Life of karaline

Genre-comedy drama humor romance

Summary-life is full of dreams fantasies and romance but when comedy takes over the seriousness of life …the reality becomes the so called twisted life of karaline

authors note: Rs is the currency- rupee

Chapter 1 acceptance and rejections


in the school class 5th

karaline-(smiling) hello students i am your new teacher miss shizuka karaline .

student- shut up u monster and get out you stubborn teacher-u are just a mosquito of a short life span and get lost

in the principals cabin

principal- miss shizuka what happen why are u here

Karaline-actually sir the students of class 5 irritat-e- m-e-w (with a sudden pause)-ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a big tummy u have. Do u consider yourself young (ha ha) enough to wear tight jeans and t shirt. you oldie

Principal-(shocked) are you joking

Karaline-ha ha wh wh why will I joke to a n old man like u

Principal-(pissed) (shouts) get out of my office ...u are fired now

In the house-balcony

Karaline-(to the neighborhood lady) hello old lady nice to meet u I am karaline -a new resident here. I have just shifted recently

Aunty-shut up you black hole-a broken stick. Mind your own business and get loss I am not aunty I am only 20 years old small girl you chick how dare you to call me that

In the market at the shop

Karaline-what s the price of these potatoes

Shopkeeper-1 kg for Rs 50

Karaline-in mind-oh freak it's too costly let me purchase it for Rs 5

Beggars-please uncle give these potatoes for Rs 30 per kg we beg you we don't have more than this.

Shopkeeper-get out from here you beggars I am already giving it at half rate. There is no need of poor and beggars here

Karaline -what the hell (asking beggars)-are u really beggars u are so rich dudes that have money more than me

In the house-

Karaline -I have no job yet I have to pay a lot

On the TV advertisement -if you know how to teach and handle lions in the zoo then call for this job now

Karaline-guess what this is an interesting opportunity for me

Next day in the zoo

Karaline (to the zoo keeper)-hello sir I am here for lion teaching

Zookeeper-hello I am Zoozoo Momby nice to meet u

Karaline-what you are the zookeeper zoozoo momby. whao awesome just great imagine -zoozoo the zookeeper of the zoo what a great tongue twister don't u think now as we are friends can I call u zombie as nick name

Zookeeper-sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttt upppppppppppppppppppppppp you nonsense. Security send her out.

flashback ended...

Walking on the road

Karaline -I lost the job again what a bad luck

I don't have any money to pay rent and today is the last day I am already fired from 20 jobs in a single day

Advertisement in newspaper-want a maid and a housekeeper-call at 3376879811 12-b sector 1233 Carmel mansion

Karaline-(with glowing eyes) this job sounds exciting .I think I should go there

Going to the Carmel mansion

Karaline-taxi taxi

She reaches the mansion and then hears some crashing sound and bits of glass pieces shattered all around the corridor, she enters the mansion carefully just to find a guy shouting at the maids all around and throwing things like a mad person

Karaline-is he insane

And then everything changed in the blink of her eyes, her eyes shocking to see the person who is no one but that insane person himself asking her to take care of him. He no longer reflects his previous outrageous behavior …it was a new …new to karaline...a calm and composed behavior-the owner of the mansion..under whom she will work now

Guy-so do you understand

Karaline-um….yes… (her eyes distracted busy in viewing the beauty of the mansion)

Guy –good then (guy leaving the place)

Karaline-…yes...but…just wanted to know are you….

Guy-what do you wanted to know

Karline-are you by any chance that mad person who murdered one woman on the street and then ran away from the jail …..Um you know you look exactly like him...whom I met when I was working in jail…um not as prisoner but as a worker ….thats all

All the maids looks at her with their mouth wide open… and starts whispering to each other

Guy (laughs)…mad…and me...yes that's what I am….i is mad a super mad…who lusts for blood and kills many, unwaveringly….

Karaline-(stands still gazing at him) really…..are you saying the truth

Guy-(laughs again) of course

Karaline-wow amazing then your name must be…..

Guy-its maddy

Karaline (jumping with amusement) gosh….really….can you imagine…a mad mad maddy murdering…..

Guy-his own wife….


Guy-how that sounds interesting na….

Everyone get shocked, the whispers dissolve in the weird air around and a silence lingers all inside the mansion

Karaline-there he goes again with his insane attitude…..

The guy comes closer to her and in spur of moment she see the man with his right hand in his pocket and the other one around her neck with a knife with its sharp edge touching her skin

Karaline –um….(not at all shocked)

Guy-you little shrimp I will chop you with this and have your blood, leaving no trace of you…and as you disappear from this world you will feel the honor of being my dinner

Everyone again shows their pale face swallowing their saliva inside with fear

Karaline (with expressionless face) so you are a twisted personality …who will now gonna twist my neck…am I right

Guy-what (staring at her with confusion)

Karaline-hello (waving her hand in front of his face) what's wrong do you need a chopper board to cut now…..what's taking you so long?

She obviously raises his instinct of utter madness

guy-(steps back slides pass his hand from her neck and suddenly thrusts his knife inside her stomach and pulls it back….) let's take you to hell….. (Shouts) aaaaaaaaa

Everyone eyes wide open with their jaws dropping they rushes towards karaline in a panic state

Karaline see the blood spilling on the floor spurting out of her stomach non stopping. She puts her hand on the scar

Karaline-huh….blood (still in confusion) what's happening? is this the end…am I meeting the god because of some guy who is not even a prince…but an insane mad murderer with a wolf like face…a cannibal may be

(See the guy shouting like nonsense) you…..I won't die with just that

her eyes become blurry and she can see only the faint edge of the knife in that guys hand who is roaring like a wolf after the defeat of the innocent lion(that's her but innocent)

Karaline rushes towards the guy and snatches the knife and instead thrust it back into his stomach and falls down her knees with a monstrous smile plastered on her face

Karaline-hahahahahahahahahaahah…the one with the black silhouette and a scythe is me …who will take you to hell….poor twister… hahahahahahahaahahah...intersting is this isn't it….now say who cho...pp...ed… wh...Oooo

She passes out the moment she says those weird words and I guess the insane and the mad one is she herself…

Whats this now she dead or …

Check out what happens next in the next chapter 2 TRUTH AND REALITY

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