"Slendy, can all of us Creepypastas go to the movies?" A teen asked. "No, child, the hunters would be on us in a minute." The creature now identified as Slendy said. Jeff the killer walked down the stairs and said, "Were going to the m movies? Cool." Slender said, "No, we are not going to the movies, that was just Summer's foolish suggestion, we would have to deal with Hunters and Fangirls. The answer is no." Summer said, "Please Slendy, we'll behave." While giving him the puppy dog eyes.

After an hour, Slender reluctantly agreed.

The minutes they walked in the theater it was utter chaos, most people were running out, while fangirls ran towards them. Slender faceless face palmed and muttered, "I knew this was a bad idea." Soon, they were surrounded by fangirls. Quotes like, "Jeffeh have my babies" "Slendy we love you! Have our babies!" "BENNY BOO! We love you, have our babies." Thankfully,, Jeff killed them.

They went and saw Frozen. Ben went in the movie and came out with the dress Elsa wore. He then proceeded to put it on Jeff. All the Creepypastas laughed at this. Masky and Hoody took a picture of Jeff in the dress. Jeff yelled, "Go To Sleep!" Then he started chasing them around the theater. Jeff kept tripping over the dress.

Jeff finally turned his anger on the one that originally put the dress on him, Ben. Ben ran for his life while Jeff chased him with a knife. Eventually, they both got exhausted and fell in the movie chairs. Jeff said, "I... hate... you...". Ben said, "Thanks, really appreaciate that buddy." Jeff was still wearing the dress. Jane walked over and laughed. Jeff got his energy back and attacked Jane. Slender pulled them apart.

Slender turned to Summer and said, "This was a terrible idea." The only one that enjoyed the entire thing was Sally. Sally said, "I really enjoyed that movie. Jeff said, "How could you like that piece of crap? The plot was horrible, the queen was a Mary Sue, that idiotic snowman didn't even realize if he got hot he would die, who really gets engaged to someone they met four hours ago?!" Jeff was still in the dress for some reason. Jane said, "Jeff, you must like that dress. You're still wearing it." Jeff said, "Yes, I do like wearing this dress, got a problem with that?"

Hoody took a picture. Thankfully, the flash was off so no one noticed. With the angle, it looked like Jeff and Jane were kissing. Hoody thought to himself, I can't wait to put this up on the internet. The fangirls will go wild.

After all that randomness. Jeff finally got the dress off and they went home.

Sorry about that. I've been banned from writing horror. They said nothing about humor.