If I Should Have A Son

If I should have a son, I'll tell hime to always stand up for what's right, even if it means standing alone.

I'll tell him that even if life's a play, we choose our own roles.

The the monster in his closet is gone, and I'm here.

I'll make sure he knows how to treat a lady, and how to shoot a gun.

I'll make sure he knows Jesus, and the good book.

I'll definitely make sure he knows to respect his elders and hold the door for everyone.

I'll teach him to treat everyone equally, regardless of their race or religion.

I'll teach him to fish, hunt, and relax.

I'll have him listen to all the musical greats, and instead of piano lessons, he'll get guitar lessons.

I'll have him help me spy on his sister when she goes on dates, and help me play the latest video games.

But most importantly, I'll teach him to be a better man than me.