Nevereverland Chapter 2

" A new land"

Lucas stands across from a young man eyeing him down. The main was about three inches taller than him and was wearing a black coat with multiple red stars all over it. He had black long hair hair that was burned up in the back abit but his bangs still flowed down to the corner of his eyes and went down to his chest. He also was wearing black slate pants and black boats with fur surrounded the top part. His hair was black along with his eyes and he had a smug look on his face. Lucas was wearing black cargo pants and A hoodie with cat like ears attached to it. He had the hood on his head and was gripping and ordinary blade as both stood in a river that was in the middle of nowhere, while the moon was shining in the night sky

Lucas: Grrr! (His teeth grind against each other)

Xero: (Yawns) You're getting a bit too frustrated that you can't touch me. Focus all that energy into a battle strategy and maybe you'll actually hit me.

Lucas: Shut up! I Know what I'm doing!

Xero: Clearly you don't.

Lucas: (Quickly dashes with quick speed to Xero making water sprinkle into the air)

Xero: Sigh.

Lucas: (Slashes his blade at Xero with great force)

Suddenly, Xero lightly moved out the way, spinning gracefully and avoiding the blade that Lucas was holding

Lucas: (Thinks to himself) I barely saw him move, he's gotten faster than before...What kind of Magic is that!

Xero: If you think I've gotten faster than before, you're wrong. My speed hasn't changed one bit.

Lucas: Huh? What are you trying to say? (Looks at him curiously)

Xero: Use your brain. I haven't gotten any faster at all. You've been trying to hit me for two hours and each time I dodge more and more easily.

Lucas: What's your point?

Xero: I'm not getting faster Lucas, you're getting slower.

Lucas: (Looks a bit surprised)

Xero: You have to realize what's going on with your own body before you come up with such conclusions.

Lucas: Wait, how did you even know I was thinking that?

Xero: Your eyes tell the story.


Xero: You're really immature, heh.

Lucas: (Holds out my palm and stares down at Xero)

Xero: You're going to use Magic aren't you?

Lucas: I'll show you just how powerful I really am.

Xero: (Yawns and takes out a red hardcover book)

Lucas: Huh? Why do you got that book out?

Xero: Shh, (opens the book and flips to the middle) This is the good part.

Lucas: EH?! Don't ignore me! (Grunts)

Xero: You talk too much, but don't have any idea of half the things you're saying. Someone who's lived with Zeke...You're really disappointing. (Flips a page)

Lucas: (Quickly shoots a light beam Xero the exact moment he finishes his sentence)

The light beam redirects into the sky right before hitting Xero and he smirks

Lucas: What the hell?!

Xero: You're boring me. I think it's time you fall asleep.

Lucas: (Growls and grips his blade harder)

Suddenly, Lucas felt a tap on his shoulder. As he turned around he was chopped in the neck by Xero, who had suddenly been standing behind him. Lucas groaned in pain a little as his vision became a little foggy

Lucas: What's going on...I can't (His eyes dilated and he began moving back and forth) See.

Xero: I chopped a stem in your neck. You won't be able to see for a while now.

Lucas: That doesn't mean I can't hit you! (Starts flailing his sword angrily)

Xero: (Completely dodges each slash slowly and carefully and then he jabs lucas right in his gut with great force)

Lucas: (Gasped for air) ..A...ah..ahh..

Xero smacks him in the back of the head with the hard cover book sending Lucas falling into the ground. As soon as he hits the ground the book lands on top of him and lightning comes out of it shocking his body and sending electricity through the entire river, but it doesn't affect Xero

Lucas: (Screams as he get's shocked with the electricity)

Xero:"Come back when you know the value of life and have real strength".

Lucas passes out on the ground and Xero picks him up in his arms and sets his body down by the river

Xero: Be glad I didn't let you drown in the river. (Starts to walk away and closes his book)

Narrator:This is Vantilia, a world with all sorts of things. Magic is a very common source of power in this land and there are many places and different lands to discover in this world. Almost any kind of race, creature or imaginative thing you could think of exist in this world. There Are also two other worlds that exist within this known universe. There is the under world where demons roam around and there is Skytoar, where the angels grow up and pretty much live in. They both don't cross paths with Vantilia that much except for some few events that have been long forgotten. Lucas Sigran is a young boy and one of the remaining members of the Sigran family, a rich powerful family that had an immense war with the Goeki, a half demon half human family. Both families were nearly wiped out and the survivors are spread out all over the world. Lucas grew up with an older survivor who was named named Zeke Sigran. When Lucas was age nine, Zeke had received a mission a mission from the federal government of the world along with some others which was to go to the Nero district and eliminate a certain ninja clans ready to form a ninja clans ready to form a nation in multiple clans to suppress and control the feudal government after a certain incident happened with the eradication of another ninja clan . Zeke had promised to return to Lucas. After Zeke had left, he never returned and Lucas knew he wouldn't after a year of absence from Zeke. Ignoring all the lessons Zeke had given him beforehand, Lucas grew into a deep depression and started hating the world. He had lost trust in humanity. If Zeke could lie to him and break his heart, than anybody else could. Lucas traveled the world for five years, refusing the speak, until one day he received a letter from Zeke. He soon later visited Zekes old friend, Xero Crescent, to look for his mentorship. He was rejected and then defeated by Xero.

Lucas woke up beside the river and there was sunlight around him, everything around his face was dark. He looked up and saw two beautiful brown staring at him at him. Naturally, he freaked out in shock and rose his head quickly, bashing skulls with the person who just happened to be a teenage girl. She fell bag a bit holding her head as she let out a soft groan as she healed her head. She had dark brown long hair and was wearing a red long dress that went all the way down to her knees. She sat on her knees and continued rubbing her head

Girl: Ooww (Rubs her forehead softly)

Lucas: (Looks at her and backs stars scooting away from her with his butt) Get the hell away from me!

Girl: That's no way to talk to a lady! (Pouts cutely)

Lucas: Lady? You look like a young girl who was just stalking me in my sleep.

Girl: That's not true at all!

Lucas: Oh really?

Girl: I'm a 16 year old girl who was stalking you in your sleep.

Lucas: (Face palms and looks up at the girl) So who are you anyway? What's your name, and why the hell was you stalking me in your sleep?

Girl: I'm Vampby! (She smile brightly revealing small, but sharpened canine teeth) I'm not really sure, I saw you lying there and I was bored

Lucas: Vampby huh? (Scoots to her and examines her closely) Hmmm? That's a weird name.

Girl: (Slaps him across the cheek hard) How dare you!

Lucas: (Looks a bit surprised and flips her over) BITCH! I will murder you with zero mercy.

Girl: (Sticks her tongue out at Lucas and looks away while crossing her arms) Hmph.

Lucas: Grrr...Sigh. I'll be going now. (Stand ups and starts walking away into the grass field)

Girl: WAIT! (Gets up and runs after him)

Lucas: (Turns around) Huh?

Girl: (Tackle hugs him into the ground) Don't leave me!

Lucas: What in the world is wrong with you! (Starts pushing her cheek to get her off him)

Girl: (Keeps hugging tight) I'm kinda all alone…(Looks down)

Lucas: Huh?

Girl: (Looks up at Lucas smiling) Do you want to be friends? We can travel the world together.

Lucas: No way! We just met and I barely know you. You're a stalker and will you get off me!

Girl: (Glares into his eyes with a sparkle and she looks a bit sad) Sorry, I've never had a friend before…I don't know how to properly greet people.

Lucas: (Thinks to himself) Those eyes… It's alright, sure we could be friends.

Girl: YAY! (Hugs tighter)

Lucas: Suffocating...Dying...God I love you.

Girl: (Releases her hug and giggles) Sowwy. So, what's your name?

Lucas: I'm Lucas Sigran.

Girl: That's a cute name!

Lucas: Cu-cute? (He blushed a bit)

Girl: Yeah! (Smiles more at Lucas)

Lucas: I guess, your's is alright Vampby.

Girl: Well to be honest…My name is actually Skylar. I don't like to be really called that, by normal people.

Lucas: Why it's a cute name.

Skylar: (Blushes a bit and covers her face) Not really, but thank you!

Lucas: (Smiles a bit) Now, can you get off me?

Skylar: Sorry. (Giggles and gets off him then stands up)

Lucas: (Gets up and starts walking) Yes, let get going. (Starts walking away)

Skylar: (Starts walking next to Lucas) Where are you going?

Lucas: Crisis Prison...There is someone I need to talk to…

Skylar: Wait, there are a lot of dangerous criminals in there and

Lucas: (Turns his head and looks at her smirking) Then I'll just bust in and kick ass.

Skylar: (Eyes open wide as the wind blows through their hair)