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~~Past. January 1999~~

"Absolutely not" Abigail ordered.

Jason groaned. "Calling him dad is not going to change who I know is my father, mother! Why? Explain why I can't call him father?!"

"He is not your father, Jason!"

Jackson covered Jason's mouth. "I know you and me both want that wish but its best that you just end it here. I would love for you to call me dad but I think you have set enough for your mother. It is never going to happen and you need to understand that"

Jason nodded. Jackson removed his hand and Jason sighed. "Fine. I give up. I will accept that I got everything else for now"

Abigail looked at him. "I just can't accept it Jason. Please understand"

"I understand mother. I understand that you will never see Jack like dad. You will never completely accept that dad is gone but Jack is here picking up everything you throw at him. I see who is really giving it their all and I have no idea why they are still here." Jason told her.

~~Present. June fifteenth~~

"I coming to find you Margo!" Abigail teased.

She heard a laugh and smiled. She went towards the couch and looked over it. "There you are!"

Margo laughed as Abigail grabbed her and started to tickle her. "Now that I found you, I get my morning kiss"

Margo kissed her on the cheek. Abigail picked her up and went to the kitchen. She set her in a chair. "She is ready for her food, sir cook"

Jackson laughed and put a plate of mac&cheese on the table. "Did Jason get to school?" He asked.

"Oh yes. There was a girl he promised to take today so he wasn't missing that"

Jackson smiled. "Can you believe he is sixteen now?"

"Nope. He is driving and liking girls now. There used to be the time that I was the only girl without cooties!"

Jackson patted her shoulder. "You had cooties. He just didn't want to hurt you"

Abigail swatted his hand and laughed. "Shut up."

Jackson pulled her in his arms and kissed her. "You don't got cooties. If you did then I wouldn't have married you."

Abigail grinned. "And in two days, we will have been married ten years."

Jackson laid his head against hers. "Even with all the odds against us, we are still here."

"Cheese!" Margo squealed.

They looked to see Margo had mac&cheese all over herself. Abigail groaned. "You must really love baths you little girl"

Margo's eyes widened. "BATH!"

"Eat first" Jackson told her.

Abigail looked at her watch. "Oh, I need to get going. Miss Sunshine is having me take the afternoon class today. She is stubborn about slowing down in her age but her daughter is forcing her to take the afternoon off."

She kissed him. "I will be back at five."

Jackson nodded and she left. He looked at Margo. "Stop putting the mac&cheese in your hair"

[That Night]

They were all sitting down for dinner. Jackson put his fork down. "So, how was taking Hazel to school today?"

Jason sighed. "I took her and she ran into the arms of Freddy, the football quarterback"

Abigail grabbed his hand. "Don't worry. Your woman will show herself when she is ready."

"Can she be ready now? I am tired of being single"

Jackson laughed. "If only it was that easy. I do want to know, what happened to Freeda and Juliana last week?"

"Freeda is dating Akira and Juliana is to focused on college" Jason whined.

Margo patted his shoulder. "I am here Jay"

Jason hugged her. "Thank you Margo. Oh, where are we going on y'all anniversary?"

"Danny and Sharen agreed to let you guys come there. John is going on a camping trip at school so you are staying in his room and Margo is gonna share with Nissa." Abigail told him.

"Uncle Danny offered? Usually we don't even see them besides the annual family get together"

"That is because how far they live. They are gonna pick you guys up tomorrow when you are out of school so your mom will be calling your school to let them know you won't be there for your last two days of school since we will pick you up Friday."

"So that is why they had me in the library already doing my exams?"

Jackson nodded. "Anyways, Danny says they wish they were closer but with Sharen's mother's illness getting worse, they have to hold on moving so they are trying to spend some time with the family best they can. When they heard we were asking someone to take you guys for a night, Danny was the first to answer."

"So what are you doing for mom?" Jason asked with a smirk.

Jackson smiled at Abigail. "That is a secret"

"Every year is a secret! How will this be different is what I want to know" Abigail urged.

Jackson shook his head. "You will not get it out of me woman so forget it"

They finished dinner and Abigail grabbed Margo's hand. "You have an hour before bed so we are gonna clean that room"

Margo cried as Abigail walked with her down the hall. Jackson picked up the plates and put them in the sink. Jason stood up. "Will you help me study for my history test, Jack?"

"If you help me with the dishes. You know how your mother will have a fit if they are not done."

They heard Margo scream and laughed. "Was I that bad when I had to clean?" Jason asked.

"You actually kept your room clean. When you did have to clean it, it was only because you made a small mess. For some reason, you were a clean freak."

Jason checked out the door then shut it. "Now, what are you doing for mom?"

Jackson turned the water on and grinned. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

[Next Day]

Jackson opened the door to see Danny and Sharen. He let them in then shut the door. "You guys are early" He commented.

"Dylan is demanding we stop to see them on the way back so we figured if we catch up early then we can leave in time." Danny explained.

They walked to the living room to see Abigail and Margo playing candyland. Abigail looked at them and smiled. "Hey guys. Do y'all want anything to drink?"

"You don't have to get up Abigail. Cherish the days while you can. Luis refuses to let me saying anything when we are in public" Sharen complained.

Everyone sat down and Abigail put her cards down. "Margo, let's stop for now okay?"

Margo nodded and put her cards down. She walked over to Jackson and climbed in his lap. Danny kissed Sharen's cheek. "It feels like it has been forever since we seen you guys."

"How is your mom, Sharen?" Jackson asked.

Sharen frowned. "She is getting sicker everyday. My aunt wants to hire an at home nurse but that costs money that none of us have. My dad agreed to let me start working from home so I can be with her twenty four seven. They may be divorced but he doesn't want her alone if anything happens."

Abigail's eyes widened. "Your parents divorced?"

"Oh yea, when I was ten. My dad fell in love with a client of his but he never acted on anything while with my mom. He and my mom had been fighting for a while about so many things. Dad finally asked for a divorce and mom agreed but they stayed friends. They realized they along better when they weren't married or living together."

Abigail thought for a moment. "Did your dad marry his client?"

Sharen smiled. "Yea. It was so beautiful. My mom even went. I think the other best thing was when my mom got remarried. My step-dad was the best man but he died two years ago. Oh and if my parents hadn't remarried, I would never had got my sister Adrianna or my brother Shane. I mean Shawn is great but Shane was the cutest boy when he was born!"

Danny chuckled. "Sharen is proud of her family that once she starts, she can't stop but I really can't say nothing since I do the same thing."

"At least you are gonna be able to help her. Is anyone else helping you guys out?" Jackson asked.

"Adrianna is gonna do a checkup once a week. Thank the Lord that she became a nurse and doesn't mind doing these checkups for free." Sharen praised.

"So how many siblings do you have?" Abigail broke in.

"Well, my mom had Shawn and me with my dad. My dad married his client and they had Adrianna. My mom married my step-dad and they had Shane so I have three. One actual and two half siblings." Sharen replied.

"Anyways, how about you guys?" Danny broke in.

"Everything is pretty normal around here. Calleah should be having her baby soon." Jackson told them.

"It is amazing how Patrick and her got together. I never saw that coming" Abigail commented.

"I only saw them at your wedding and I even saw that coming!" Sharen exclaimed.

Jackson looked at Margo and saw her asleep. "Hand me a blanket sweetheart"

Abigail pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and covered Margo. "Now Sharen, you must quiet down" She teased.

"I am your elder woman" Sharen teased back.

Danny and Jackson laughed. Jackson looked at Danny. "So I have always wondered this, have you guys ever wanted more kids?"

Sharen laid her head on Danny's shoulder. "We actually only ever talked of having just one. We really wanted to focus on our careers more but we are very happy with the three we got. Nissa was our miracle, John was our soldier, and Luis was our snail"

"Luis refused to come out. Sharen was in labor for four days before they finally announced c-section." Danny continued.

Abigail's eyes widened. "How in the world?! I was only in labor with Margo for ten hours."

They continued talking until Jason came in. Abigail got the kids ready. Jackson took Margo to the car and got her strapped in her car seat. Abigail came out with Jason.

Jackson put the bags in the trunk as Abigail kissed the kids. "We will pick them up on Friday." Jackson reminded Danny.

Danny nodded and got in the car with Sharen. The quickly pulled out and drove off. Jackson grabbed Abigail's hand and they walked back inside. Jackson lightly kissed Abigail then walked to the kitchen. "What do you want for dinner?"

Abigail raised an eyebrow. "Isn't it a little early?"

"We don't have picky kids here tonight so I was hoping we could look in Aunt Margo's box and cook together tonight"

Abigail smiled. She walked to the cabinet and pulled out the box. "We will probably have to do some shopping."

Jackson started to look in the box when the phone rang. Abigail picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey, Abigail. Calleah is in labor and she wants you in the room with us. Can you guys meet us at Lakeview Medical Center?"

"Who is with Evy?"

"Maria and Annabelle. Please Abigail." Patrick pleaded.

[Four Hours Later]

Patrick smiled at his daughters. He knew Calleah was upset about not having boys but he was happy with whatever God chose to let him have. He also knew she was emotional from the labor so he tried to calm her but she fell asleep before he could.

Abigail looked at them. "Have you thought of names?" She whispered.

"Onyx and Vixen. I have always had a fascination with unique names and those just seem to click."

"Calleah just clicked too, didn't she?"

Patrick chuckled. "That she did. I feel so happy and grateful to meet her and the girls."

A nurse tapped Patrick's shoulder. "Your wife is up and requesting you."

Patrick nodded. "Thank you. Let me make sure she is calm before you bring them back in"

"Very well sir" The nurse replied before she walked off.

"Get back to Calleah and call us if you need anything. Well actually, can you hold on calling for a day? Tomorrow is our anniversary" Abigail told him.

Patrick laughed. "I know not to bother Jackson on certain days and that is one of them."

Abigail said bye and walked out to the waiting room. Jackson stood up. "What did they have?"

"Two girls. Patrick has to get Calleah to calm down first before she can actually meet them."

"What happened?!"

"Nothing huge! Calleah was very emotional after the labor and it just upset her that she has given Patrick three girls but no boys. Her emotions are just all over the place"

"So everything is okay?"

"Yes. Both girls are healthy and safe. Patrick just wants Calleah calm. He doesn't believe she will hurt them but-"

"Her emotions can effect the babies emotions" Jackson interrupted.

Abigail's eyes widened. "Exactly. How did you know that?"

"I grew up with Auntie Margo having babies and I was there for both Jason and our Margo. I know something about babies"

Abigail giggled. "I guess I better call Annabelle. She will want to hear about this."

"Don't worry about it. Patrick called his dad earlier so I can bet you he called Annabelle."

"Then let's go home?"

Jackson grabbed her hand. "I would love that. We will pick some food up on the way home."

[The Next Morning]

Jackson woke up to see food on a tray. He smiled and sat up. He ate his breakfast then walked to the living room. Abigail smiled and kissed him. "Happy anniversary"

Jackson kissed her passionately. "Happy anniversary" he whispered.

Abigail looked at him with wide eyes. "You just..."

"Sorry. I couldn't help it..."

"No..Its..Its okay. I didn't hate it and you know that. You just always surprise me since we don't do it often. Anyways, what is our plan today?"

"I need you to go get dressed in some comfortable clothes. We are going for a walk in the park"

Abigail nodded. "Give me thirty minutes. I want to take a quick shower before we go."

"Fine by me just be out by ten. I have a schedule-" Jackson trailed off as he heard thunder.

They both went to the window and saw the rain. Jackson groaned. "Okay, plan B. I planned it for if something like this happened. Still dress comfortable, we are gonna drive to the Dragoste Gardens for a stroll."

Abigail clapped her hands. "You always go all out. I have stuff planned today too"

Jackson watched as Abigail went back to their room. Jackson grabbed the phone and dialed a number. He waited a moment. "Hello?" Patrick answered.

"Hey Patrick. How is everyone this morning?"

"Oh hey Jackson. We are doing great. Evy got to meet the girls today and she was so excited. Annabelle is coming after school lets out but Maria and Evy couldn't wait"

"Is Calleah okay now?"

"Much better. Once she actually understood I was in no way mad at her and I loved the girls, she slowly calmed down. I got her to understand that I was beyond happy just having kids with her"

"So did she get to actually meet them?"

"Yea. She met them around five this morning for feeding then Evy came in at seven to meet them."

"Well then I will let you get back to them. I just wanted to check on you guys."

They said goodbye and hung up. Jackson looked at the clock and sighed. He waited an hour and started to wonder what was taking Abigail. He walked down the hall and looked into the bedroom. "Sweetheart?"

Jackson didn't hear the shower. He walked to the closet to see Abigail sitting and looking at pictures. She was crying quietly. Jackson looked over her shoulder to see pictures of Daniel and her.

Jackson felt so much anger but he couldn't yell at her. He couldn't hate her even though he know he should. "You promised...You promised that these days would just be about us" He seethed.

Abigail quickly turned to him. "Jackson, I'm-"

"Shut up! I am patient Abigail. I have put up with a lot of shit and I ask for this one day. You can't just give me this one day can you?!"


"I said shut up! Everything that I do and deal with, you go against the one day for us. Just forget today, I will go out on my own"

Jackson turned and quickly left the room. Abigail quickly jumped up and ran to the living room to see Jackson putting on his jacket. "Jackson, please talk to me!"

Jackson ignored her. He slammed open the door and walked out. Abigail walked to the door and saw Jackson drive off. She fell to her knees and started to cry. She ran to the phone and called a number. "Hello?" A voice groaned.

"Dylan?" Abigail cried.

She heard a loud sound and Sammie yelling in the background. "What is wrong, Abigail?"

"I have done it. I have hurt Jackson really bad!"

"Abigail, calm down! Start from the beginning of what happened!" Dylan ordered.

Abigail explained everything. "Listen to me Abigail, you have hit his limit. He is very mad right now but once he calms down then sit and talk with him. Let Sam and I get ready. We will come hang with you till he gets home, okay?"

"Please. I don't know who else to talk to" Abigail whimpered.

[That night]

Sam covered Abigail and looked at Dylan. "Its good that she finally is getting some sleep."

Dylan sighed. "She really did it this time. Jackson has only done this once before but he came back after a few hours, not ten hours"

"Do you think we should call her sister?"

"Let's not worry anyone yet. She called us for a reason and I don't want to do something she didn't want us to do. I guess it was a good thing mother took the kids this week"

They both jumped when the phone rang. Dylan picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, this is Patrick. I am looking for Jackson or Abigail"

"Oh hi. I am Dylan, Jackson's sister. Anyways, they are gone at the moment so can I take a message?"

"Yea, just tell them that Calleah wants them to come by tomorrow with the kids. She wants them to meet the babies."

Dylan sighed. "I will tell them that."

They said goodbye and hung up. Samantha looked at Dylan. "Who was that?"

"That was Calleah's husband. It seems she wants Abigail and Jackson to come meet the babies tomorrow with the kids."


Patrick took a drink of his coffee. He was ready to go home but Calleah was still recovering. He laid his head against the wall when he heard screaming. He looked around to see doctors and nurses pushing a bed.

He looked at the body and dropped his coffee. One of the nurses saw him. She ran over. "Do you know this man?"

Patrick felt sick. "That is...That is Jackson. Where is his wife?!"

"Sir please. We are gonna help him but I need you to calm down. We are gonna need you to fill out some-"

"WHERE IS HIS WIFE?!" Patrick screamed.

"He was the only one in the car sir!"

Patrick ran to Calleah's room. He slammed the door open. "Maria, stay here with Calleah. I need to go to Jackson's place."

"What is wrong?" Calleah spoke.

"Annabelle, they just took someone into emergency. Go sit near there and see if you hear anything." Patrick continued.

"Patrick, what is wrong?!" Calleah demanded.


Dylan looked out the door again but didn't see Jackson. She was feeling really worried on where he was. She started to shut the door when a car pulled up. She ran outside to see a man get out.

Patrick walked up to her. "You are Jackson's sister?"

Dylan nodded. "Where is Abigail?" Patrick insisted.

"She is inside sleeping. Where is Jackson?" Dylan pleaded.

"Go wake Abigail up. Jackson is at the hospital."

Dylan let out a sob. She quickly ran into the house. Samantha ran to her but Dylan went to Abigail. "Abigail, you need to wake up. Jackson needs you very much right now"

Abigail slowly opened her eyes. Dylan held her hand. "Jackson is at the hospital."

~~Present. July Seventeenth~~

Abigail felt so scared. Jackson was doing somewhat better but he still had a chance of leaving anytime his mind chose to. She remembered the night she came in.


They were all waiting to something, anything. The doctor finally came out but there was no smile on his face. He walked to Abigail. "He is alive but it is a miracle. From what police could figure out is he lost control and he hit a power line pole"

Abigail remembered Daniel's death and started to cry. The same thing repeated it self on Jackson. "Is he gonna make it?" Patrick urged.

"It is up to him. While he may heal, we are not sure if he may wake up. It is too soon to tell right now"

&End Flashback&

A month has passed and they were still waiting on him to wake up. Abigail laid her head on his bed and closed her eyes. She couldn't loose him. She didn't want to loose him.


"Abigail" A voice murmured.

Abigail looked at the darkness. "Who is there?!"

"Abigail, have you really forgotten my voice?" The same voice asked.

"Daniel is dead so you can drop the voice!"

Daniel appeared in front of her. "Why have you let things get this far, Abigail? Why have you hurt the man that truly loves you?"

"I know I hurt him! I hate that I did but I am gonna do better!"

"And if he decides not to wake up, what will you do? You will never find another man willing to share a girl's heart with someone who is dead. You have grieved over me long enough. Find true happiness."

"I have betrayed you Daniel"

Daniel grabbed her chin and kissed her forehead. "No. You have made me proud. Tell my son I love him very much."

End Dream

Abigail woke up to see Jackson looking at her. She smiled while tears started to fall. She ran to the door. "DOCTOR! DOCTOR, HE IS AWAKE!" She screamed down the hall.

She turned to Jackson but he kept staring. The doctor soon rushed in. He checked him over. "Jackson, can you talk?" The doctor asked.

Jackson cleared his throat. "Who are you people and why am I in the hospital?