Abigail Dalworth looked at her phone and bit her lip. She looked out then window then back at her phone. She pressed the one button and waited. "Hi. This is Daniel. Please just leave your name and number. I will get back to you when I can. Have a nice day." The voice mail spoke.

"Hey Daniel. Look, I am sorry about this morning. I shouldn't have..I am sorry for not trusting you in our dance. Miss Sunshine had to leave on emergency so is there a chance you can come get me? I love you and would just like to make up." Abigail said into the phone.

Abigail hit the end button and looked at the studio. She knew Daniel was still mad. She had questioned his dancing ability and didn't trust him to lead her right in their dance. They only had two months till their next competition and she was questioning him.

She felt her phone buzz. She looked to see a text message from Daniel. She quickly opened the message and sighed. "On my way" was all the message said.


Daniel Jameson got in his car and sighed. He felt guilty for how he treated Abigail that morning. He looked in the passenger seat. He smiled and picked up the necklace.

"She is gonna love it. She has always wanted a necklace with her birthstone in it." He whispered. He laid the necklace down and started his car. He pulled out and started to drive.

Daniel tried to think of all the ways he could make up with Abigail. He knew she wouldn't go for his favorite idea but she might go for dinner. He turned down a street.

Daniel tried to think of a restaurant. He went to turn the wheel when he noticed how hard it was to turn it. He ignored it and kept driving. He drove a little when the rain came down harder.

Daniel cursed and tried to grip the wheel. He tried to turn it but it wouldn't budge. He hit his breaks but nothing happened. He looked forward and tried to turn the wheel again. His eyes widened then everything went black.


Abigail looked at her phone and felt like crying. Daniel only lived ten minutes from the studio yet he was two hours late. She looked up to see a police car pull up.

She quickly ran out of the building. A police woman stepped out and walked up to her. "Are you Abigail Dalworth?"

Abigail nodded slowly. "I need you to come with me then." The police woman demanded.

Abigail quickly locked the door and got in the police car. They drove till they were at a hospital. The police woman looked at her. "His last words were 'Bring Abigail Dalworth to me. She is dancing at the studio.'"

Abigail felt tears. They walked in and walked to the front desk. The police woman signed a paper. "We are here to see Daniel Jameson"

The woman behind the counter said a number and they started to walk. Abigail felt like falling and curling into a ball. She didn't like being here one bit.

She felt numb as they came up to a room. A doctor walked out and looked at them surprised. His eyes softened when he saw Abigail. He opened the door and Abigail made her heavy legs walk.

She fell to he knees when she saw a lumpy sheet on the bed. The doctor walked forward and bent down. "He ran into a tree. The police believe his car hit a puddle and he went spinning. He was gone once he got here. He did have this in his hand"

The doctor handed her a little box. Abigail started to cry as she opened the box. She opened the paper and felt more tears. "My little cloud..I am sorry for the fight this morning. I promise no more tears will be caused by me. I love you to much to see you cry. This necklace is a token of my love to you. It has your birthstone, May 12th, the emerald. Wear it proudly. Your love, Daniel" She read.

Abigail broke down crying. She laid there for what felt like hours. Everything was numb. There were no voices. All she could hear was her tears and her guilt.

&End Flashback&

~Past. August 1982~

Abigail shook her head of the memory and looked down. She felt panic fill her. That little thing in the sink was mocking her. It couldn't be positive. She slammed her hand on the sink and felt tears. She was pregnant. She was pregnant with Daniel's baby.

She sat on the toilet and felt sick. Daniel had only been gone for four months. She laid her hand on her stomach. She smiled sadly. "Did you fall in the toilet, Abigail?" A voice called through the door.

Abigail scowled. "Go away Jackson! We danced so we are done."

She heard a laugh. "As I recall, we are still partners" Jackson reminded her.

Abigail got up and slammed the door open. "Why must you irritate me?"

"Because its fun?"

Abigail walked around him and went into the studio. She sat down. Jackson followed her and sat next to her. "What is going on?"

"I am pregnant..."

Jackson's eyes widened. Abigail laid her head on her knees and looked at him. "I should be around three to four months. We did it a few days before he died."

"I don't need to hear of your sex life"

Abigail chuckled. "I am gonna tell Miss Sunshine that I am retiring. I don't want to be kept from this baby.

Jackson nodded. "Then I am retiring also"

"Why? You could get another partner"

Jackson smiled. "Never. I had one dying wish. It was to dance with the famous, Abigail Dalworth. I have completed that wish so I can retire and die happy"

Abigail laughed. "You are a retard. Remember our dance?"

"You mean the one where you made me a bloodsucking vampire or the one where you dumped me for a teddy bear?"

"Both. They were at the same competition!"


Abigail fell to the ground and cried. It had only been a week since Daniel died. She heard the door open. She quickly wiped her tears as Miss Sunshine and a guy came over.

Miss Sunshine helped Abigail up. "I know it is hard honey but you have a competition coming up. I wouldn't push you unless I knew you would regret missing it. Now, this is Jackson Bennett. He will be your new partner."

Abigail glared at her. "Daniel was my partner. I will not accept this amateur!"

Miss Sunshine crossed her arms. "Now you listen here young lady. You either dance with Jackson, get you your own partner, or quit my school. I have helped in taking you in and raising you so I deserve respect. I understand you lost someone very dear to you but so did I. Daniel was like a son to me as much as you were like a daughter."

Jackson smirked. "I also promise I am no amateur."

"Fine" Abigail gave in.

Miss Sunshine clapped her hands. "Very well. I will leave you two here to get practicing. You only have two more months"

They watched as Miss Sunshine walked out. Jackson looked at Abigail and held out his hand. "Please to meet you. Please teach me well"

&End Flashback&

Abigail shook her head and looked to see Jackson gone. She looked around but didn't see him. She heard the door open and saw Jackson come in with water. He tossed her a bottle then sat down. "You zoned out so I thought you might want a drink."

Abigail took a drink. "I was just remembering the day we met. I was so angry at Miss Sunshine but I knew she was right. I would have regretted not going."

Jackson took a drink. "I remember we changed the whole second routine. We trained twelves hours a day and seven days a week. It paid off though since we got first place"

Abigail reached up and touched her necklace. Jackson looked at it. "Did Daniel give you that?"

Abigail smiled. "He knew I had always wanted a necklace with my birthstone ever since I was a little girl. It was all I ever talked about. I will never take it off."

~Past. February 1983~

"Push Abigail!" Kaci yelled.

Abigail screamed. The doctor pulled out the baby, cut the umbilical cord, and moved it to be cleaned. Abigail leaned her head back and looked at Kaci. "Go find out the gender"

Kaci nodded and walked over to the doctors. Abigail turned her head. "Get over here Jackson. I didn't have you in here for you just to sit in the corner"

Jackson chuckled and walked over to her. "I am surprised you let me in here. I thought you would choose your mother"

Abigail stuck her tongue out. "You wouldn't quit begging plus my mother would die before coming in here. She believes its a sin for me to be single with a baby though she is still not over that I had sex with Daniel before marriage"

Kaci came back over smiling. "You had a baby boy. The doctors are finishing cleaning and weighing so you can see him."

Abigail grabbed Kaci's hand. "Thank you for being with me today, sis"

Kaci leaned down and hugged Abigail. "Anything for my big sister. Lorenzo said Amy and him are flying in tonight and will be here tomorrow."

Abigail raised an eyebrow. "What are they doing with Michell?"

"Grandma is watching her. Now stop talking and rest. You will have your baby in a few minutes. I am gonna spread the good news with the family"

Kaci left the room. Abigail closed her eyes. "Tell me when the doctors come, Jackson"

"You got it sweetheart."

Jackson walked over to the doctors. The doctor smiled and picked up the baby. "Here is your little boy Mr. Dalworth"

He handed the baby to Jackson. Jackson's eyes widened. "No. This is not my...I am his mother's friend!"

The doctor laughed. "Nice try son. Enjoy your time."

The doctor left. Jackson looked at the little boy and smiled. He walked over to Abigail. "He is here, sweetheart"

Abigail slowly opened her eyes. She held out her hands. Jackson passed her the baby. "What will you name him?"

Abigail looked at the baby. "Jason. Jason Daniel Jameson"

She ran her hand over his face and smiled. "My little boy is here"


Abigail leaned back on Daniel's chest and grabbed his hands. "What do you think about kids?"

Daniel wrapped his hands around her. "I want tons of them. I want to see them growing in your tummy. I want to hold a little one in my hands and see them go to college."

"We are a little young now but how about when you propose? We will marry anyways"

Daniel laughed. "I love that idea. Can we still practice now? We want to make sure we are get it right when we are ready"

Abigail nodded and smiled. "We can practice all you want"

&End Flashback&

"Daniel would have love this little boy. We kept our promise and waited till we were engaged to get pregnant" Abigail murmured.

Jackson smiled. "You are gonna make a great mom but I want to make you a deal"

Abigail groaned. "Your deals are never good"

"After six weeks home, I want him every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I won't keep him over night but I want him so you can have a rest. Those are your days off"

"Excuse me?!"

Jason let out a whimper. Abigail rocked him. "You will not get my baby"

"I am not taking your baby and you know that. I am giving you days off. I am really the only person here close to you besides Miss Sunshine so I am trying to give you breaks."

"Let me think about it."

Jackson nodded. The door opened. Kaci and her parents came in the room. "Mommy refused to come so we forced her which is why we are late" Kaci explained.

~Past. March 1983~

Jackson knocked on Abigail's door. He opened the door and covered his nose. "What the hell died in here?!"

Abigail came out with her arms crossed over her chest. Her hair was all over the place and she had bags under her eyes. "Excuse me?!"

Jackson grabbed her arm and sent her to the bathroom. "You are not thinking anymore. If this is gonna be you everytime I come then I am agreeing to my deal for you! Now go take a shower"

Abigail glared and walked in the bathroom. She slammed the door. Jackson laid a chair against the door. He heard crying then heard hands slamming on the door.


"I have him. You take a shower so you stop smelling like death!"

Jackson walked to the other room and picked Jason up. "You have to stop torturing your mommy. She smells horrible."

Jason looked at him then started screaming. Jackson pulled him up and pulled back. "So your mommy isn't the only stinking the place up huh? At least you are cuter"

Jackson quickly changed Jason's diaper then put him in his bouncer and prepared a diaper bag. He walked back to Abigail's room and moved the chair. "I am taking Jason out. Get some rest and clean this place up. We will be back later" Jason yelled through the door.

"Jackson! If you take my baby, I will murder your ass!"

Jackson waved his hand and went to grab Jason. He grabbed the diaper bag. "BYE MOMMY!"


Jackson quickly got out and put Jason in his car. "Well, how do you feel about meeting a music group call Korean Caramel?"

Jackson quickly drove to a studio. He grabbed Jason's car seat and walked in. Four girls were sitting on a stage and singing. One turned and looked at him. She screamed and threw her mic down. "Jackie!"

Jackson put the car seat in a chair. "Stop calling me that god awful name Tally"

Tally or Talia jumped off the stage and ran to hug him. She looked at the car seat and back at Jackson. "What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything!"

"I know you to well cousin. Was Ashlynn pregnant and is blackmailing you?"

Jackson laughed. "That woman pregnant?! She wouldn't get pregnant if she was the last person on earth!"

"Then whose baby is that?"

"Its my friend's baby. She refuses to accept help so I accepted for her."

Talia gaped at him. "YOU KIDNAPPED A BABY?!"

"Ow! She knows! Well, she was in the shower when I made my escape. I made it where she couldn't stop me..."

Talia slapped the back of his head. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Just go practice with your group already! You have a concert in two days"

"This is not over, Jackson!" Talia demanded.

Jackson waved her off. Talia ran back to the stage and they started to sing. Jackson looked at Jason to see him smiling a little. "You like them buddy?" Jackson asked.

Jason just ignored him. Jackson smiled and sat in the chair next to him. "We will come here then when mommy has the day off"

[That Night]

Jackson opened the door to Abigail's apartment. Abigail ran to him and took Jason. "Why did you kidnap my baby?!"

Jackson crossed his hands over his chest. "You refused to see you could use help so I showed you. You look and smell better. The place is clean."

Abigail looked away but nodded. "I was mad but then I realized how bad everything really was. Thank you for helping..."

"No problem"

"You still had no right by the way but will you still come Wednesday?"

Jackson smiled. "Of course. I told you I would take him Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays."

Abigail kissed Jason's forehead then walked to a bedroom. Jackson followed her and saw her put Jason in his crib. She kissed her necklace then turned on the baby mobile.

They walked out and she shut the door. "When did he fall a sleep?"

"I fed him about seven and he fell a sleep about seven thirty since that was when I put him in the car"

"So he should sleep for few more hours then. Thank you again, Jackson. I was able to get a nap and get this place cleaned up."

"No problem. I will be back Wednesday. I promise to never keep him overnight though. I figure you would feel better with him being back at night"

"I would. I will walk you out."

They walked to the front door. "I am starting a new job on Thursday. Miss Sunshine asked me to be teacher for a class. Its only for two hours and its everyday except on the weekends. Would you be able to come here for those two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays?" Abigail asked.

Jackson nodded. "I will be here. Just give me a heads up of the time"

"I will. Bye"

Jackson waved and left. Abigail shut the door and walked to the couch. She turned on the baby monitor then laid down and fell asleep.

~~Past. April 1985~~

"Jason! Where are you? We have to leave soon!" Abigail exclaimed.

Jason ran in the room. "No!"

Abigail sighed. "Aunt Kaci is getting married and we are not missing it!"

They heard a knock on the door. "God dang it!" Abigail exclaimed.

She walked over and slammed the door open. Jackson smiled at her. "What's up Dalworth and Jameson family!"

"Jack!" Jason yelled.

Jason ran and jumped in Jackson's arms. Jackson hugged him then looked at Abigail. She glared at him. "What did I do now?" Jackson questioned her.

"I need Jason to get ready. We have to be at the airport in two hours and he is no where near packed or ready!"

"When were you gonna tell me? After I came and you were gone?"

Abigail rubbed her head. "I am sorry. I have been trying to get ready. Kaci just sent me the tickets yesterday."

"Your sister Kaci?"

"Yes. She is getting married and invited us to the wedding. I told her I didn't have the money so she saved up some to send us tickets and everything else we needed."

"Well how about this, I will get Jason ready and you get his stuff packed. Then I will drive you guys to the airport."

Abigail just nodded and ran to Jason's room. Jackson looked at Jason. "Let's get you in the bath. I think you are driving your mommy up the wall..."

The phone started to ring. "GET THAT, JACKSON!" Abigail screamed.

Jackson picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello? Who the heck is this?!"

"This is Jackson. Who is this?"

"Jackson...Oh! You were in the birthing room with Abigail and I! I am Kaci"

"Oh hello. What can I do for you today, Kaci?"

Kaci laughed. "Well you can start by telling me why you are in my sister's house."

"Well I came to pick up the little boy for a day out and find out they are leaving so now I am their ride to the airport."

"You are taking Jason out? Abigail never lets anyone take Jason.."

Jackson put Jason down and they walked to the bathroom. "She never told you? I take Jason every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and when she teaches that class"

"You are kidding. She never told me! Anyways, what is Abigail up to?"

Jackson turned the phone on speaker and turned on the water. "She is getting Jason's bags packed. I am getting little bit ready to go."

"Hold on just a second Jackson."

"Alright." Jackson replied.

Jackson undressed Jason then plugged up the bath drain. He put Jason in the tub. He heard noise on the phone. "You still there?" Kaci spoke.

"Yup. Just washing little bit"

Jason laughed. Jackson smiled and turned off the water. "Ok so I just talked with my fiancee. Abigail is in the wedding party and we have tried figuring out what to do with Jason. If we send you a ticket, would you mind coming and watching him? We planned him as the ring bearer but he has been able to practice with the rest of us.." Kaci trailed off.

Jackson stared at the phone. "Are you sure? Couldn't your mom watch him?"

Kaci laughed. "My mother still hates Jason. She considers him a sin and my father agrees. Our brother is in the wedding party along with his wife and daughter so we have been going nuts trying to figure something out"

Jackson heard a voice in the background. "My fiancee said Jason may like you better anyways since he knows you. If we can, we may have you walk Jason down the aisle and keep him calm for the ring bearer. We can't have him walk with Abigail and he doesn't really know any of us" Kaci continued.

"If you don't mind sending a ticket then I will come. I just need a list of everything I need to buy for the wedding. I don't think you want me walking down the aisle in jeans."

Kaci laughed. "No we definitely don't want that. I will have my fiancee take you with him when he takes Jason shopping"

"Hey, when is the wedding?"

"It is next week. We are having it on my mother-in-law's birthday."

"How about this since I don't want Abigail going by herself, I can make it a road trip for us? If I am going, I really don't want her going without me especially with a child so we can drive there?"

"Will Jason be ok in a car for that long?"

"I may be able to secure a ride where he will be fine. I just have to call..My mother..."

"Great! Just send their tickets back then and I will send you guys driving directions or Abigail can lead you somewhere and we meet up"

The door slammed open and Abigail came in. "You were suppose to bring me the phone! Why the heck are you talking on it?!"

Kaci and Jackson laughed. "We were just talking about how Jackson was gonna get here."

"Excuse me?!" Abigail exclaimed.

"Oh Kaci, we can also do where I buy my ticket and then you guys just buy my tux" Jackson continued.

He filled a cup with water and poured it over Jason. He started to wash his hair. "Oh we can do that. Let me let Eric know real quick" Kaci rushed out.

Abigail put her hands on her hips. "Am I just gonna be ignored?!"

Jackson cleaned out the soap and looked at her. "Yup. Can you bring me Jason's clothes?"

Abigail threw her hands up and walked out of the room. Jackson chuckled and looked at Jason. "Annoying mommy, complete"

Jason laughed. Jackson put up his hand and Jason gave him a high five. "That is my little bit" Jackson commented.