I am sure you have come to understand that I had been lying to my Master about my well-being. It is something I ought not to do for it could cause trouble for my Master and for the rest of us. He had asked me a while ago if I was alright directly following a fight with an icebox, but I swear it was coming after me. Still, I know that he considers me somewhat of his "best" or, to be more accurate, "sanest."(I try, I really try, but that icebox was looking at me funny, I tell you!) I have been preoccupied lately. See, I may have been keeping a couple secrets from my Master. Yes, alright, two secrets from my Master, and I plan on telling him one, eventually, maybe, when I am ready. The other – I do not think I can tell anyone. Ever. It is the reason I put my Master to sleep and leave the house.

I know I mentioned previously that few of us have an extra talent that the rest of us cannot even dream of achieving: the ability to affect objects while still in our shadow form. It is an amazing gift that extracts a high amount of energy from the user and also requires a fair amount of practice to control, especially if we were to ever use it in the field. It is my secret, my goal, to become one of these few who hold such a power, without their stupidity. See, they call themselves A-class, and I call them arse-class, but, that is just a minor bump into becoming one of them. I have great faith in myself, you know, and I know, with a fair amount of certainty, that I can surpass all of those blubbering idiots if only I can put aside the time to practice.

We are quite nosey creatures naturally, so it is hard to keep something a secret when you have Careen and Girblah sitting behind you, laughing. It is also hard to concentrate with their hideous voices. (God, surely I must be the sole normal one here, I swear it.) Oh, but to be one of them, and oh, if you could have seen the best of them all: Grimm, before he, well, went away.

He was amazing when he was still here, this I believe I also mentioned. He hit the nail right through the heart, (oh, it is not like the poor cadaver was anything worth anything, so do not feel appalled by his actions) and it did not fatigue him in the slightest. I suppose you could say that I looked up to him, so envious I was of him. He was something else compared to the rest of the disabled crew that I so happened to be deposited. (I suppose by now you recognize my outlooks, my opinions, of the rest of my –for lack of better words– family?)

I long to become one of the group (read: better than) and mold my abilities into achieving the outcome that I so desperately wish. And this, I have found, is not an outrageous delusion, but a solid goal in which to work towards. I noticed my power a few missions ago, where I was able to move a piece of paper (oi, do not laugh now. Moving a piece of paper is tough work for me).

After having found this ability, I try to sneak off to secluded place where I can practice my skills, but it can be difficult, at best, like I said. However, I think I am improving and enhancing my mental stamina. At least, I mastered moving some loose paper, as long as it is no bigger than a card. All the while, I fervently tell myself "I am going to get there, however long it may take". And when I learn how to use my ability on an item worth something, then I will tell my Master. I do not want to end up getting made fun over again by telling him some silly tale (Damn ice box. Okay, so maybe on afterthought, it had no eyes in which to look at me, but, I was greatly stressed that day).

My second secret. Well, normally, in order to leave the house we must have permission from the Master. This makes it so that we do not sneak off and cause unmonitored mayhem. But, as part of my second secret, I have found a way to sneak away. While prying through my Master's mind one day, I discovered the words of the incantation he used. He was very weak that day, and the locks on his mind had been beaten down after a recent battle with another magician. I had not meant to find the 'passcode' so to spell, but it came to me nevertheless. I saw it as a chance of fate. After all, did I not say that I was intelligent, or at least better than the rest of them? I can only make the sounds for the words when I am strong, but I can do it. Then, it is just a matter of timing in order to get passed the rest of them and slip out the door and into the night.

I should be more careful. I wonder if the Master has any inkling of my whereabouts when he is asleep. I would not be surprised if he did, but I have to do everything in my power to prevent the discovery because if it such events were to play out there would be no forgiveness.

I am stretched out across the windowsill of the parlor room contemplating these things when Merr interrupts my thoughts.

'Are you alright?'

Merr, one of the strong ones, is usually not far away from Gek, his partner in crime. The two were like inseparable brothers, practically pyromaniacs, loving to cause massive damage.

My gaze drifts beyond him, seeing Gek, and even further beyond him, I see Jerod talking to one of his sycophantic followers. Gek and Merr choose not to align themselves with anyone else, only trusting in each other, but I never did trust in any of them either. Well, maybe Leaky, whom I see is back in the form of a mop by the door. I am pretty sure one could say anything to him and it would not matter. He does not repeat anything back.

Merr follows my gaze, too, and says softly, 'You're not like him.'

I wrinkle my nose and spit, 'You're right. I'm a broom!' and I go to stand next to Leaky in the shape of a bristly old broom.