker panic since he was afraid of needles. Once again he tried to struggle but the other two men continued to hold him into place. Agent Snape had a very worried look on her face she wasn't sure what was happening.

"Don't stick that thing in me!" shouted Tucker.

"Please stop panicking," replied Agent Snape. "This is all necessary, if you don't have the injection you'll be dead within minutes."

"I'm aichmophobic!"

"What's that?"

"I'm afraid of needles."

"Then be brave. If you stay still it'll be quick and painless. If you struggle you'll only make the experience more painful."

Tucker's anxiety was climaxing as the man punctured the skin in Tucker's right arm. One of the men holding him kept his arm in place. Tucker felt the pain as the man injected him with the strange chemical. He felt a little woozy afterwards but his head eventually cleared up. By now what seemed to be the General walked up to him. The two men holding onto him released their grip and Tucker rubbed his arm where the injection had been.

"You my friend are an extremely lucky man!" snapped the General. "Not only did you nearly kill yourself you travelled through the vortex without permission. That is a crime punishable by immediate incarceration. Fortunately for you our so called guestrooms are all full."

"Oh lucky me," replied Tucker with sarcasm in the voice.

The General then looked up at Agent Snape who was still squatting down looking at Tucker. She noticed and began to look back at the General.

"Agent Snape!" commanded the General. "You know the company policy, you bring back something you shouldn't you are responsible for him."

"Yes sir," replied Agent Snape.

"You are to supervise this man at all times. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"And when the thirty days are up we send him back to the hell hole he crawled from."

"What thirty days?" asked Tucker. He was surprised that they wouldn't send him back for that long. "Why the hell can't you send me back now?"

"Because the vortex won't open," replied Agent Snape. Her voice was still sweet and was a welcome relief of the loud and angry voice of the General. "After someone goes through and comes back the vortex can't be re-opened for another thirty days."

"And how the hell did you even see Agent Snape?" asked the General. Once again he was stern and angry.

"I may have the explanation," answered Drake and he stepped forward. "Although Agent Snape's VSC operated at a recommended level roughly one in a half a billion can actually see through the cloaking effect. Our friend here just happens to be one of those people."

"Go figures." He then looked up again to Agent Snape. "Agent Snape take this man away and return here first thing in the morning for his medical tests."

"Yes sir," replied Agent Snape. She then once again lowered her hand and gently grabbed Tucker. He was still in some panic with everything that was happening. "Please don't struggle I don't want to accidentally drop you."

Tucker could only comply with what the giantess told him since he was completely at her mercy. Although he was in a strange unfamiliar place he felt somewhat safe in the hand of Agent Snape. He wasn't in any pain and her hand felt very soft and strong. He also watched ground lower before him as she stood up to her full height. She then turned around towards a very large corridor and she began to walk.

The corridor was full of what seemed to be apartment doors. Each door was numbered and there were several floors of these doors and a couple of people couple of people were walking past. They waved at Agent Snape when she walked past them and she waved back at them. She was also very careful with where she was placing her huge feet but this was somewhat difficult for her. Her breasts were so large that if she stood still and looked directly down she wouldn't be able to see her feet.

Eventually they reached a door that had been scaled up to the same proportion of Agent Snape. She took a huge key card from her pocket and swiped it in the door's lock. The red light on the lock turned green and she opened the door. In her heels Agent Snape was slightly taller than the door so she ducked to make sure that she didn't hit her head.

She then flicked a light on and Tucker could see everything in the apartment. It looked like any normal apartment but everything was scaled up. He could see a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a laundrette, a sitting room and what looked like a giant flat screen TV. Everything he could see was scaled up so that it looked normal to Agent Snape. All the furniture was also gigantic and he dreaded to think what his sofa would look like compared to one Agent Snape had. It would look like a doll's sofa compared to this goliath.

The ceiling was lower than he expected, in proportion it looked like Agent Snape was seven feet tall and the ceiling was eight feet high. He thought if she was taller than she might have a lot of trouble standing up without her head hitting the ceiling.

Agent Snape walked over to her double bed and she sat down and placed Tucker right in front of her. She made sure that he stayed on his feet and that he wasn't hurt at all. She also removed her heels and sat cross legged and looked down at him. He was still in some fear and she tried to give him a reassuring smile.

"Please don't be afraid," said Agent Snape. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"I don't like being manhandled by a woman who's as big as God bloody zilla!" snapped Tucker.

"You don't have to be mean."

He then gave out a small sigh and sat down on the bed. It felt very comfortable and he was still in awe over the giantess sitting in front of him. In a matter of minutes his world had been turned upside down. He had gone to mediocre life in the middle of England to a strange and mysterious place that had a giantess walking around and no one seemed to be afraid of her. He saw that she seemed to be sad at what he had said.

"Ok I'm sorry," said Tucker. "It's just a lot's happened today it's really getting to me." He then took a step forward and his fear started to subside.

"It's OK," replied Agent Snape with a smile. "If I was in your shoes I'd probably act the same." Her smile did make Tucker feel better about everything that was happening to him. "You know you shouldn't have gotten into my bag. You could have fallen and killed yourself."

"I know but I saw you last month and I couldn't believe my eyes. When no one else saw you I thought that I had finally gone insane. But you're here sitting right in front of me. You're more real than income tax."

"I don't know what that is but I'm guessing that you mean it in a positive way." She watched as he took another step towards her. "I'm sorry I didn't get your name."

"Martel, Tucker Martel."

"Ok Tucker as you heard my boss tell you're stuck here for another thirty days. Since it was me that brought you here I have to supervise you while you're here. That means you have to go everywhere I go." She then paused for a moment. "Within reason of course."

"I heard him say that I have to go through medical tests."

"Yes tomorrow morning I need to take you to the medi-lab and a few of the doctors are going perform a few routine medical exams on you."

"W-will there be needles?" He was afraid what the answer would be.

"I won't lie to you." She then gave out a sigh. "There will be blood test that they'll have to draw from your body. Other than that there are no other tests that require needles." She then went to get up from the bed. "Well I better call the girls and say that I won't be going out with them tonight."

Tucker began to feel guilty. His actions had meant that Agent Snape's plans were in tatters. She had been nothing but nice to him ever since he came and didn't even seem to be angry that he stowed away.

"You don't have to cancel," said Tucker. "If you don't mind I could just stay in your bag and you could go out and enjoy yourself. Since you'll still be supervising me."

Agent Snape began to think about what Tucker had said and she once again began to smile. She sat herself back in front of him and leaned a little closer. He had a good view of her breasts and he tried to concentrate on her face. But he was finding it extremely difficult.

"That is a good idea," said Agent Snape. "But I wouldn't want you in my bag all night. Maybe you should have a drink with me and the girls. It might not be ideal for you but it'll definitely be better than just staying in my bag."

"Well if you really want to," replied Tucker. He then rubbed the back of his head. "I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble Agent Snape."

"Please call me Jessica."