Do you remember when we were young?
Same village, big wall
I found a tree and climbed over to see you
We played football, we played tag
Or we just sat below the tree and talked
About our family, our other friends
Who we would both never see.
There were more divisions between us than just a wall

And then I climbed the tree and jumped over the wall
And pretended to my family that I never knew you at all

Do you remember when we grew up?
What did you do?
I needed money so I joined the army
But I can't pay to take the memories away
I learned how to kill with no remorse
With a rifle, a grenade
In the trenches, in the battle
It was cold and dark and I was so alone

And all this time I thought about the old wall
And wondered, do you remember me at all?

You called my name
A blast rang out
You fell backwards
I jumped over the wire
There you were, my friend
I knew then it was you
But then your eyes lost their gaze
And I realized what I'd done

I'm sorry, my friend
It's just that you looked so different
In front of the barrel of my gun.