Chapter 0: The Mythical Beasts

Dragons are mythical beasts known to mankind only in legend. Little do they know, 100,000 years ago, these giant beasts ruled over pre-historic Earth. Their power was great, but their massive bodies didn't allow for continued existence. The Earth before known as Pangea, was a gigantic continent.

There were many different species on Pangea. The dragons came into conflict with predator species. The predators adapted to the dragons. They become bigger while the dragons stagnated. Eventually, these predators started a territorial war with the dragons, who started to abuse their power in relation to the weaker animals.

In all of this bloodshed between the dragons and predators, a particular bipedal species started to emerge. This species started to take over Pangea, amidst the crisis. They lived in caves and hunted for their food. When the dragons and the bipedal species sometimes come into conflict with each other, they would also fight. The primitive species were outclassed by the vastly superior dragons.

This disadvantage caused the species to create strategies to take out the dragons and predators. Eventually, all three sides came into conflict with each other. The bipedals' strategic prowess caused both the dragons and predators to dwindle in numbers. The predators eventually lost most of their power and fossilized. Some were trapped underground as well. The dragons lost their power, but since they had different abilities and also utilized the most powerful dragon's power.

With this, the dragons were able to move to another planet in a faraway system. They called this system Glai. This system had a habitable planet the right distance from Glai's sun. With this new planet, the dragons were able to develop technology and create a society. They inherited a hierarchy, with high society dragons and middle class dragons. There were also low level dragons as well.

When humanity was able to develop to a certain societal extent, they realized that there must be more to the universe. The development of the Universal Society of Earth was created and many different nations enacted to join the USE. They created an academy known as Pangea Academy, located right off the coast of California, of United America. United America consists of North, Central and South America. Because of combining the American countries, resources were shared and America was able to enter an age of enlightenment and utopia.

Pangea Academy involves the development of alien technology which is best used by young adults and teenagers. If they have something called a U-Gene in their DNA, humans would be eligible for entrance into Pangea Academy.