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There sat a village in the eastern border of the country. The people that lived there were good and they were ruled for many years by a good king. One day The Good King died. He had married a beautiful woman, who had grown a large with child, and when he passed he had named that child his heir. Little do the good people of the eastern village know that the Queen was not a kind woman. She had heard from a fortune teller that her child would be born male and would grow to become an awesome King who would one-day create an empire that would extend towards the sea. The Queen loved to hear this and so when the child was born she sent for the finest teachers. there was only one problem. The Fortune teller returned to the Queen in great haste. She told the Queen that there was a chance her previous vision would not come true end that the kingdom would fall into ruin.

The village in the eastern border would bring forth the one who would destroy the kingdom

The Queen then devised a plan to make sure that nothing could stand in the future ruler's way of a great Kingdom. A few months later after the harvest feast an elderly woman sent for her only grandchild to come and stay with her a while.

And so the child's parents, who lived in this prophetic village, sent their daughter to stay with her grandmother who lived only a day's ride away.

The little girl knew her grandmother from memory and though she had not seen her for quite some time she was happy to visit. She ride in this town and went to her grandmother who welcomed her to her warmly. She stayed with her grandmother and learned little bit but after a few days her grandmother decided to cook her a wonderful feast. and when she took a sip from her glass she fell into a deep sleep.

She woke to the sound of the door closing and when she opened her eyes she found that she was in a strange place. She saw the for her a boy similar in age and he looked quite surprised to see her awake. He told her to be still while he fetches the doctor. The boy with returned but he seemed scared. He looked to the girl and he pondered for a moment then he decided. He got up some supplies, helped the girl to her feet, then pushed her out the door and made her walk with him around the outside of a small home. The girl did not understand what was going on with the boys simply told her that he was helping her to escape. They came across stables and he fetched her his own horse, and he took her on horseback towards her village. She asked him what could have happened and he told her if you worked for the Undertaker and when he had first seen her she had seemed dead. They had said that she was poisoned and when he had seen that she was well and looked for the doctor he overheard an old woman, the one who had brought her in, paying the undertaker for his poison.

The girl cannot understand but she knew that she wanted to go home. And so they rode through the night until at last they came upon the village or rather what was left of it. It seemed as if a great storm had come during the night. The thatching on the roofs of homes were scattered, the animals has escaped from their pens, and no people were to be found. The two stood by the horse, confused, until a strange happened to be crossing the same road. The boy stopped to ask what had become of this village, to which the stranger, an old man, replied that they both should forget what they saw. The little girl then pleaded with the man to tell her what happened, for her family lived there. That was when the old man drew a dagger and ran to attack the girl. He screamed to the gods for forgiveness as he flung his dagger, but the boy was able to stop the attack only long enough to tell the girl to escape. She ran then and left to hide in the forest. She would return later to see what had become of the boy and found him passed out on the road. She awoke him and he begged her for forgiveness, but the girl did not understand. The boy then reached into his shirt to pull out a small pendant. While he did so, the girl noticed the blood dripping from the boy. He gives her the pendant and tells her to take his horse, to flee through the forest, to flee the country, for she would never be safe so long as she lived in the Queen's realm.

And after the boy died, she said a prayer and gave him just enough dirt to ease his soul before she left into the forest. The pendant she carried was of a woman who had the head of an eagle. At the time, the girl did not know that this pendant was a religious item that symbolized the Goddess of Justice, Ceridian.

The girl also was unaware that the forest she walked through would slowly turn into a dead forest, haunted by the souls of those long since dead. Night fell quickly here, and soon the dead were calling to her. She rode on from the forest screaming and crying.

Time passed. She kept traveling through uninhabited areas for quite some time, and she survived off berries and bark until at last she came across a town filled with strange people. They were unlike any she had ever seen, for some had ears longer as big as her head, others had skin so black that it shined violet, and others had red eyes. One of the men pushed her from her horse and stole her horse away while others laughed. A few old men prodded her, hoping for money before leaving her on the side of the street. One old woman ran to her with a dagger, but was turned away by a tall man. He tried to help the girl to her feet and escorted her through the town. He asked her very little but gave her and her horse food and drink. He told her that it was not safe in this town, that she needed to watch herself, and should probably consider leaving. When she questioned him, she found that she was no longer in her own country. He seemed to understand that she was in trouble, and he gave her some supplies, along with a partially drawn out map. He promised to escort her as far as the town's edge, and they quickly left.

They were attacked when they neared the town's edge. Apparently the man, Ceradic, owed money to a group of people. He flourished a rapier and attacked when a green monster of a man suggested they take the girl in for slavery. Once again the girl was told to run, but this time, she feared the man would end up dead just as the boy had. She saw then a man dressed in armor wearing a seal. She stopped him and begged for help. The man called for others and went after the group that Ceradic was fighting. The girl thought that this went well, but then these men, who she assumed were guards, turned against Ceradic. They tried to arrest him, and she cried that he was the man who had helped her. These guards told her that Ceradic was a wanted man, a thief. Ceradic called to the girl to use her map and then, with quick feet, climbed a wall and disappeared.

She left then, wanting to believe that perhaps he would escape to come find her. Only, he never came, and she was left to travel the world alone once again. She looked to her map often and continued on. She did not know where she was supposed to go, but she came across a caravan procession. By this time she was tired and had not slept in two days, and one of the people on the caravan took notice of the little girl. She had her horses stop and she went to the girl and took her inside the caravan, where she let the girl sleep. And when the girl awoke, she saw that she slept atop colorful, mismatched furniture and clothes. The woman was kind though she asked many questions. The little girl cried and told the woman how she did not have a home or a family anymore, and the woman took pity on the child. She held her and told her that she could stay with her, for she never had any children of her own. The woman promised that her fellow gypsy travelers would not harm her. And the girl was happy to have found someone kind again.

They all stopped to make camp during the night. They told stories and sang and whenever they asked the little girl something, the woman would fuss at them to leave her alone. But overall, they were a kind bunch of people. Somehow, though, throughout the night, the mood changed. A man whispered about something that the girl could not hear. The woman told her not to worry and sent her back to sleep in the caravan. It was only a while later when she heard the women talking just outside where she slept. They were concerned about a rumored invasion and where could they go if war erupted between the countries. The little girl tried to stay calm, but she grew nervous. She clutched the pendant that the boy had given her and she wished for violence to end.

But it did not end, and during the night the caravan was attacked. She was awoken by the kind woman, who grabbed her and carried her down. The girl saw that the gypsies tried to defend themselves, but they were no match against the heavily armored men, who, as the girl noticed, wore the emblem from her home country. The gypsies tried to flee as their came was set a fire. People were running and shouting all around, but still the woman tried to escape with the child. She took one of her horses and together they rode away from the battle. Yet they did not go far before the woman cried in pain. She bade the child continue riding, and so they did for some time until at last their horse fell from under them. They crashed to the ground, but the woman was strong enough to get the girl to her feet and run. The entered into a dark forest, and it was there that they stopped by a stream. The girl knew that the woman was dying, even before the woman gave her what little she had to give. She told her to leave this place, that war would soon destroy it. She told her to continue to the north, where it should be safe. And the girl cried as the woman held her one last time.

She did not have time to waste, though, for she could hear the shouts of soldiers, and so she began to run and did not stop for a long time. She did her best to find north and stopped to find edibles in the forest as best as she could. When she left the forest behind, she came across three more towns but she did not stay. She bought what little supplies she could afford with the little money the woman had given her, and she continued northward.

She passed two villages that had recently been attacked and she tried to salvage what she could from the mess. Winter was coming soon, and she knew she had to prepare. She took what she could and continued north until she came across a larger city. She heard rumors of the war raging in the south and how the people were worried. It was also here that she found a statue larger than a grown human. It stood outside of a large white building, and she noticed how the statue had the head of an eagle. Curious, she went to the building and found herself surrounded in murals and statues with many offerings. Men in white came to her then and asked her if she wished to pray too, and she, childishly, asked for the men to tell her about the statue. Willingly, they told her about the Goddess of Justice and she showed them her small pendant. They called her Ceridian, and told her that in many places she was known as the Goddess of Harmony as well. And offerings were being made in hopes that Ceridian would keep the balance between the countries. She told the men then that she had seen terrible things and she was tired. And these good men took her in, bathed, clothed, and fed her.

The good men only asked that she helped to keep the temple clean and to also study their practices. She willingly agreed and they called her Dree.

But on her third week, as they were teaching her how to make candles, she overheard a commotion in the main hall. They went outside to find a woman screaming. The woman was yelling at the statue of the Goddess, cursing her for abandoning them in their time of need. The woman threw a pitcher of wine at the statue, and it shattered, causing cracks in the stone. The men quickly surrounded the woman and escorted her to the guards, who took her away. Dree was confused. She asked one of the men what had happened, and he told her that one of the cities closest to their border had been attacked, and that people feared that their home would be invaded. The little girl understood, and though she was unsure whether she believed in any divine power, she did grow to care for the followers of the Goddess. She went to clean up the mess and as she did so, she talked to the statue of the Goddess. She asked if the Goddess could answer the people's prayers and to stop the war.

The Goddess did not seem to hear, for the country would soon be attacked. Terrible rumors spread throughout the city and many people asked to join the safety of their town. It would only be a matter of time before word was sent for able men to join the battle, and after that, anyone left was asked to evacuate the town. And so in worry and terror, the girl Dree began to grow. She spent two years in their turmoil until she was brought to the northern temple of the Goddess in order to work. When she and the other priests arrived though, temple had been destroyed of any artifacts with Ceridian, and instead, crude drawings and designs of her father, God of Strength and Battle, and Airmidi, Goddess of Healing, were placed. She tried to repair what damage she could.

Another year would pass until Dree was moved even further still to the north as the country was slowly consumed by war. She received message that the good priests who first let her stay with them, had been killed while trying to rescue fallen soldiers. By now she lived in a small temple that housed followers of many different gods and goddesses. They all lived in one room and did their best to make well, but food was growing scarce and the people had grown to hate their world.

In the ever-shrinking market, the girl was sent to acquire more supplies to make coats. She traded some of her rations of meat to get these supplies and as she headed back to the temple, she noticed something strange. There was a man, shouting his wares, but Dree noticed one of the wares seemed to be a strange stone larger than her hand. When she went to the counter, the cloaked man handed her the stone, which was heavy indeed. He told her he had found it and that it was so shiny, that polished up it would surely look like sapphire. Dree told him that she had no need of a gem, and that she could never afford such a thing. She tried to hand it back when suddenly a group of men had surrounded the counter. They pushed her to the side and grabbed the cloaked man. The girl knew that trouble was about to start and she sent for help, which did not come. Instead, the cloaked man was attacked, his wares thrown about as people in the street ran or ignored the scene. One of the men pulled out a sword and aimed at the man while another shouted that the man would die for his crimes. Dree could not run this time, but she realized she still had the stone in hand. She rushed to stop the blade from slicing down by raising the stone into the air.

Instantly the stone erupted with such a force that sent the men flying backwards into the stall across from them. The air seemed charged with power, and the girl dropped the stone as she moved to stand. It was then that the town's guards appeared and the girl quickly pointed out the men who tried to kill the cloaked figure. They hauled him away, but the girl turned to see that the cloaked figure was not there. She looked and saw high above, the face of the man Ceradic smile at her before he disappeared behind a building. She then noticed that the stone had gone as well.

It would be less than a year before war would tear the country apart. The people of the land were killed, their royalty butchered and set on pikes, and the land was claimed. Dree managed to escape with a group of people out into the wilderness. They were seeking to find shelter somewhere in the mountains before they crossed the border into a town that was rumored to harbor them. But winter was upon them. The cold winters tore at their clothing and chilled them, but they knew they had to keep going. Wolves attacked them when they made camp and they scattered screaming. Dree managed to escape each time. She tried to rescue those who were younger, and she managed to save one child, who would later die after the ground cracked beneath them. Half their group plunged into cold water as they fell through the cracks. She worked with the others to bring them back to the surface, but it was too late. They had to keep moving forward.

The mountains were not far, but the small group suffered until one of them turned against them and killed two before insanity caused him to run off into a bear trap, where his leg was severed. The girl tried to save him but the man could not be saved, and so she and two others were left to travel. They made it to the base of the mountains and began to climb.

Soon it would just be her, for a snow storm separated her from them. She knew she had to be careful to not fall, for the snow would be quick to cover her. She continued as best as she could, the whole time she cried that the war should end.

Eventually, Dree would lose her footing and fall. She fell for a while before landing in a heap in the fresh snow. She tried to get up as fast she could when she heard shuffling around her, yet she lacked the energy. She was surrounded then by what looked to be trolls. They gathered to attack, and she knew she could not escape. She had no weapons. She knew she would die, and she believed it was only time. She thought perhaps she brought evil to the world, for only misery followed where she walked. Perhaps it was because she had survived the original slaughter when the rest of her people did not.

'I have lived while others have died. Let justice be done and my death bring peace,' she cried before she fell back to the earth. The monsters raised their weapons to attack, but the attack would not come.

When she awoke, the skies had cleared, and she found she was by a cliff over-looking the mountain valley. But neither of these things are what surprised her the most, for she heard scraping to her right, which caused her to turn and stare at the most amazing sight she had ever seen. As large as a small home, a creature with skin as brilliant as sapphire and spikes as clear and shiny as crystal. It looked to her for a moment before it rested its enormous head back on the ground and for some reason she laid back too. She had grown sleepy quickly, and as she shut her eyes she could only think about how she must have been saved by this creature, who seemed in no hurry to harm her. This creature, stranger and more beautiful than anything she had ever seen, being none other than the mightiest of creatures, a wondrous dragon.

Dree would later awake to find herself on the dragons back as it moved its body through the snow. When she found that she could stand, she slid off and walked alongside it. She would later hear screams of people somewhere in the distance. The dragon turned its head as if listening then continued to walk, not appearing to care about the sound. The girl thought to follow the dragon's lead and ignore the cries, but she found she could not. She ran to the sound and saw a caravan being torn to pieces as a group of men pulled out the women from inside as well as fought men with swords. She remembered the woman who had helped her so long ago, and how the good gypsy people had been murdered. Dree had only a tiny knife kept in her pocket, but still she held it out as she called to the men to back away from the caravan. She told them that she would turn them in at the next town for their crimes, but the group only laughed at her. The defending group told Dree to run as they themselves struggled against the attackers. She did not listen and when a man came to attack her, she raised her tiny knife in defense. She was knocked to her feet, where she kicked at the man. This caused him to be angry and he went to kill her. This was when they heard a mighty roar, and all turned to see the dragon charging down the mountain side. The attackers, knowing they were not prepared for such a fight, quickly ran.

The people of the caravan, though frightened, were subdued by Dree. And they told gave her thanks before telling her that the country had been completely overtaken and that the Queens army was planning to attack all the neighboring countries. They hastily gave her what little they could, piled back into their van and left, hoping to find a place of freedom.

The girl turned to the dragon, who had stood patiently by her side. She thanked it for the help and said, 'There must be someone who can help, someone these people can turn to.'

Dree then consulted a map that the people had given her. She knew a bit about the world now, and she decided to seek help from a King to the North-East. She looked to the dragon, thanked it, then meant to leave it; however, the dragon would only follow, and arguing with a dragon proved pointless. She welcomed its presence and enjoyed watching is majestic movements.

And so she traveled along the mountainside. They were attacked by few monsters, many creatures fearing to come when they saw the dragon by her side. But the weather proved the most difficult for her. She was always much too cold, though the dragon would protect her from the winds with its strong wings. It would later learn to sweep its tail to clear a space for her to make fire and eventually would dig into the earth to create a hollow place for her to sleep. She ate from its scraps and thawed the snow for water. The dragon seemed to grow all the time, and she soon found that it could imitate nearly any sound. It would chase her while making the sound of a goat only to catch her and let out a strange gurgle. She did not know of the intelligence of these creatures, but she spoke to it, telling it of all her travels. And she was glad to not be alone.

When the capital grew closer, she had the dragon hide itself so that the town's people would not fear it. Then she went into town and requested an audience with the King. It took time, as these things do, but she did eventually get her audience and made her plea to him. He threw her out, saying that he cared little about the war and would instead erect a large wall to protect his people from the attackers. She tried to warn him that this would not stop the attackers, but they would not here it. Lost and unsure of what she should do, she traveled to the nearest temple. It was a temple dedicated to the Sun God, but still she said a prayer to help her people. And she took the old pendant from her pocket and pleaded that the war end before more innocent lives were lost. Most of all, he prayed for hope, and she left the small town to return to the mountains to the dragon.

The dragon seemed to listen to her as she told it what had happened, and she told it that she planned to ask the next king and the next until someone would come to help them. It was around this time that a great storm began. Her vision became cloudy with snow and winds blew so hard she felt herself lose track of where she was going and she fell. She heard the dragon's cry, but just as she tried to get up again, the storm stopped. She was near a cave cut from the mountain side. A cloaked figure stood outside it and it motioned to her. She looked to see if the dragon were around, but could not see it. So she went to the figure who quickly showed her that he was no stranger but none other than Ceradic. She tried to ask him questions, but he silenced her.

He stood before Dree and told her that her pendant, that she still wore, was the exact copy of a pendant he wore. He showed her and indeed it was the same. He told the girl he had left his son in care of a relative after he had stolen some goods. He wanted his son safe and had given him the trinket before he left. And now, Ceradic would have revenge. It is then he calls forth a horse, alongside which a man was being dragged by his wrists along the rough ground. Ceradic tells the girl that the man is the commander of the Queen's army, and that he should be slain for the evil he had brought into the world. He raised his sword and prepared to strike, but the girl would not have it. She pulled Ceradic away and begged him to take the man to proper authorities, for surely they should not align themselves as murderers. He became angry then and said that this man has committed a great many crimes and needed to die. He then pressed how it was this commanders own sword that had killed all the people in the girls village. Still, the girl would not allow Ceradic to kill the man. Instead, she raised him to his feet and told him how he would see his day of trial. The, Ceradic laughed and when the girl turned to see what was funny, she felt the commanders arms slip away. She turned and saw that the commander and the horse had disappeared.

Ceradic then tossed a sword to her feet and told her to pick it up. She could not believe what had happened nor what had become of the horse or the commander, but she had little time to think because Ceradic went to attack. She knew he was using a great deal of force when he clashed his sword against hers, but he always pulled back before he could cause her harm. It was evident that she knew very little about swordsmanship, and the fight quickly ended with Ceradic laughing again. 'My, my, she chose well,' he said, and Dree tried to ask what had happened. He told her to gather her things that they were going into the valley, just west of the mountains of the dwarves. He told her he would be her teacher, and he would care for her. She doubted whether she could trust him, but when the dragon appeared from nowhere and followed Ceradic, she felt she had little choice.

So they climbed high into the mountains where a rough home had been built. He taught her about swordsmanship, about how swords are made, and the best metals in which to make them, as well as a great many other things. She stayed by his side for years, and he kept his promise to care for her but only after she promised to not leave the mountain until he allowed it. She did not wish to make this promise, but he insisted that if she truly wanted to help the world, he would listen. And so she stayed on the mountain, unable to leave for the years that she practiced the life by the sword. The dragon, meanwhile, also grew quickly, and Ceradic knew he would have to do his best to teach her about the dragon. Strange, though, for the two seemed to have formed a bond that they could understand without words. When he made a makeshift saddle for the dragon, she easily put it on the dragon and sat atop it without a single sign of resistance from the dragon. He had never heard of such a thing about wild dragons. This only seemed to encourage Ceradic, though, as always, he would not answer any of her questions. She learned to ride as if it were a horse. It would climb to the highest peaks with her on its back, but Ceradic always made sure that they would not fly, for fear of being seen. Still, the dragon moved its wings while on the ground as if it were in practice. The dragon was unhindered by the any amount of snow, but this was the least surprising thing. The dragon developed other abilities fairly quickly, such as shaping the snow to form whatever shape it wanted and creating a thick fog, the coldness of which could freeze creatures instantly. Curiously, they both noticed that the air around the dragon seemed to have a different feel to it and made the hairs on their skin turn up.

It would only be a matter of time before Ceradic would tell Dree that the Queen had died and the prince had taken the throne. He was young, to be sure, but he was raised well. He pushed for his army to take over more of the lands and had caused bloody battle after battle, all the while enlarging his army and sending thousands of people into slavery. He seemed to her more evil than his mother before him. Ceradic knew that they were running out of time to train, and he pointed out to the girl that the dragon was growing at a rapid rate, much too quick for a normal dragon. He decided to also give her lessons with other weapons.

One day, he prepared to go on his usual trip to a village for supplies and promised to be back. Hour after hour passed and he did not return. Dree thought to go looking for him but suddenly there was a horrible cracking sound, like a strike of lightning, somewhere in the distance. She looked along the valley and saw a spout of black and white, like a wave extending towards the sky, and then in a flash it seemed to explode across the valley. In an instant she saw strange shapes moving along the to the village. She knew that evil had invaded the valley, and so she grabbed her sword to defend this small village. The dragon knew of her intent and would not be left alone.

Instead it allowed her to climb onto its saddle before it began to dash towards the cliff on the mountain. It took a leap and unfurled its massive wings. The girl was scared that the dragon would not take flight, and as it leapt she saw the ground not so far from below her. But she prayed for the people, and the wings of the dragon were lifted. It pounded its heavy wings into the cool air and soared across the sky to the village, which, as they had seen, had been overrun with creatures so terrible it was as if they had stepped from a nightmare. The dragon roared into battle with her high atop it, and many of the smaller creatures ran in fear or stood frozen on spot. Still, many more of these horrid creatures continued their attack upon the people of the village and tore at their homes. Many could fly and reach the girl, who swung her sword. The dragon meanwhile, used its claws and teeth before a deep rumble escaped from its throat and tore through the air in the form of lightning-charged power that destroyed nearly a hundred feet of the monsters. Together they fought against the creatures, and it seemed they were winning when another eruption of black light exploded in the air, this time strong enough to temporarily block the sun. The dragon took to the sky, high above the valley, and from there, they looked across the grounds and saw against a sickly black clouded sun, a wave of moving forms. Their numbers were sure larger than any army in she had seen, but she knew she must do what she could. The dragon knew of her decision without any words, and it beat its great wings hard as it flew through the sky. When they came across the evil army, they knew there was no way to win against them. The army was as large as the entire valley, its members varying in size and ability. But all of them seemed to come from the pits of hell. Dree knew she had to try to attack at the best point, and realizing that something was causing these creatures to appear, she looked for any sign of what caused their summoning. Many of the creatures that could fly did so now to attack her, the dragon using claws to strike whatever came near. She searched the grounds as quickly as she could while the monsters began to come for them. Battling with her sword, she found, to the back of the army, a ring of black and white smoke swirling around a figure. She called to the dragon to get closer to the figure, and they swooped in for the attack.

But the figure saw them coming and raised what appeared to be a staff and the swirling cloud around it pushed up around him, creating a cylindrical force blowing about him, like an angry black tornado. The army, seeing that the figure was in danger, rushed to defend it. Multiple flying creatures swarmed around them. The dragon flapped its mighty wings, creating a stir of air, but this did not blow the cloud away, though it did force back many small monsters. Still the monsters continued and they fought. The girl swung hard with her sword and urged the dragon to get closer to the cloud. The girl did not know what this black wall of smoke would do, but still she moved from her saddle. She stood, ran, and leapt into the black smoke. She heard the dragon roar behind her.

As she hit the smoke, something wondrous happened. The heavens above seemed to open and swallowed the girl into a bright white light. She was no longer falling and when she could see through the light again, she found that she was in an entirely different place, in nothing but white all around her as far as she could see. The only other thing in the room stood before her perhaps 200 feet tall, an enormous eagle with golden feathers. A voice echoed all around her, a woman's voice that told her that the time has come. Dree had always guessed, but she called to the eagle, 'Goddess Ceridian?'

'The people have prayed, and I give my answer,' said the voice. And the giant eagle opened its wings wide before a gust of wind caused the eagle to fade into a mess of golden feathers that swarmed all around Dree.

When she opened her eyes next, she was falling inside the twisted black smoke towards the figure with the staff. But she was no longer consumed with fear, for on her shone armor whiter than white, and her sword, too, had changed into the finest metal that glowed with a faint white light. And then the girl knew that the Goddess had blessed her. She raised her sword and crashed it down upon the figure.

And so she fought with the figure, who tried to bring fear into her heart and use black magic to harm her. But she remained unharmed, as she moved inside the twisting tornado. And she at last sundered the staff and instantly the black smoke vanished. The figure cowered then as the army rushed in on him and began to rip and tear at his flesh before they, too, disappeared. And Dree was left with his lifeless body and her dragon, whom the girl noticed also wore white armor similar to her own.

Dree knew then what she must do, and she climbed on the dragon's back into a newly made white saddle and raised her sword. 'For Ceridian!' And so she traveled throughout the lands atop her dragon and with sword in hand. She fought against the Kings army to liberate the people. At first it was small victories, but as time went on she gained in strength, and so too did her dragon. And the people of the rescued villages slowly spread rumor of her to towns, and the people began to take up arms themselves. A dragon was on their side, and the rider was gaining cities back. They felt renewed, and as time went on, more of the lands were liberated. Some of the mighty fighters would even seek to join her in fighting, and she gladly allowed any who could prove themselves to be fair.

And since the royal family of the lands had been murdered, the people looked to her for leadership; however, she did not wish to become Queen, and the answer to their wish came tumbling out of the sky, a burning disk of gold. For the Gods had their own trial to give for who should be ruler over all the land. And from this trial rose a new King and the people quickly built him a castle.

Of course word of the great Dragon Rider, as she was nicknamed, and the new King stretched out to reach the ear's of the boy King. He called for all his men to attack, to reclaim the lands, and he even sent soldiers into all the villages he still currently had in order to collect the people to fight for him. He used dirty means and hatred of him spread. Still, his army was powerful and the war continued. As Dree, Dragon Rider, fought, she never lost a battle, and songs were sung of her power. It is said that she could heal the blind and the deaf, that her hands could cure wounds with a single touch, and to be in her presence gave courage to all. They say that even poison nor disease could harm her. The people idolized her, but she only told them to rebuild their temples to the Goddess of Justice and to believe. And so they did. They also sung praise to the dragon, who had continued to grow and develop powers of its own. Its breath, though not of fire, could produce an electric blast strong enough to kill over a hundred men in a single blast, and it was also capable of calling forth thunderous storms to rain upon the evil. And as if that were not enough, it was said too that the dragon's breath could create frosty winds or fog and walls of ice so large that it was used to protect the innocent. So her own army grew larger as time passed.

It would be only a year before nearly all the land was given to the new Good King, and at last the majority of the boy King's army had fallen back into their own lands. And when rumor came of the massacre's and the imprisonment of his own people, Dree consulted with an her pendant of Goddess Ceridian. She asked forgiveness of the gods for invading another land, but she felt just in her decision to liberate the people from this cruel boy King. And so an attack was planned. She made sure to leave a good deal of men protecting the border before she made to strike the capital. And the boy King was foolish enough to not have many of his own men guarding it, so the fight would not last long.

And so she saw all that had become of this once-great capital. She saw the many people in chains, the heads on pikes, and the weeping mothers. She stormed the castle of the boy King and when she found him, she said, 'All I have done is in the name of Justice, as she, the Goddess, has so commanded, and you will pay for your crimes.' She did not slaughter the Boy King, but instead bound him and gave him to the Good King of the United Lands. She made sure he would hear of all the wrong he had done, and he was executed by hanging in front of all. And this was how the war was won.

The people slowly rebuilt all that had been destroyed, as Dree finally relaxed. The King offered her to take his hand and be his Queen, for she had grown beautiful and the people loved her. Still, she did not wish to be a ruler, and she declined and instead made her home in a temple. She sung the name of the Goddess, but she also took time to search for Ceradic. She had heard of few rumors of a man that could mysteriously disappear, but these rumors were so old, she feared the worst. So instead she thought to revisit her roots, and she visited the place where her old home once stood. It was then she took the time to truly mourn her loss.

The people of the lands, happy with their new king, lived in peace.

But this is not the end of Dree's tale, for word of a great evil eventually reached the temple in which she lived. It was said that an evil man was forming an army of demons. They called him the Priest of Agnar, servant of the King God of the Underworld himself, for this man was supposedly risen from his grave and now walked the earth yet again. He could not be killed, any knife or sword that pieced his skin would not kill him. Many good clerics and monks were sent for to kill him, but he would not die. Now the people asked Dree and her dragon to rid them of this evil, if it were so true that he existed.

So Dree set out to find this Priest, and while on her journey, the sun was swallowed by darkness for three whole days. The black and white smoke reminded her of her very first battle, and she wondered then if this man could perhaps have been the same as the man with the staff. It would be a few weeks of searching until at last she came across the horrid army of demons, an army so large that it made the old Boy King's army look small, and far into the distance, yet again was a twister that rose high into the sky. She judged it was about a mile wide, and she knew that she would have to build an army in which to defeat this evil.

She would later come with what few would be willing to stand against these creatures and a great battle ensued. This time, however, Dree would not succeed. The Priest had been prepared for her and had so asked his God for the power to defeat her and her dragon, and so when she neared the evil priest, the King of the Underworld snipped Dree's thread of life. She fell lifeless upon the priest's altar chair, and the Priest commanded for the dragon to die. But the King of the Underworld could not find the dragon's thread of life. Little did he know that the thread had never been his. And seeing Dree defeated, the dragon raged. It took down hundreds of demons before it grabbed her body and leapt into the air, where it was said to have vanished.

What happened after this varies greatly, but it was said that the dragon built an icy tomb somewhere deep in the northern mountains and remained there as it was unwilling to leave her side. Meanwhile, the Priest of Agnar raged war against all the land. His demons toppled cities and set fire to forests.

The Gods are said to have grown angry, particularly the King of the Underworld, who demanded that he should have had the thread of life of the dragon. But the other Gods argued against him too, for it was not his place to sever the threads. And the God of War and the God of Chaos were happy to have the Priest in power, for it gave them power to have the Priest let his demon army run wild.

Still, the good king and the people of the land that once believed in their hero, prayed and went in search of her.

One version of the tale says that the starry-skinned Goddess of Creation visited the dragon, for it was the only one of its kind that she had ever made. And so it was her who had the thread of life of the beast. And it was said that she told the dragon that it was created to aid Dree as a favor to the Goddess of Justice and that now it was free. It no longer had to stay by her side. But the dragon would not leave and the Goddess knew it would die. She knew that she could not bring the Dragon Rider back to life, so she wept for her creation. And the spinners of the thread of life grew so angry with the King of the Underworld that they took from the Goddess of Creation the dragon's thread of life. It is said they visited the dragon in a haunting vision and offered the dragon a way to revive her, and the dragon agreed. They wove together the dragon's thread with the remnants of the thread of the Dragon Rider and made the two souls one, and Dree's soul lifted from the Underworld. They gave the Goddess of Creation the thread and told her that 'if one shall die, so shall the other.'

For not long after Dree and her dragon were seen soaring through the sky. Dree did not immediately seek revenge. It is said she went on a long journey to discover what could be done about the Priest.

The solution came from a certain thief who had been traveling in the Hor'ner Mountains, deep in the Wastelands. It was said that he found a cursed idol somewhere inside of a tower. He would find the Dragon Rider, and he would show it to her. And against everyone's wishes, she took the crystal and climbed onto her dragons back. She then took to the skies again to find the horrible Servant of the King of the Underworld. She found him once again at his altar and she fought with him until at last she used the power of this idol, to trap his evil soul. His body fell away to ashes, and the evil army he had summoned vanished from the face of the world.

The people were now free, but they knew it had come at a cost. For when she had used the idol, it turned to a crystal that, while trapping his soul, had also extended to cover Dree's own body. And in her last moments she had fallen upon the altar where she now sits, enshrined in a case of crystal that could not be shattered. And how the dragon wept to see Dree forever imprisoned.

And afterwards the people wondered where they could so place the crystal so that others would not harm her. Ceradic, the thief, then announced that he knew of a place so deep in the southern jungles that no one would find it. And so they traveled to this place and built strong the walls and the great wizards of the west created stone guardians to protect the place. And they left an inscription of warning, and the dragon gave away the armor from its back to be melted to create a key. The inscription they left read as thus, 'Leave the crystal untouched for inside this crystal lies the evil soul of a priest who would cause destruction to the lands.'

And the dragon built a tomb of ice under the altar, where forever he would wait for Elissandrine, the Paladin Dragon Rider, to rise again.