Nevereverland Chapter 1

"The world isn't a very fun and happy place...There is lots of pain and suffering that happens in our world. A world where reality is harsh. Humanity…There is one common enemy we face and that is ourselves…But what if...Just what if I could become God? Maybe, I could change the world...maybe I could improve it. However, before that...Let's see how I would rule in a world that breaks reality, a world in which humans are much more than just humans...I introduce to you. The Nexus Project…"

The sun raises in the middle east shinning through the window of a year 16 year old boy's room. The room was not to big and had loads of papers across the floor with used up water bottles. There was a bed against the wall straight across from the window where the sun was beaming from. The suns ways spread across the bed sheets which at the time was on top of a human body. A short woman about 4'7 walked in with a super long short that went down to her ankles. It was plain white, but her hair was brown and it reached down to her shoulders. She has bright brown eyes. The woman slowly walked over to the closet of the room which was near the bed and took out a leather belt. She proceeded to whoop human buried under the blanket twice. He jumped out of bed, yelping. He was 5'9 and had hair that reached down to the collar of this shirt but barely. His hair was was blonde and he had bangs that slightly covered his left eye. He was also wearing a t shirt and black basketball shorts

Marcus: Owwww. What the hell! (Rubs his upper right arm)

Mother: You have school dumbass. What, did you forget?

Marcus: (Grunts) No mom…


Marcus: Well, I don't really feel too good...I thought it'll be better if I just stayed home today…

Mother: (Whips him hard across the face with the belt) No! Your ass is going to school do you can get an education and get the hell out of my house.

Marcus: (Looks down to the side and rubs his right cheek that has an imprinted leather mark on it) Alright…

Mother: Good! (She leaves the room and slams the door)

Marcus: (Picks up a glass cup and throws it against the wall, making it shatter all over the floor) I hate her...and my life.

About and half hour later, Marcus left the house dressed in a button down white shirt with a black tie on and black suit pants. He had old dirty up white sneakers as well

Marcus: Great, second least favorite place.

*Marcus lived in Tokyo Japan in a small house within a complex of houses. He walked through the complex and left the complex gate. He manage to make it to the bus stop in the corner just to make sure he had caught the bus that was heading to it. He sat all the way in the back of the bus and there were a lot of kids on it from all ages. Jumping around and messing with each other. Somewhere even laughing and smiling at eachother, but Marcus wasn't one to make friends or actually speak to people. The bus stopped right in front of his huge high school which he hated. He got off the bus and walked through the courtyard into the building. About half the school day passed and he was heading for 5th period looking at his report card.

Marcus: Yep, C, C,C,A,D,F. Seems about right. (Looking at his report card along with everyone else walking with him)

Suddenly, some kids twice his size pushed him against the locker. He grunted and looked around at all the other kids, but they pretended not to notice and he has looked up at the three tall bullies

Bully: Hey there Marcunt? How did you do this quarter? Let me see that report card. (Grabs the report card out of his hand and read it then shoves it in his face and laughs) Wow kid, you suck.

Marcus: Thanks, I kinda noticed. Dick head…

Bully: (Starts getting a bit) What did you say?

Marcus: Don't you muscular brutes have anything better to do than bully some harmless kid. I mean, it's kinda pathetic that you have to pick on the little people to make yourselves feel bigger.

The bully punched Marcus straight in the face, making his head bounce of the locker and the other two bullies pinned him against the locker with no command

Bully: So you think you're so funny hun? How this for funny. (Jabs Marcus in the stomach with great forced against the lockers)

Marcus: (Gasps for air)

Bully: (Starts punching Marcus furiously all over his body as he tries to squirm away)

Continues getting punched all over his body and starts grunting in pain. The bullys let him go and he falls on his knees, panting and coughing

Bully: Yeah...Bow down to me. Are you to apologize now? Before, I have to break your face more? (Smirking)

Marcus: (Looks up the bully with blood running down the side of his lips) You can't break me...I'm already broken. So tell me...What do you plan to do now? You're just going to beat up a weak little boy some more and risk getting expelled for such a thing or are you gonna run away like bitches and hope I don't tell the principal?

The bullys eyes opened wide in shock as they heard what he had said and realized what they were doing. They ran away to their next class

Marcus: (Picks himself up and dusts himself off) I knew it.

*Suddenly, a man wearing a Black sweater vest and bright khaki pants walked over to Lucas. He had slick brown gelled back brown hair and glasses. He was about 6 feet tall and was wearing black business shoes. He was the guidance counselor. Makuro.

Makura: Marcus, may I see you in my office?

Marcus: Sure, why not?

The two walked into his office filled with shelves that had multiple books and a huge desk with a wheeled chair. He also had another chair in front of the desk and he walked over to the wheeled chair and sit down opening his note book and grabbing a pen one of the multiple items on his desk

Marcus: What is this? A guidance office or a library?

Makura: (Chuckles a bit and looks at Marcus) Take a seat.

Marcus: (Sits on the seat in front of the desk)

Makura: So why didn't you bring your book bag today?

Marcus: If you're going to ask me questions, then ask me questions that matter to me.

Makura: Oh? You're pretty rude today.

Marcus: (Shrugs) Lots of people are rude, I'm guess I'm just one of them.

Makura: Are you depressed.

Marcus: Oh no? I'm the happiest person ever. Don't you see the beautiful smile on my face. (Rolls his eyes)

Makura: Do you sometimes wish that you can be in a different world?

Marcus: A different...World? What do you mean?

Makura: Like a world where everything went your way. Where you could things you've never done before.

Marcus: That sounds nice

Makura: Let me ask yourself. If you could recreate yourself what would your name be. How would you look? What would you do?

Marcus: My name would be Lucas. It's a combo of Marcus and Luke which is my middle name. I'd guess I'd have Black hair since I'm really into anime and everybody has crazy colored hair. I'd be a bit more muscular too, but no too muscular. And I'd guess I'd attempt to make friends. Maybe, maybe not. I don't really like people.

Makura: Ah, that's interesting. (Jots all his words into his note book)

Marcus: Why do you wanna know?

Makura: I'm just trying to understand how you are. (Smiles) I think we're done here. I don't want to hold you up too long from class.

Marcus: Hpmh, alright. (Gets up and walks out)

After, school Marcus rides the bus home and walks through his house into his room and starts doing his home work. He started hearing his mom fighting with his dad

Dad: Well, Maybe if he was loved by his mother he wouldn't be writing suicide notes!

Marcus: (Eyes open wide and listens to the argument)


Marcus: (Runs out of the room into the living room, seeing his parents yelling at eachother)


Dad: Fuck you! I'm done here. (Leaves out the door and slams)

Marcus: (Runs out the door and yells for his Dad) Dad! Where are you going?!

Dad: (Looks back at Marcus) Sorry, I can't stay here anymore. I'll be home soon… (Walks away)

The sun soon went down and it started raining. Marcus walked back into his house and saw his mother crying and he went up to her to comfort his mother, but his mother shoved him

Marcus: M-mom?

Mom: This is your fault! Why couldn't I just have any kids!

Marcus: (Eyes open wide and he looked down with hair covered his eyes and he ran back to his room and pressed his back against the wall and slides down holding his face) Why… (Starts crying) Why this happening to me? I try to be the best I could be for you. I try to be the best person I can be...I don't drink, I don't smoke. I'm a completely clean person. So why God...WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MAKING GO THROUGH THIS SHIT!

Thunder started to roar around the city. Marcus slowly walked to his bed and opened up his bottle of pills and started taking multiple of them. Soon after a few minutes his heart started to slow down and he clenched it breathing heavily

Marcus: Shit, I think I took too much...Wait why am saying shit...Maybe this a good thing. I'll be released from the pain. Life isn't worth living anyway. I just hope, my parents can forgive me….wait no screw that. I don't care. My dad left and my mom? Fuck that bitch…

Just then he felt his heart stop and he started slowly falling to the ground and closing his eyes slowly. He body fell to the ground. Dead and worthless

Suddenly, in a completely black spaced room. A young 16 boy stood. He was exactly what Marcus described what how he would want to be. He was naked with a muscular body, Sapphire Black hair, dark brown eyes and hair that was pretty similar to Marcus's. He looked around the room in curiousity

Boy: Where the hell am I? (Walks at his palms of his hands) What happened? Where the hell am I? What am I?...

Suddenly, the boy heard a familiar voice and turned around and saw Makura

Boy: (Eyes open wide) You...I know you…

Makura: Welcome to life, Lucas.

Lucas: Huh? Lucas?

Makura: Do you remember. Who you used to be? Do you remember talking about how you wanted to be.

Suddenly, the boy remembered Marcus talking to Makura

Lucas: No way… What the hell is going?

Makura: Marcus...You're Lucas now. You're who you always wanted to be.

Lucas: (Looks shocked) I am? Wait no way. This is crazy...This is some crazy type of Dream! How the hell do you wake up?

Makura: Wake up? You're dead.

Lucas: EH?!

Makura: (Smirks) You overdosed and as a result. You lead yourself to your own death.

Lucas: So this is what it's like to be dead?

Makura: Well not exactly…You're body is dead, but you're brain is alive and being well preserved.

Lucas: My brain? I don't understand? Just what the hell are you talking about?

Makura: You're apart of my Scientific project. The Nexus project.

Lucas: Nexus Project?

Makura: You see I have chambers all over the world and the leader of a signific project known as the Nexus project. The Nexus project is something where we can control and alternate realm sleep.

Lucas: You mean...Dreams?

Makura: In a sense yes. We have created a new world where the imagination of dreams have been implanted. In a world, we created a new dimension that I can control. As you know many people die, but we are able to keep their brains alive and as a result use their minds to enter this world that we have created. I asked you all of those questions when you were Marcus because I knew you would end up dying soon. Millions of brains are connected into an enteral internet which allows them to connect with each other in the world.

Lucas: What's the purpose of this project?

Makura: To see how we could be able to unlock the full capabilities of the brain and human imagination and then become a higher power in the real world.

Lucas: I see.

Makura: Well I gave you what you want. Well you won't really remember any of this when you enter the world yourself. You'll practically be giving new memories and we'll be watching how the world reacts and evolves. So thank me now if you're going too. (About to snap his finger)

Lucas: (Starts to run to Makura) WAIT!

Makura: (Snaps his finger and Lucas disappears and he smirks) Good Luck Lucas.

Suddenly, Lucas wakes up naked on the side of the river and he sits up and looks around in a beautiful flower field

Lucas: This beautiful. (Holds his head and has he starts feeling a bit pain)

Ugh. I don't feel so good. I guess I'll start heading home. (Holds his head and starts walking through the flower field.