Pacing away from the spring, I picked up my shattered heart and moved on.

Yards away, I see a wall towering over me.

It shined against the sun brightening the world.

As I walk to it, there was a reflection.

A reflection of myself.

I could now see myself more than I ever did before.

It was clean and shiny, had no scars like I did.

It had no raggedy clothes like me.

They were perfect.

I shifted the box to one hand and used the other to press again the mirrored walls.

My reflection also put its hand on the wall.

It smiled softly at me, giving me comfort encouraging me to go on and live life.

I took the key from my pocket and held it in my hand for a minute before I opened the box one more time.

My broken and sore heart was still there, slowly beating.

I smiled sadly and closed the lid, using the key to lock the box.

I set it down again, gently, on an overgrowing patch of grass.

I look at the glass-like wall and stared at my reflection one last time.

It frowned at me but smiled again as it took my hand and took me with them.



Out of sight…




Slowly and steadily, my broken and shattered heart that was in an old box had finally stopped beating.