When Jessica's eyes opened she found herself not in the middle of a wasteland anymore but now she was in the same bed that she had been in when she was undergoing her growth spurt. Almost instantly she felt her body grow back from its relatively small size of a statuesque eight foot eight inches all the way back up to her larger size of a little over one hundred and fifty feet. The gown that she was wearing and casts around both her wrists and ankles also grew to match her. Even though she didn't have a quilt or a blanket she was still feeling warm and as she looked to her side she could see a few scientists around her. Many of them stared in awe of her as she grew in size. Many of them had never seen this process happen before and they couldn't believe that what they were seeing was possible. Then again the Jones serum did often achieve the impossible.

The bruises and swelling on Jessica's face had already healed but the same could not be said for her broken bones. They would heal quickly but they were still broken at this moment in time so she was still in pain whenever she tried to move her hands or feet. There had been a tube in her mouth that had been feeding her food but that had come out when she had grown to her full size.

She was in some confusion over what had happened, last she had remembered she had just defeated Tamsin and was lying down in the wasteland just outside of the facility that Jarvis had been using. She didn't know how long she had been out for or if Tucker and her fellow agents were alright.

"Jessica," said a male voice. "Jessica." She tried to look around and she couldn't see where the voice was coming from. She recognised the voice but in her moment of confusion she didn't know where it as coming from.

"W-who said that?" replied Jessica with a weak voice. She was didn't feel as alert or as energetic as she normally was.

"Just over here my dear." She looked towards where she thought the voice was coming from and from a platform just above her bed she saw the figure of Doctor Summers by himself. He had been made the head scientist in Jessica's care and he seemed to have a happy smile on his face. "Ah there we are, can you see me?"

"Yes I can." She tried to sit herself up by using her hands but she still couldn't due to the pain and so was forced to continue lying down.

"Don't try to move, your broken bones have yet to heal. If you move you might aggravate your injury and only make it worse."

"Am I going to be alright?"

"Normally I'd say that the damage you received will take many months to heal but thanks to your incredible body you should be discharged within the next couple of days. You might have a couple of scars but other than that we are projecting that you'll have a complete recovery."

"Oh that's great." Her voice didn't sound too enthusiastic. She liked the fact that she would be fine but there were many other concerns that were going in her head. There was much that she didn't know right now and she wasn't sure if the mental scaring would fully go away. She had never felt a being who hated her so much and all the death and damage that had been caused she felt as if it was her fault. It was her DNA that had gone into the serum that had caused so much harm upon Home. If she had never become an Agent and been a scientist like her father had wanted none of this would have been possible. "What about the others? What about Tucker?"

"Mr Martel is fine, he's a little shaken but other than that he hasn't received any injuries. Unfortunately in the attack we lost a third of our agents along with countless military personnel and law enforcers. We don't know if we'll ever be able to recover but at least we're alive, thanks to yours and our surviving agents' efforts."

"Can I see Tucker?"

"He will come here shortly. He's been checking on you every couple of hours ever since you were brought here. It is not best for you to see him right now, you still need your rest to properly heal."

"What of Tamsin, Jarvis and the other giant women? What happened to them?" She knew that this was a lot like a Q&A but there was so much that she wanted to know and only Doctor Summers could tell her the answer right now.

"Jarvis has been taken into custody and is awaiting trial. The agents were able to arrest him without him even making an effort. The giant women were all shrunk to a few inches tall and the majority of them have been rounded up and placed in holding facilities. There are a few that are unaccounted for but at their present size they won't be able to harm anyone else. Tamsin is a different story however, unlike the others she didn't shrink down to tiny size and with her strength being on par with yours the old giant holding cell that we created just isn't up to the task. We've had no choice but to place her into stasis until we find a way to take away her size and strength. It could take decades for that to happen but at least in there everyone is safe from her."

This was true, at that very moment Tamsin was lying in an oversized tube that kept her in stasis. Her body was not in suspended animation however, her mind was still active and although she looked to be asleep she was in fact more or less awake and just unable to move. Her body would heal over just like Jessica's had but she was unable to move or speak. It was like being a prisoner in her own body and normally people placed in this stasis would not be like that for very long. Tamsin was different however since there was no other way that she could be contained this was the only place where she could be held securely. She was located in one of the most classified locations on Home that even Jessica didn't have clearance to go. So it seemed that the two might never meet again.

Jessica still lay in the bed and she could feel the tapping around her ribs as they continued to heal. She had never been this hurt after a battle and this only furthered how tough of a day that she had.

"Were the civilians safe?" asked Jessica as she continued to look up at Doctor Summers. Seeing a familiar face had made her situation a little better and she was genuinely concerned for the people of Home.

"Thankfully civilian casualties were at a minimum," replied Doctor Summers. "Sadly there were a few fatalities but the vast majority of them were able to get to the underground bunkers right when the giant women attacked. Most have returned to their homes but some are unfortunately homeless and the emergency services are trying to rehouse them as soon as possible." He cleared his throat for the moment before he was able to speak again. "You just get your rest my dear and I'll make sure that Mr Martel sees you as soon as he can." He saw Jessica smiling at him. Some of her teeth were still growing back and it would not be long before she had a full healthy set of teeth again.

"Thanks Doc."

Jessica didn't have to wait too long for Tucker to come and see her. He had remained close by the entire time that she had been asleep and when he saw her for the first time he couldn't help but shed a tear. It was the first time they had actually seen each other since the attacks started. Throughout the entire crisis they weren't sure if they were going to see each other again. Jessica didn't know if Tucker would be killed in Jarvis's facility and Tucker didn't know if the giantesses would overwhelm his lover. They wanted nothing more than to kiss one another but Jessica's injuries meant that she couldn't pick him up and it was too dangerous for him to climb up to her lips. For now they would just have to wait until she had recovered enough before they could actually kiss once again.

Tucker wasn't alone however, for the moment Agent Rogers was with him. He had teleported Tucker onto the platform above Jessica's bed, he thanked her for saving his life since if she hadn't of turned up Tamsin would have most likely crushed him. His statement was quick and he teleported away so that the two lovers could have some time to themselves. After everything that had happened they needed each other.

"Hi Tucker," said Jessica with a smile on her face. "I'm sorry that I wasn't there to protect you from Jarvis and his monsters." She felt bad because she had been told what had happened to him and she knew that his fear of needles would have been hell for him. "I should never have taken my eyes off of you."

"Don't worry," replied Tucker. He could see that she had a concerned look on her face and he wanted to reassure her. "I'm fine now thanks to you and the other agents. I'm just sad that Agent Barnes died. I know we never really got on but I respected the bloke and I feel that it's my fault. It was my blood that strengthened Tamsin and if it wasn't for me he'd still be alive right now."

"You shouldn't feel like that Tucker. If anything it's my fault, the serum that Jarvis used originated from my DNA. You were just an innocent victim in the plot of a madman. What's important that he and Tamsin have been stopped and everyone on Home is safe. You are a remarkable man Tucker, not many men would be like this after going through the experiences that you've had over the last few weeks. You've been abducted twice, forced to fight me and helped my fellow agents fight against someone who would have killed you almost as easy as someone draws breath."

"Well it wasn't like I was there by myself. I had you to thank for that, sometimes you might not have been there physically but mentally you were with me the entire time. Whenever times were getting tough all I had to do was think about you and it made me feel like I could do anything. Hell I could have taken on the Undertaker while I was thinking of you. You gave me strength when I had none and if it wasn't for you I would probably have been killed a few times over by now. And I can't even hold you and tell you how much I love you, I know it might be different on Home but sometimes on Earth a woman likes to be held by the man that she loves.

"It is the same here on Home but don't worry about that. I accepted long ago that no man can hold me and I'm alright with that. I know that you would if you could and to tell you the truth you'd be the first man I'd choose to hold me. You are truly special to me and when I'm out of here we can be together again. For however long that we have I want you to be happy as you have made me happy. I love you Tucker Martel and I always will do no matter what happens to us."

This got a smile out from Tucker as he looked at his giant lover. They had both been through a lot over the last month and it only seemed to make their relationship stronger. Now he couldn't imagine his life without her and equally she didn't know what she would have been like if she had never met him. Without him she wouldn't be as big and strong as she was now and when Rammun possessed her body she thought that he would have succeeded if he hadn't of been there. She didn't know that he had also saved the universe when their future daughter came back in time which almost ripped the space time continuum. But one thing that was certain was that they loved each other dearly and if it were up to them they would never separate.

A couple of days later Jessica had recovered enough to be able to leave the medi-lab but they still recommended that she have some time off before she went on another mission. One thing that she and Tucker did attend to was the remembrance service for those who had fallen during Jarvis's attack on the cities and military targets. There were thousands there to remember the brave souls that had perished due to the wishes of a madman already a wall was being constructed which read the names of everyone who had died, this also included Agent Barnes as well as many more agents who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep Home and other planets safe.

At this service Jessica had to give a speech about the agents who had died, she knew most of them personally and it felt like losing part of her family. She still felt guilty over what had happened but she tried to hide this for now since she didn't want to show it at the service. There was one other thing that was also bothering her however. The next morning she knew that Tucker would be sent back to Earth and she wouldn't be allowed to see him again. She hadn't told him yet and he was still under the belief that he was going to stay with her forever. She wanted to tell him that night but for now she wanted to enjoy the last day that they had together.

It wasn't until that night after the pair had eaten a great meal that Jessica thought about telling him that he was being sent back to Earth in the morning. She was trying to think of the best way that she could tell him and she was also thinking of a little something to make this night particularly special. She picked up what to her was a tiny vial of a serum from within one of her drawers and she put it to one side. She planned to use it a little later in what she hoped would the ultimate expression of love between her and Tucker. She wasn't planning of killing herself or Tucker but she wanted to make sure that she would always have something of him that wasn't merely his picture. She didn't know how she was going to keep him on Home and she thought that she would most likely lose him.

After they had finished their meal Jessica took Tucker into the bedroom and gently placed him down on the bed. To him the bed itself was very soft but not as soft as Jessica's palm and he could fall asleep on it with much ease. He looked up at his towering lover who had also sat down on the bed and he was getting ready for another night of sex. It would be the first time since the whole business of Tamsin and Jarvis. He was looking forward to it but he could see a saddened look on Jessica's face. He thought that it was about the service that took place hours before and she was thinking about those that had died.

"Jessica are you alright?" asked Tucker rubbing the colossal leg of his giant of a lover. He wanted to comfort her as best as he could in her time of need.

"No Tucker there's been something I've been meaning to tell you for weeks." She gave a sigh as she wiped away a tear. "Tomorrow morning you're going to be sent back to Earth and you will have your memories wiped. You will still remember your life on Earth but the time that we have spent together, that will be all gone."

"What?" He was completely surprised by this and at first he wasn't sure if he had heard her right but as he saw the sad expression on her face he could see that he had heard right. "I'm going back to Earth?"

"Yes tomorrow morning you're going to be taken back to Earth and I won't be able to see you anymore. The worse of it is that you won't remember a thing, about me or everything that you have seen while you've been here."

"Can't you do something to stop it?" Tears were starting to appear in his eyes as well as he realised that he was going to lose Jessica forever. "There's gotta be something you can do? They can't do this."

"There's nothing I can do, this is all things beyond my control. I wish that there was something that I can do to stop all this but there is nothing." Tears began to drop onto the bed. "This time tomorrow we will be trillions of miles away from each other once again and you won't remember me at all." She gave a brief sigh and she gave him another good look. "That is why I want to make tonight a night that is truly special for both you and me. So that you can share something with me that no other man has shared." She reached over to the top of her set of drawers and picked up the seemingly tiny vial. Tucker couldn't see exactly what it was and he feared that it was a vial of poison. He feared that she was planning to commit suicide so that she didn't have to be apart from him.

"Jessica what are you doing?" There was much concern on his face as he saw her place it in her mouth and swallow.

"Something that I have been saving to do for some time."

"What you're killing yourself?" He was really hoping that this wasn't the case. He didn't want to think that Jessica would kill herself over him.

"Of course not silly man." This made her smile a little and was like a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. "Remember that serum that cancelled out an Agent's powers for a short amount of time?"

"Yes." He began to realise just what was about to happen and he was just glad that she wasn't going to try and kill herself.

"Not only does the company keep several vials they also give one to each of their agents so that they can be normal for a short amount of time. The vial is in my stomach right now and it'll only take a couple of minutes for my stomach acid to eat through the material and the serum will take effect. I'll go back to being the plain old Jessica I used to be before I became like this. No being a giantess, no having mountains for breasts and all my skin perfections will also fade away. Leaving the woman I once was that hardly anyone has seen in two centuries. I just wonder if you will still think I'm pretty when I'm my plain old self again and not what you see now."

"I saw it once before and thought that you were beautiful and I still think you will. You will always be beautiful no matter what happens to you."

This got a smile out of Jessica and she could see that Tucker was trying to concentrate on the good that was happening instead of thinking of the fact that he was going back to Earth the next morning. But she could feel her stomach bubbling and she knew that the process was about to take place once again.

It was only moments later that Jessica began to feel herself shrinking. She was wearing a red dress and it was not designed to change size with her so it didn't shrink as well. It was the only dress that she found that still fit her after her recent growth spurt and even then it had been a very tight fit. The bra and pants that she was wearing were designed that way so they shrank with her but it would only be a few moments before she was lost in the fabric of her dress. It was a process that always amazed Tucker seeing someone grow and shrink in the manner that Jessica did, it was something that he would never see on Earth outside of the movies.

The process was slow at first but it seemed to happen faster and faster and soon her head disappeared into her dress as her arms and legs seemed to retract as they grew smaller. Tucker could no longer see Jessica anymore and soon the dress fell backwards as it became simply too big for her to support.

Quickly Tucker ran to the dress and began to look for Jessica, if she had drunk a shrinking serum he feared that she would have become too small. But since it was one that nullified the effects of the Jones serum this was something that he didn't have to worry about. He did see a lump in the dress that was too big to be anything but a normal size person. All he had to do was wait for the relatively small Jessica to crawl out of the giant size dress.

As soon as Tucker saw Jessica he quickly went over to her and helped her back up to her feet. She was only five feet tall and a good foot shorter than him. He could see all the zits on her face and there was nothing remarkable about her body anymore. Her breasts were very small and it was even difficult to call them breasts. Worse of all for her, her eyesight had deteriorated to its original state so this made her very near sighted. She was still wearing her bra and panties that had also adjusted to fit her new body shape. Her curves were gone so she had a very slim build. She held onto Tucker and looked up at him with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She knew that this was the last time that she would be like this, it was the second time that she had the JR-259 serum so it would never work on her again. She wanted to make sure that what she wanted happened and that she would spend at least one more magical night with the man that she loved.

"Am I still the most beautiful woman that you've ever seen?" asked Jessica in her somewhat croaky voice.

"You always have been and you always will be," replied Tucker as he held her just like he had wanted to.

He had to bend down a little to be able to kiss her and it wasn't a standard kiss but one of great passion. He began to take his clothes off while he was kissing Jessica while she undid her bra and took off her panties. Her small breasts even bare were not anything to really see and her crotch area also wasn't the most glamorous view but to Tucker they were the most beautiful that he had ever seen because they belonged to the woman that he loved more than life itself.

Tucker could feel Jessica's small body come into contact with his and he fell back with her landing on top of him. Nothing else in the world mattered to them right now as they embraced each other in the ultimate expression of love. Their time together was short so they were going to spend what little time they had enjoying each other's company and loving each other.

Jessica felt Tucker's erect penis enter her and it was the first time she had a real penis enter her in this manner. Before when she had sex as a giantess she couldn't feel a penis enter her all too well but now that she was smaller she felt it go straight into her and it was a feeling that she was never going to forget. She groaned out in pleasure as she hugged and kissed the man that she loved.

Throughout he looked into her eyes and didn't shy away from all the spots that were on her face. This was the face that God had given her before the Jones serum and if he looked away he thought that he would be betraying her. This was the true woman that had been trapped in the body of a beautiful giantess and even in this state she was still the most beautiful woman that he ever seen.

Jessica could feel the intense wave after wave of pleasure overcome her body as she and Tucker continued to have intercourse. She had felt so filled in her life and she even felt like she was in the grasp of a giant. One thing that she did notice was that she was getting tired but for the moment she had to keep that in the back of her mind as she continued to have the ultimate pleasure with the man that she loved.

"I'm going to cum!" shouted Tucker as he felt himself on the verge of ejaculating. He wanted to pull his penis out so that he didn't ejaculate inside of her. "I'm going to take it out!"

"No!" replied Jessica with a sharp voice. Her eyes didn't move from her gaze at him. "I want you to cum inside me."

"But you could get pregnant." He didn't mind too much about being a dad but he thought that Jessica wouldn't want that. Especially because he wouldn't be around to support the child.

"I know silly man. I want your child to grow inside me and when it is ready the whole world can see that it will be beautiful. It will be the greatest gift that you can ever give me Tucker Martel and at least if you must leave Home will always have someone there that will embody you and all the good that you have brought to my life."

Tucker couldn't mutter another a word as he felt himself ejaculate inside Jessica and he groaned a little in pleasure. Jessica could somewhat feel it herself and she gave a smile as she knew what the most likely end product was going to be. Not only did she think that she was going to have a living reminder of Tucker but she was also going to be a mother, something that she had dreamed about since she was a little girl and she thought that two hundred and eighteen years was long enough to wait to be a mother.

Even after Tucker had ejaculated the two continued to have wondrous sex with each other and it seemed that nothing could possibly stop them from continuing. Unfortunately Jessica's small body finally tired out and she had to stop out of exhaustion. It was not the end of their romantic night however, Tucker lay next to her and wrapped his arms around her small body, he was located behind her and she could feel his penis touched her back. She could feel the sticky substance on the tip of Tucker's penis and she couldn't help but feel more relaxed although she was still saddened about what was going to happen the next morning.

"Are you sorry?" asked Tucker.

"For what?" replied Jessica. She felt a little cold since there was no quilt or sheet covering her naked body.

"For me coming to Home? Are you glad I jumped in your bag or did you think that things would have been better if I stayed on Earth?"

"Of course I'm glad." She wasn't looking at him but she could feel his strong arms around her body. "This is the happiest I've been in years and I have you to thank for that. I had actually given up men for some time before you came. The last man who I shared a bed with betrayed my trust and I swore that I would never fall for a man again. That was until you came along, I saw how handsome you were and how scared you were and I wanted to be angry with you but I just couldn't. Seeing you like that my heart seemed to melt and I couldn't help but find you cute."

"Well I do have one of those faces. And you're still the most beautiful woman that I've ever met. If I was an artist I'd try to make a painting of you and if I was a poet I would write a poem that would be remembered for all time. Unfortunately I'm not talented in that manner so my love is all that I can give you."

"And now hopefully you've given me something else, something that will remind everyone that Tucker Martel was on Home and that he has left something behind that everyone can see and hopefully enjoy."

"Do I have to go back to Earth tomorrow morning?" There was a hint of distress in his voice as he spoke. "Surely you can do something to stop them from taking me back. I want to stay here with you and if we do have a child from all of this I want to be there for them. I've never had a son or daughter and if I have one with you it would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me."

"Believe me I have tried everything that I can to try and keep you here. While I was in the medi-lab and you were away doing other activities I tried to convince my superiors to allow you to stay. Unfortunately you are an illegal alien and that you're being sent back to Earth in the morning. That is when the pathway to Earth will be open again. Before you're taken anywhere you will have your memories of the last thirty days completely purged from your memories. I tried giving up everything I had to keep you here, even if they had some way of removing the Jones serum from my body I would have allowed them to do that if it meant having you stay here."

"You'd give up your powers for me?" He was surprised about this, he wasn't sure if he would be able to do the same if he was in her position.

"Of course I would, what's the point of being empowered when you can't have the man that you love in your life." She then yawned, she was even more tired than she expected, the sex had really drained the energy that was in her little body and she was almost falling asleep in his arms. Her eyelids were extremely heavy and it was taking her a lot just to keep them open. "I'm sorry Tucker but I'm completely exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open. Maybe if I close them for a little bit maybe I can get enough energy to have another session with you."

"Don't worry about it, you just get some sleep."

"That's My Special Big Guy." These were the last words that Jessica could mutter before she fell asleep in his arms.

Jessica had been so tired out after having sex that she fell asleep almost immediately. Even Tucker was surprised with how quickly she fell asleep but sleep was not on his mind. Instead he couldn't stop thinking about the fact that he was going back to Earth tomorrow. He didn't want to leave Jessica at all and he was thinking about how he was going to stay. He couldn't think of anyway that would truly be plausible, he still didn't have a full grasp of the laws of Home and so he didn't know any loopholes that would force him to stay on Home. These thoughts were with him for hours and he still couldn't get to sleep.

Suddenly he felt Jessica begin to grow in his arms. In her sleep she had turned to face him and even in the darkness he could see that her face and returned to its beautiful state. He felt her breasts grow to their larger size once more and he could help but feel a little turned on while he watched all this happen. He could feel her getting all of her curves back and he knew that there was one more stage of the process to go before she was fully empowered again.

This was her increased size, he could feel her growing taller in his arms and he could feel her arms around him lengthening and getting more muscular. He saw Jessica's head rise past him and soon he found that her bare breasts were in his face. They were still the softest things that he had ever felt and he thought he was in the ultimate comfort as he lay with his head pressed against her breasts.

Jessica's growth had stopped at the height of eight foot eight, since her giant size had increased her smaller size had increased too to match in proportion. For Jessica she wouldn't notice this increase in size at all but she was still easily strong enough to keep Tucker in her grasp even though he was struggling to keep his arms around her now larger body.

Tucker didn't want to get out of Jessica's grasp, he continued to hold her and he could even see a smile on Jessica's face as she held onto him. She was still sound asleep but it almost felt like he was being hugged with a lot of meaning behind it. It was all subconsciously but now that he was in the full grasp of Jessica and with his head resting by her breasts Tucker could finally fall asleep. For now he had let go of his fears and was just enjoying what was most likely the last night he was going to spend with the woman that he loved before he had to return to Earth and back to the life that he once had.

Both Jessica and Tucker were awoken the next morning by a loud alarm. At first Tucker thought that there was something seriously wrong or that they were under attack. Jessica knew what it meant, it meant that she would have to take Tucker down to H.Q and take him back to Earth. It was something that she couldn't seem to fathom and as she woke up she began to grow back to her giant size. She quickly moved away from Tucker so that she didn't crush him with her growing body.

It only took seconds for Jessica to go from an eight foot eight amazon to a one hundred and fifty plus foot colossus. She was still naked and she could see Tucker on the bed looking at her. Instead of the usual morning smile that she gave him this time it was one of absolute sorrow as she knew what was going to happen next. Her heart was breaking inside her chest and this was something that no healing powers, no matter how powerful could fix.

They were practically silent as they both got washed and changed. For today Tucker was having to wear the exact same clothing that he wore when he left Earth. Jessica wore her white uniform again since her other uniform was still being cleaned and repaired after her battle with Tamsin. She couldn't help but almost burst out into tears every time that she looked at Tucker. These were going to be the last few moments that they spent together and she couldn't believe that she wouldn't be allowed to see him again. She knew that the company wouldn't even allow her to go on missions to Earth anymore. That would be up to another agent most likely.

The walk from Jessica's apartment to Park Incorporated seemed to be the longest walk that Jessica had ever done even though it was only seconds away for her. The apartment complex for the agents was attached to the main building but even so as she walked her legs felt like jelly with every step that she took. She could feel her heart beating louder in her chest as she carried Tucker in her hand. Normally she could feel his body heat in her hand but this morning he felt cold.

Tucker himself was practically shivering but this was not because he was feeling cold. His life was breaking down again just as it did the previous couple of months. Being away from Jessica would be the final straw that broke the camel's back. He even contemplated jumping out of Jessica's hand and allowing the fall to kill him just so that he didn't have to be away from the woman that he loved more than life itself. To him without her life would have no meaning to him, he had been given a great gift and now it was being taken away from him as if it was being repossessed.

This had been his second chance to live his life and not make the same mistakes that he had done on Earth. Many of the circumstances that had taken place on Earth had not been of his own doing but he was still left out in the cold so to speak. When he would return to Earth he would have no money and most likely there would be a buzz around him as people would ask him where he had been during his month away. When his memories were erased he wouldn't know whether or not he had actually been away. He didn't know what was going to happen to him and this is what he feared the most. He remembered what he had been like before he had come to Home and with his memories gone he would be exactly the way that he was.

As Jessica approached the area where the main vortex generators were located there was also a crowd of people there as well. General Fields was amongst them and a few agents to make sure that everything went smoothly. It was Jessica herself that would most likely be taking Tucker back to Earth and there were a couple of scientists working at the controls of the industrial sized Vortex Generator. They were preparing to open the path from Home to Earth and the industrial sized ones were the only ones big enough for Jessica to travel through.

"I love you," said Tucker in a quiet voice. It had been too quiet for the people on the ground to hear but Jessica had heard this and this was what caused her to truly cry.

"I'm sorry I can't do this," cried Jessica as she looked down at the crowd. With much reluctance she had already placed Tucker on the ground near where the crowd of people were located. It was breaking her heart that he was going back to Earth and she couldn't bear to take him. It was too much for her and knowing that she was losing the man that she loved was more than enough to shatter her gentle heart. She turned around and walked away as she cried her heart out. She would have wanted nothing more than to love and kiss Tucker but with her heart broken that was something that she just couldn't do.

Tucker could only watch as the love of his life walked away from him. He thought that thus would be the last time he would ever see her, he didn't think that he would remember this much longer since he was only mere minutes from having his memories erased and it would go back to his life of mediocrity. He even contemplated trying to escape and somehow getting back to Jessica. This was pointless however since he would not be able to move very far before being captured and even if he did escape he wouldn't be able to be with her. All he hoped that she would be happy even when he was gone.

"Jessica!" shouted Tucker as she continued to walk away from him but he felt a hand touch his shoulder. When he turned around he saw a face that he recognised, this was Agent Rogers who also had a sombre look upon her face.

"Let her be Mr Martel," replied Agent Rogers as Tucker turned around to look at him. "It took all of her heart just to bring you here. I guess this is as far as she could go. Even giants have tender hearts and I'm afraid that hers is broken."

It was normally around about now that he would make some kind of joke to lighten the mood but there was nothing that he could say that would make this situation any better. He knew just how much Tucker meant to Jessica and losing him was shattering her. This event had been foreseen and he had been placed as the agent who would take Tucker back to Earth since Jessica was obviously not up to the task. He hated having to do this but he knew that Tucker's stay on Home had come to an end and he had to be returned to where he came from. In his mind at least the act was being carried out by someone who loved Jessica as much as a man could love another woman without having a romantic relationship.

"We better get this over soon," said General Fields. He was overseeing this operation and he wanted to see it run as smoothly as possible. "Take Mr Martel to the mind eraser and then we can take him back to where he belongs."

Tucker felt two strong grasps at his arms as he was led away. He almost felt like he was some kind of prisoner or if he was under arrest. He had committed no crimes and yet he felt as if was being led to his own execution. In a sense this was a form of execution because by taking away these happy memories they were more or less killing him. He wanted to resist as much as he could but he found himself unable to do this. For some strange reason he felt happy even though this was one of the saddest moments of his life. This was the work Agent Orton who was using his powers to keep Tucker calm instead of him trying in vain to escape from them.

Tucker was led to a somewhat large machine with a chair attached to it and what looked like a helmet with wires connected to it. He noticed that there were straps on the chair and it was obvious that they were there so that the unfortunate victim couldn't resist. He could see a scientist working at the machine and the she was setting the device to erase the last thirty days of Tucker's memories. If they wanted to they could erase his memory to the point where he was a blank slate as if he had just been born. This was not necessary in this case and he would only lose the last month.

He could feel himself being forced into the chair as the two agents began to strap him in. He felt the helmet lower onto his head and he knew that in moments his memories would disappear, everything that he had experienced with Jessica would be gone completely and he would be the same man that he was before. His experience on Home had made him grow in a sense that it broadened his mind. All this would soon be gone and he would be back to his old self.

Some distance away Jessica had been able to find a large area that was currently unoccupied and in there she sat by the wall and cried into her hands. The company were planning on using this room for a grand experiment but for the moment it was completely deserted and so it was the perfect place for a gentle giantess to cry. There was a stream of puddles leading up to where she was sitting that had been created by her salty tears. She was completely alone and for the moment that was exactly how she wanted it. Her heart was breaking and she thought that no one would be able to mend it.

She felt her belly, she knew that she could be pregnant but it was too early to say whether she was or not. She was thinking that if she indeed had a baby how it wouldn't be able to see their father. She kept thinking that there was nothing that she could do to prevent Tucker from going back to Earth. In her mind there was no way she could stop what was happening and she was on the verge of giving up.

There was something in her mind telling her that what was happening was very wrong and if she didn't do something to legally stop it the consequences could be dire. She didn't know what exactly had put this in her head but it was like something inside of her was telling her that this all needed to stop immediately.

One idea did pop into her head and it was fairly drastic and it meant that her life for the next fifty years would be will not be the same but she was willing to do it if it meant having Tucker be with her throughout that time. She didn't know if it was even fully legal but she was willing to give it a try. She had been feeling ashamed that she had been reduced to this blubbering wreck and as she stood up to her full height she was determined to have Tucker be with her until the end of his days.

The machine began to activate as the scientist who was operating it began to scan for the memories that were going to be erased from Tucker's mind. He had been strapped into the chair and had the helmet placed down upon him. He shed a tear as he knew what was going to happen and he could see General Fields along with a couple of agents looking on, he felt like he was sitting in the electric chair and when the button was pushed that he was being put to death.

"B-before you do this is it alright if I say a few last words before you send me back piece of shit life?" asked Tucker as he prepared for what was about to happen next.

"You are not being put to death Mr Martel but I guess you can speak a few words before we begin the process," replied General Fields.

"When I was on Earth my life was not worth living, I had tasted the good life and through no fault of my own I lost it all. I had hit rock bottom and when I came here I found new meaning to my life in ways I couldn't possibly imagine. I had seen things that my people can only dream of and I fell in love with the kindest and most beautiful woman that I ever met. Taking me back is like blowing my brains out with a shotgun. I hope that in some way you can take comfort in the fact that you are keeping me away from the woman that I love. I know that I am taking none."

General Fields nodded his head and the scientist began to start the process. She began to type away at some buttons and Tucker could hear the machine powering up. He kept his eyes closed as he thought about Jessica. He felt a little crazy when he felt what he thought was giant footsteps and he thought that it was merely the machine beginning to do its work. But when he felt it again and again he realised that they were indeed giant footsteps and there was only one person on Home who could be responsible for this.

"Stop right now!" shouted a very familiar voice. This had caught everyone somewhat by surprise as the all looked up and saw Jessica standing there. The room was still large enough for her to stand up in and even the scientist operating the machine actually stopped what she was doing. She had tears in her eyes but a determined look as she looked down at the people who were keeping her from the man that she loved.

"What do you think you're doing Agent Snape?" asked General Fields with some anger in his voice. "Do you realise that what you are doing could see you incarcerated for twenty years."

"I know sir but with all due respect I don't care if you lock me up for the rest of my life but I am going to stop atrocity from taking place." By now Tucker had opened his eyes and he was more than overjoyed to see her. She went down to one knee and was able to reach over the group to get to Tucker but rather than grabbing him or trying to free him she placed her finger on his hand and smiled at him. "Tucker Martel will you do me the honour of being my husband from now unto the end of our days. I want to be called Mrs Jessica Martel and I want you to be here with me on Home. Not just for me but for the child that I am carrying, you will finally be the father that you always wanted to be while I can be the mother that I have always dreamed of. What do you say Tucker, will you marry me?"

This had come by some surprise for Tucker, on Earth it was traditional for the man to propose to the woman but it was not entirely unheard of for the woman to take that role. He looked into Jessica's eyes and he could see the absolute love in them. She was pouring her heart out and everyone was in silence.

"Yes Jessica," said Tucker with a smile and tears rolling down his face. "I will be your husband."

General Fields gave another nod and the two agents began to untie Tucker from the chair and remove the helmet that had been placed there. Jessica's gamble had paid off since on Home there was a law that any illegal party cannot be deported from a country or planet if they are either married or engaged to a citizen. This meant that for the time being Tucker could stay on Home with Jessica as long as the actual marriage took place a year after the engagement.

As soon as Tucker was free he felt Jessica's soft hand gently grab him and she brought him up to her level. He could see that she was still crying but rather than tears of sorrow these were tears of joy as she placed him on her lips and gave him a kiss solidifying their engagement and the group below them clapped their hands. Just moments ago they were going to send Tucker back but now they seemed to be happy that he was staying. Even General Fields would admit that he was reluctant to take him back after everything that had happened but he had only been following the laws of the land and now at least he would be able to live with his conscience.

Nine months later Jessica was screaming out in pain in the medi-lab as she was giving birth to her and Tucker's baby girl. She thought that she had been through pain like this before but nothing could compare to the pain that she was feeling right now. Tucker was by her side and he was on a platform that was right next to her bed and he tried to comfort her as much as he could. They had just been through an eventful visit to Earth and they had only just been able to get back as Jessica's contractions grew closer and closer together.

There were a team of scientists at work trying to make the experience as safe and painless as possible but this had been lost on Jessica who was constantly crying out in pain. As soon as the news came through that she was pregnant the company had already taken steps into ensuring that they were ready to deliver the baby. One thing that did catch them by surprise was the size of the baby itself. The Jones serum had been specially created so that it couldn't be passed down to a baby since having superpowered beings who didn't always have their parent's high morals was a very bad idea. It was early on in the pregnancy when they realised that Jessica and Tucker's child was going to have Jessica's enormous size with them. The baby was going to be as big in proportion to Jessica so when the baby was born to her it was still going to be the size of a new born baby. The company had constructed giant robotic arms that were being operated by Doctor Summers himself. He had gloves attacked to his own arms that would transfer his movements to the arms and this would be how he would be operating them.

Jessica continued to scream out in pain as she could feel the baby forcing its way through her birth canal and into the world. Tucker was still on the platform trying to comfort her, he could see just how much pain she was in and he just tried to make things as comfortable for her as he could. Deep down he was very nervous and feared that something bad was going to happen to either Jessica or his new baby.

"You're doing great honey just breathe," said Tucker thinking that this would somehow help the situation.

"I AM BREATHING!" snapped Jessica as she continued to feel the pain. There was tears in her eyes but she knew soon it would all go away but as she screamed she didn't notice Tucker fainting through worry and his world went black.

It was a short time later that Tucker actually woke up. He was still on the platform and as he opened his eyes he saw Jessica sitting up in the bed with what looked to be a small pillow in her arms. She was no longer screaming and she was looking down to what seemed to be the pillow. She took a glance towards Tucker and saw him wake up. She smiled at him and slowly she watched him get back onto his feet. He felt a little embarrassed that he had fainted and he looked towards his giant fiancé.

"A-are you alright Jessica?" asked Tucker with much concern on his face. He didn't know exactly what had happened to him.

"Don't worry Tucker I'm fine," replied Jessica in a calm and gentle voice. "And there is a certain little someone who wants to see you."

Tucker took a better look at the pillow and realised that it wasn't a pillow that was in Jessica's arms. Instead it was his new born baby girl and he couldn't help but find her the most beautiful baby that he had ever seen even though she did look a little like a wrinkled up old man. He noticed that she had his eyes and it almost seemed that she was smiling at him. She was wrapped up in an oversized white blanket and was lying comfortably in the arms of her mother.

"S-she's beautiful," said Tucker as he began to cry tears of joy. He was looking at his new daughter for the first time.

"Yes she is," replied Jessica looking back down at their daughter. "More beautiful than I could have hoped."

"I guess this is the dawn of a new day for us."

"You know you're right." She looked at Tucker for a moment, they had been trying to decide a name for their baby daughter for some time and they hadn't come up to a decision yet. They thought that they would have more time but their daughter had come a little earlier than expected. "This is the dawn of a new day for us. If you don't mind I think that Dawn would be the perfect name for our little ray of sunshine."

"Dawn hmm?" He began to think about it and he couldn't see any fault in the name. He smiled at her. "That sounds like a good name, glad I thought of it." This caused both him and Jessica to laugh before they looked at Dawn again who was beginning to fall asleep in Jessica's arms.

"Hi there Dawn, welcome to the world."

Both Jessica and Tucker's lives had changed. They had found each other and had now brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. Their size difference might make a relationship impossible in the view of some people but in truth love would conquer all. Now that they truly had each other and a daughter they had already become a family and it seemed like nothing could break their happiness. Tucker had kept the promise that he had made and he would never live to regret it.

The End