This is a project for my World Geography class. Although it is a project, doesn't mean that I do't enjoy writing it. So please enjoy

Prologue: How it all started

Ever since I could remember, I've never had a perfect life. Of course I was ignorant to all the trouble occurring around me, up until a certain age. It wasn't until I was in the third grade did I finally notice how messed up my life was. It went like this, the day when I finally felt the darkness of depression creep upon me.

I was walking home from school. The new years had just ended, and the cold air curled around my body with each step I took. For some reason my mom had forgotten to pick me up from I thought nothing of it. Afterall, she worked a night shift at fedEx(meaning she worked from 12 am to 10 am). So I just put off her forgetfulness as her being tired.

My tired little feet dragged across the cold ground, struggling to get home. Before long I stood at the entrance to my house, excited to step in and relax. Expecting to see my mother waiting for me, I opened the door…. Or at least tried to.

The door was locked. I rung the doorbell, expecting my mother to come and let me in, But I was left with disappointment and worry when nobody came. I slumped on the ground and rested my body against the door. Sure she would be there soon, right? Little did I know how wrong I was. It took three hours for my mom to show up, and by that time it was 5 pm. I had already finished my homework and sat there staring at my mom as she slowly trudged towards the front said nothing to me, nor did she look at me. She just unlocked the door and walked in. No doubt caring whether or not I made it inside safely. When I walked in I was surprised to see my mom. Or what my mom was doing….She stormed around the Living room picking up anything and everything, throwing it anywhere she could. She stopped for a second to stare at me, before grabbing my arm roughly and dragging me towards my room.

"Mom! Mom! What's happening?" I asked frantically. Trying miserably at loosening her grip. She only held on tighter making me wince in the small pain.

"You're god damn brother! Caught doing drugs again! It's all your fault Lizzy! Maybe if your father hadn't have spent all of his time worrying about you. Then maybe Your brother wouldn't be in this situation!" SHe finished her rant before pushing me in to my room slamming the door shut.

It was that day, when I began to realize what my "family" actually was. A happy normal mormon family on the outside. But on the inside…. We were nothing but a poor excuse of a fellowship...