6:55 PM

i've learned that being in the same room with you
is all it takes to fall in love with you again,
but nothing you say will ever change my mind,
because if there's one thing i remember

it's pain.

it's noticing the way you stopped looking me in the eyes
when you came over, it's how you refused to hold my hand.
it's getting a text on september 7th that says we need to talk.
it's ignoring the text, and praying that it won't happen

(it's going to happen, ohnopleasenogodno)

it's my ringtone, ripping through the silence like the wail of an ambulance
it's bracing myself and i knew from the very beginning this would happen
it's hearing your voice as you say "it's over" and "i'm sorry" like the word
could ever make anything okay, could ever conceivably put back together
the pieces you broke me into and i can't breathe without you and they said
that i'd get over it but it's been eight months and i'm still not okay and if i
ever told the truth to you i think i'd tell you that i never stopped loving you


but nothing i said could ever change your mind,
and you didn't care enough to listen.