Amidst inside the black forest, a man named Kimmo Pronger ventured to the middle of the forest filled with dark mist. His eyes were wet with tears, hands clenched into fists, teeth gritted against each other.

Kimmo was extremely devastated at the event earlier. He could not believe about what he had heard on his own parents. Despite being on the right one, his mom managed to turn the tables on her favor using her parent pride. He was fed up of the yelling he kept receiving from his parents, fed up of being commanded non-stop, and fed up at being looked up as a human machine who takes orders without hesitation.

With a guide of a sketch map on a worn out paper, he arrived at the center of the forest. The center was free of spaces, filled with dirty soil ground, dried leaves, and twigs. A small cottage was built on the middle, with various passages to go back to the city. They all seemed close and needed a certain item to make them work.

Gazing at the cottage that was built from old wood, and modern materials for windows and designs, he took a deep breath to never turn back.

"Looks like this is it." With a small nod to himself, he walked toward the cottage and through the entrance. He stopped at the front of the entrance door and softly knocked three times.

There was no answer. Kimmo tried again, harder this time, but still, no one came. He waited patiently, not daring to barge in like a criminal.

The door finally opened, revealing his partner, Jaypee Kaplan. Her deep, dark brown eyes soon turned dull and empty brownish-black as she saw his current condition.

The girl motioned Kimmo to enter. "...We'll talk inside..." She heaved out a deep sighed as she stepped backward to lets him in.

Her stale, soft voice didn't made him flinch. He obeyed the girl's orders and followed her inside.

After a long walk on the narrow and dark passageway, the arrived on the real living room. The walls were painted dark blue, imitating the hue of the night sky. A normal ceiling fan was attached on the center of the ceiling, rotating rapidly to make the room cooler. A long couch and two small couches which were colored rich, dark red, were position to surround the small, rectangular, old wood table. Multiple brown doors were placed on each side of the wall.

Jaypee sat on the long couch and waved a hand toward Kimmo, signaling him to sit beside her. The man obliged without hesitation and sat beside her.

She gazed directly toward his eyes. "Tell me... what happened..."

"...I am now one of you...I went insane...over the realization that...they're just the all the rest of them..." Kimmo looked down in sadness and pain. The thought that his parents were not going to be like them severely dropped him down into insanity.

"Hmph. So they still placed their parent pride up, huh?" Her sharp tongue was filled with seething anger and frustrations toward his parents. How could they?! To realized that they were the same as them!

The man quietly observed his partner and nodded quietly. "...I'm sorry about my mentality before but...I was naive...and a fool to think that...somehow they were different..."

Jaypee's face softened and she sighed deeply. Her attention was a sign that she was listening to him.

Painful memories filled his mind as he spoke with genuine sadness. "Being called lazy... Being told to just be tough and get over it the next day... I heard it all..."

She was quiet. Jaypee gritted her teeth discreetly. She could not stomach what she was hearing right now.

"...Our real world counterparts...they are now the same...he and I are now one of you...Jaypee. I realized that...there's no getting into them. All they know what to yell...yell...yell..." He placed his palms on his face, shaking his head in shame. "I...had...enough..."

"Yell at our faults... that we can't prevent..." She murmured in a dark voice.

"..Everything to them is following..."

The girl placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. Her face finally softened up, but replaced with extreme worry. "Yeah. We have to obey without fucking complaining. What are we, mindless people who take their orders and do all they want us to do?"

His eyes were distant, filled with nothingness. "...We're not machines...yet...I feel like I am one... I'm somehow expected to not go insane again..."

Jaypee frowned at the slim chance of him doing that. "It'll be hard to prevent to not be insane again."

He dropped his head and heaved out a long sigh. "...They...don' They...truly...don't..."

She flinched at the reality of his words. "They will never... I had lost all hope..."

Jaypee kept hoping for a change, but to no avail.

Kimmo nodded in agreement. " too. I was a visitor here...but now...I come here to be a regular."

He realized that it was not going to be the same again. The man was now going to accept the darkness she have along.

"Welcome to my place." She dully welcome the man using an arm. "I hope you'll be better stay here."

He nodded, this time, with more energy. "...I know I will...I know I'm in good hands..."

"Yes... please do. Please don't feel threatened." Her voice were slowly filling life as she noticed that Kimmo was getting slightly better.

He scanned his surroundings again. He was guessing that few of these doors where bedrooms. " here?"

"Yes. He's a regular, also."


"She stays here," She paused, making sure that the surrounding was calm. "And relieving her anger in one of the room.

"...I this is the dark place...I'm sure I'll be much better here. I'm not a visitor anymore...I'm...part of the family...right?"

Jaypee nodded. She was glad that he was now part of their team. "You are a part of our family... We'll do our best to help you relieve stress..."

Kimmo smiled genuinely toward Jaypee. This time, he didn't had to feel alone anymore.