Author's Note: Sorry! I wrote this an extremely long time ago, so sorry for all the errors!

Someday you will see the fate

As it rises from the opening gate

It falls right down through the hole

And soon the sign is on the scroll.

What in the world does this mean? Why did I even pick this up? In fact, why am I even wasting time on this stupid piece of paper?!

The half folded piece of paper had those words written on them in a fancy calligraphy font. It was stuck under my backpack in class one day, and so I decided to pick it up. I always loved reading people's notes whenever they passed it to their friends during class. I would always find something so surprising and amazing. I sound like such a snoop.

But, instead of finding a super huge secret, I found this weird riddle that doesn't make any sense. Can you even see fate? How does fate rise froman opening gate? And seriously, fate falling into a hole? I think the only thing that makes sense is the sign on a scroll. But what scroll?

I had more things to worry about. Walking from home is getting a whole lot harder ever since my famous friend, Aaron disappeared. Reporters have kept coming up to me and asking me where Aaron Salvon gone off to. That's why I started asking my mom to ride me home.

But, it's not like I didn't worry about Aaron. In fact, I worried a little too much about Aaron. Aaron was, truthfully, my only friend. It was pretty hard to see him day to day, considering the fact that he was super famous and everything. I did miss him though. He was always super funny and good-looking and sweet and oh my. Am I really falling in love with him?

He was famous after all. Of course he has to seem like every single person in the world will fall in love with him. But, he's been like that ever since we were kids. He was the only one the offered to be friends with me, even though I was super mean to him. In fact, I was super mean to just about anybody. I was just shy, that's all. It's just, my shyness turns into anger and I end up being super mean to everyone. I was just never good at socializing with people.

And you do not believe how annoying he was when he tried to become friends with me. He would just not leave me alone. He followed me every recess and every lunch. He kept trying to talk to me and everything. I kept shutting him out, but of course, he still kept trying. It took him a whole two months until I gave in. And we were in third grade. In short, one of Aaron's personalities is that he was the most stubborn person I've ever met. I don't know very many people though.

I crumbled the piece of paper up and tossed it into a nearby trashcan. I decided to take a stroll around the park today. Ever since I stopped walking home, I've never been able to see the outside world as much. Except for out the window of classrooms or my house or something. I just really hoped the reporters don't come now. I've been having a really nice day today. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze that made the weather super hot. The only thing that ruined it was that super confusing riddle.

Where did Aaron go anyway?! It's been driving me crazy for a month now, which is when he disappeared. If he were going somewhere, he would've told me. Right? Unless, he's gotten tired of me. I get that though; I'm a pretty boring person. I mean, I already have my family, so what's the use of friends? Which is something Aaron protested to every single time I brought it up.

I still wonder what the use of friends are. Now that Aaron is gone, looks like I'm not going to have another friend. No, no I will find Aaron. I have to. He was like a brother to me. A brother that I loved, I guess. I never showed any nervousness around him, but whenever I think about him . . . yeah okay let's stop right there.

"Whatcha' thinkin' 'bout?"

I looked up to find one of Aaron's school friends, Tyler, or Ty. I never liked him. Well, I never liked anyone. Only my family and Aaron.

Tyler, or Ty, had dark skin, and he wore a plaid long-sleeved shirt, with button aligned in the middle. He wore dark gray jeans and black sneakers with untied shoelaces that were white. He has very short black hair and dark brown eyes. His body was broad and muscular, but not like wrestler muscular.

"Go away," I growled at him. I whipped around and began to head back home.

"Woah, woah," Ty grabbed me by the shoulder. "I didn't mean to make you so mad by talking like that."

I sighed heavily. "What do you want?"

"I just want to know if you know where—"

"No! I don't! So just . . . just go away." I hated talking to people. And, I get so emotional every single time someone mention where Aaron is. I wish I knew. I wish I could tell them, but I couldn't. Aaron, why did you leave me alone?

"I—I'm sorry. I didn't want to make you so emotional." Ty took his hands off of my shoulder.

"You being in my presence is just making me feel emotional," I shot back venomously.

"Jeez! Why do you hate us so much? We didn't do anything wrong to you?!" Ty retorted, "we" referring to him and his friends.

Anger boiled inside of me. Can I just . . . punch him in the face or something? Please?

"Please, Aaron always talks about you. Well, talked about you. He always said how cute your smile was or how funny you were and . . . wow that was all supposed to be a secret."

I totally ignored his second sentence. Well, at least tried to. He thought my smile was cute? And I was funny? Was I really? But, his first sentence caught my attention. "Do not talk about him like he's dead! He is not dead! He's just gone! Why can't you just leave me alone!"

I screamed the last sentence in his face before sprinting in the other direction. Man, what was wrong with me? I just hope he wasn't running up from behind me. That was what Aaron would do.

I sighed. Aaron will always come up in every single thing I think about. Well, that's what I get for giving in and becoming friends with the guy. But, I wonder what Aaron's doing right now?

His parents have tried to call the police and asked them to search for their missing son. But, without any leads, they couldn't really do anything.

Aaron just mysteriously disappeared one day. His parents told me that it was about three in afternoon when it happened. Aaron had just finished filming a movie and he was now taking a two week break. He decided to stay at his parents' house, since he hadn't seen them in a while. It was three in the afternoon and Aaron still didn't come down from his bedroom. His mom called him down, but Aaron didn't respond. She told one of his younger siblings to go up there and wake him up, but she came down and told Aaron's mom that he wasn't in his room. That's the day when it all started. March second; I still remember the date.

After what seemed like an hour of sprinting and stopped on the sidewalk to catch my breath. I didn't even realize that I was becoming tired. I pulled out my phone and unlocked it to check the time. Apparently I have only been running for about three minutes. That would mean my house was about five or six minutes away.

I started to trudge back home. I caught my breath, a little, and I slipped my phone into my back pocket of my dark blue jeans. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my black hoodie, and continued home.

Of course, apparently this day went from being a good day to a bad day. I should've snuck home instead of walking on the sidewalk, where people can clearly see me. People meaning reporters.

A group of people with microphones, small notebooks, pencils, and professional cameras darted over to me and began taking pictures with the flash on. I squinted, and a microphone was shoved up to my face.

"Where has the famous actor, Aaron Salvon gone off to?" One reporter shoved their face against mine.

"Maybe Aaron's childhood girlfriend knows!" One squealy-looking reporter bounced over to me and put her arms around my shoulders. Can I just punch everyone in the world? Or at least, teleport back home or something?

I bit back my anger, but I was met with even more "lenient" reporter—or should I say annoying. Yep, annoying definitely fits their description. But, I should've thought of it earlier. They are always like this.

"Why don't you tell us, Jessica Venn? Where has our lovely Aaron Salvon gone off to?"

"Has he ever confessed his love to you?"

"Is that why he disappeared? Because you rejected him?"

"What day has Aaron Salvon disappeared?"

"Were you there when he disappeared?"

"What happened that caused him to disappear?"

"What do you think about Aaron Salvon?"

"How long have you guys been friends?"

"Have you guys ever—"

"ENOUGH!" I roared over all the curious reporters. They all looked stunned and bewildered. That was my chance. I made a break for it, pushing and shoving past all the reporters with cameras and other pedestrians that decided to see why there were reporters down in this area of the city.

The sidewalks were empty enough. I bet all the pedestrians that were supposed to be down here are up by the reporters that I totally tried to ignore. But, it was okay. That just meant that I could get home faster without having to dodge people that were skateboarding or riding their bikes or something.

After five or six minutes, I arrived at my house's doorsteps. I rushed inside and slammed the door behind me, rattling the things that were nearby. I kicked off my sneakers and slopped onto the couch, panting and attempting to catch my breath.

I was an only child, so no one was home. My parents were both out working, so I was pretty much allowed to do whatever I wanted; as long as I stayed safe and locked the home door behind me if I leave. I also have to not get into trouble. Those three things I am pretty good at because one, if someone bothered me, I could just punch them in the face. Two, I am never forgetful. And three, I would never get into trouble because, most of the time, being in trouble involved two people. And I do not like being around people.

I only liked being around my parents and Aaron. I was so grateful that Aaron didn't invite any of his friends whenever we were hanging out. If he did, then I would one, think he favored them then me, and just felt sorry for me not having any friends so he just brought me along. And two, I would probably just stop being friends with him, since I didn't want to become friends with another person.

I was pretty exhausted and haggard, so I decided to take a nap. I wearily dragged my feet towards my bedroom and jumped onto the bed. I'm also grateful for not having stairs, or it would've taken me longer to get to my bedroom.

When I woke up, sunlight was still peeking through my window shutters. It was still sunny? How long did I take a nap? An hour? Two hours? The Sun would've set at around 5:30, and I got home at maybe 4:40. Even if I slept for an hour, the Sun would be gone still. So, what time was it anyway?

I peered at the digital clock set on my night stand. It read: 7:00.

Wow, did I really just sleep through the whole night? Was I really that exhausted to sleep through the whole night?

Ah, whatever. The day's done and now it's a new day. That was all there was to it. I decided to get ready for school, since I was already up.

The bell rang for second mod and I packed up my stuff and huddled on over to second period, which was English. When I got there, I sat down in my desk, and the bell soon rang, ringing throughout the school for about five seconds, signaling the end of "passing period," which was about three to four minutes.

"Alright everyone, please take out your assignment from the folder between your shoulder partner's and your desk." My English teacher announced as she scanned the room for any signs of empty desks for attendance.

Everyone in the class always sat next to this one other person, because apparently, one technique of learning better and faster is to discuss it with another person. Well, I surely didn't do that. Whenever my teacher told us to discuss something with our shoulder partner, we both sat there and just did our own business until the teacher told us to be quiet again and halt any further discussion.

I opened the folder and handed our assignment to my shoulder partner, whatever her name was. I'm pretty sure she didn't know mine either. My shoulder partner took out her binder, and it was full of pictures. And, the pictures on her binder were about one person: Aaron Salvon. Wow, this girl was obsessed. Lots of girls stared at me weirdly, probably thinking: Why do you not like Aaron Salvon? He's like, so hot!

Well, I can't just say that I was best friends with him, can I? That'd be just plain weird. That also be bragging, which is something I never did, because I never wanted any attention towards me. Plus they'd think that I was lying.

I looked back at the green folder and pulled out my assignment from the pockets of the folder. A piece of paper slipped out of the folder. I picked it up and opened it:

Someday you will see the fate

As it rises from the opening gate

It falls right down through the hole

And soon the sign is on the scroll.

Jeez! It's back! Why?! Can't you see that I don't understand what message you are trying to send me? At least make it less like a riddle and more vernacular!

But then I saw something that made my heart stop. At the bottom of the piece of paper read:

P.S. This may lead you to where your missing friend has been sent to. Or should I say, captured.