Kitty, you are one of my best friends and one of my longest lasting friendships. I adore you more than words can describe.

I'm so grateful for the internet because it makes being away from you mostly bearable. I love connecting you and talking/bitching about boys with you and being your friends is something that I do and always will cherish.

You're beautiful and smart and kind and lovely and you always do your best to be there for me and be a good friend... after all it's been 5 years since any microwave related injuries so thats great :)

I'm happy when you're happy wherever in the world you are.

Happy birthday, my love.

Hey Kitty,

It's high Neelam here! AKA the best Neelam, JK slut Jasmine beats us all and we know it.

Folks, we all know what time it is here today, it's time to for the annual fictionpress log in panic LOL

I hope that made you laugh ?

High Neelam, LOVES YOU. LIKE ALOT. you're one of the best things to ever happen to me in my high school years. I love you so so so much. You're a sweetheart, my hunny bunny, my love, my Kittols, my kitty pie (like cutie-pie, that's a new one, I just thought of that one)

I'm a lil sad you're in Ottawa but not very because you're safe. And I think happy at least in moments. And that you have someone who cares about you as much as I do (debatable, I'm better). I love love love you. When you're happy, I'm happy. When you're sad, I'm sad. I care about you so much. I always want the best for you. I love you lots. I want to hug you again so badly but I can't so instead I'll leave you with this:

"You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy

when skies are grey

You'll never know dear

How much I love you

So [Ontario] please don't take [keep] my sunshine away"