Kim was a normal thirteen year old girl. She went to a normal school in a normal county in a normal state. (Sequoia Pathway Academy in Maricopa, Arizona, in case you were wondering.) She had a normal family life (two younger brothers. Ugh.) in a normal house. If you saw her on the streets you'd think that she was just another Korean girl, if you noticed her at all. In fact, the one thing that stood out about her was her room, but you wouldn't see that. You might see the outside of her house, however, if you ever passed it. It's a nice house, not grand, but not horrid, either. Kim has black hair that runs to about the middle of her neck, with bright green eyes (the only one in her immediate family with them, actually.) She's of average height and weight for her age, and she's not ugly, but not stunning either.

It's what's inside the house that's interesting. You see, Kim has a hobby. She's a collector, of sorts. But instead of stamps, or rocks, or trading cards, or a normal thing to collect, she collects stories. True stories, about ghosts and monsters and UFOs and other paranormal things. She'll find them in the letters to the editor in her newspaper or paranormal talk shows that come on at three in the morning (Much to her parent's chagrin, their room is right next to Kim's, so they have to deal with the radio host screaming about how "they" are out there.)

"Oh, so she's a conspiracy theorist" you say in your head. Well, sort of. But for her, it goes much deeper than theories. She believes that there is so much more in the world than what science has told us. She believes so intensely that she has visited almost every supposedly haunted site in Arizona. And her dedication caught the attention of a company.

Curiosity Inc.