This is an original work of fiction meant for entertainment purposes only.


By LJ58


"Rose," Carla wailed as she and Ethan walked into the apartment sometime around three in the morning where Peter was still staying on watch as they awaited news. "Thank God," she said, hugging her sister. "I was so worried."

"Don't worry," Rose told her sister with a warm smile, now fully recovered, and showing no signs of the silver poisoning that had very nearly killed her. "It's over. Ethan took care of everything," she told her as Ethan merely smiled her way.

Rob Carter was even given the details necessary to break up the mayor's abduction gang in the local homeland security offices that were still unknowingly seeking new wolves under her orders. Breaking the case was quite a scandal for the Feds, but Rob vindicated his reputation, and with his feline mate at his side, they would remain a front for vetting any wolves who traveled through the city, pointing them toward Ethan's newest project.

He had impulsively decided to take the rest of the cats, and Peter, and move west to where he would buy land, and build a sanctuary for newly turned cubs. He would oversee their initial training, and instruction, and help them cope with their socialization in the modern world until they could manage on their own.

It was a plan Rose helped him conjure up as he realized the thirty-nine women did need guidance, or another like Ellen, if not worse, might yet rise.

As far as the mayor, though, an unfortunate fire burned the mansion down, and killed the woman who was alone in the house after she had dismissed her staff for the evening. Sara personally saw to the autopsy, which concluded smoke inhalation killed her.

Ethan made sure to take the woman's great, great aunt's annals, intending to sift them before he offered them to the other cats to instruct them properly. Sara, he simply charged with aiding Rob, and left her in her current position, with the order to report any new cubs, or cats to him the moment she sensed them.

"Like to move west, sis," Rose grinned as they broke their embrace. "I might be in on the ground floor of a growing concern," she teased.

"What kind of concern," Carla asked, as yet unaware of the plans.

Rose's eyes twinkled with mischief as she told her.

"We're going to found a special school for new werelings like me, and Pete."

Carla dropped back onto the nearby couch, and groaned. "Leave me out of this one," she begged.

Ethan only chuckled at her incredulous expression.


"If you need anything, or have any questions, write the email I left you," Ethan said to the man who was seeing them off as he turned to get in line for the flight where he, forty women, and Peter now waited for him. It was still a week until the next full moon, so he wasn't too worried about the fact the flight was a night flight.

"We'll be fine. There's a lot of stuff in those old books you copied for us that will help," Rob told him. "You ever figure out a cover for your….school?"

"We're working on it," Ethan merely nodded.

"Look, ah….Ethan. We got off on the wrong foot," he said stiffly, still hugging Sara as if still fearing she might just troop after him if he let go of her.

"I understand. You're a good man, detective. A bit rash, and sometimes more than foolish, but a good man. Learn a bit of patience, and caution, and you might just live to enjoy your retirement."

"Says the six-hundred year old man to an apparent child," Rob huffed.

Ethan only snorted.

"I will await your call, master," Sara told him, making Rob cringe.

"Just do as you have been instructed, silly cat, and stand with your mate. One thing this entire episode has taught me," he said blandly, "Is that even we wolves need to accept a bit of responsibility for the lives we left behind."

"Good luck," Rob told him, tightening his grip on Sara as he turned to go.

"You, too. It won't be easy mated to a cat."

Sara, Rob noted, was purring.

"Stop that," he hissed in her ear as Ethan walked away to board his plane.

"Sorry," Sara smiled up at him. "But you make me feel good."

Rob couldn't argue with that one.


Ethan woke as the cry of a stewardess alerted him to some trouble not far ahead in the first class cabin that he, and his people occupied.

A man was shouting as he stood with the woman kneeling before him, holding a ceramic gun to her head as two other men tried to break through the cockpit door. All were bearded. All wore college rags consistent with frat boys. Only these men were obviously not frat boys.

He looked over at Peter who eyed him in turn, and then slowly rose to his feet.

"Stay where you are, infidel," the man with the gun screamed. "Or you all die."

Even as he snarled, thirty-nine growling cats of all sizes burst from the seats as he watched them easily take down the three would-be hijackers.

"Now those are real idiots," Peter sighed, still sitting back in his seat as Rose smirked, too.

"We did not kill them, master," one of the women said, the stewardess very close to gibbering hysterically as she looked at the manbeasts all around her who had just pummeled, and clawed the three men into bloody wrecks. "Should we?"

"No," he told her. "Tie them firmly, and keep them quiet until we land. Then calm the stewardess, and have her remember only that a few of you jumped them and used…."

"Martial arts," Rose suggested slyly.

"Yes. Martial arts to subdue them," Ethan nodded, smiling at his clever mate.

"What if there are others on the plane, master," one of the cats turned back to him after a moment.

"Find them, and those, you may kill," he told her. "Quickly, and quietly. Leave no trace. Just do not eat their flesh."

The cat smiled.

"I get the feelings my peaceful days are over," Ethan sighed, and sank back into his own seat as he left his servants to tend the stewardess, and search the aircraft. They found only one more of the men, he later learned. He, unfortunately, had tripped and fell on his own knife when he tried to charge one of his women.

Or that was the story everyone gave.

No one would have believed the truth, even if they had allowed it to be told.


"Ethan Wolfe," a low, gravely voice asked over the line.

"Speaking," Ethan said, recognizing a wereling taint in just the voice that now spoke.

"I understand you train….animals. Special animals."

"I do. Do you have a problem?"

"Yes. But…'s not a wolf. Or a cat," Ethan was told.


There was a faint pause, and then a heavy sigh.

A very heavy sigh.

"Do you think you can help a…..dragon?"

Ethan closed his eyes, and shook his head at that one.

"A Wyrrn?"

"You do know of us?"

He could hear the genuine surprise in that voice now.
"I've not seen one of you in centuries."

"There are few left. My father was almost the last. Now, it seems that I am. I did not realize his stories were true until too late. Can you….help me," the grating voice asked.

"I can try," he told the strange voice. "If you are willing, I will try. When can you be here?"

"Tonight. I'll fly in tonight."

"I'll have someone at the airport to meet you….."

"No, wolf-lord. I'll fly in tonight."

"I see. I'll be expecting you. Try not to crush any stock. We have a lot of mouths to feed here lately. And some are fellow werelings."

"Don't worry. Rumors to the contrary, I'm a vegetarian."

"Another client," Rose asked as he hung up the phone, noting the pad in his hand as he scribbled a note.

"Yes. A dragon wereling this time."

Rose gaped at him.

"We have nine wolves, four bovines, and a spider. Now a dragon? We're going to need to build on more rooms."

He had to agree.

"So, what does a dragon eat," Rose asked as Ethan logged the potential new client to his 'dude ranch.'

"Apparently, this one is a vegetarian," Ethan told her with a grin.

"Go figure," Rose grinned.

"True. Even I didn't know that one. And I met a dragon once."

"Really. Can they really fly?"

"Like birds."

"So….I wonder what his problem is?"

"I guess we'll find out," he told Rose, and turned to eye the calendar. "Three more days to the next full moon. Did you order those new chains?"

"Yes. Hopefully they'll hold the bulls this time. I don't want to spend all night herding them if they try to take over the local herd again," she sighed.

After just seven months, she was already learning to control her feral side, and if she still got a little overly excited, she couldn't help it. Still, she didn't try to just kill anything, or anyone around her any more. She had gotten over that stage surprisingly fast thanks to Ethan, and his teaching.

And her pack leader was building a growing reputation such that three of their new cubs chose to stay with her and Peter, and work with them even after they had learned what they came to learn. Others came and went, and five more cats appeared from the west coast after word of mouth spread among the special underground.

So much so that two wolf-lords almost as old as him had appeared who came to check out Ethan, and see just what he was up to, and judge if he were a threat to them, or their own survival.

One saw the wisdom in his 'school,' and was taking the idea back to the old country with him when he left. The other had to be hammered a bit. He might have been only a few decades younger than Ethan, but he had apparently not learned to fight half so well. Ethan could have obviously killed him at any time, and the wolf left sullen, but agreeing not to interfere.

Rose smiled at her mate, and then chose to let him know her own surprise.

"By the way, we'll have another client due in…..eight months."

"Eight months," he frowned, then eyed his most unlikely bride.

Ethan's expression was almost comical.

"Think you can handle being a father," she smiled happily at him.

"My dear, I am almost positive I can fit it in," Ethan told her as dryly as ever, recovering with preternatural speed as he pulled her into his arms.

Rose, who could not imagine how much her life had changed since she had first been shoved into that dark room where she had seen a monster waiting only smiled happily.

"I hope he's just like his father," she murmured in the safety of his arms.

"God help us," Ethan quipped.