So I don't own death note, naruto, or girl scouts. Chapter one guys, I hope you enjoy it. And to answer a question that TheBroet asked me. These days I am doing fine, some days I struggle. But I use music and writing as a way to cope. And no I don't live with my family anymore. I moved out once i turned eighteen.

"Friends forever?... Right?"

He looked away trying to hide his cute blushing face, and took my hand in his own.

"Always and forever"

I sat in the lunch room of my elementary school. The small space that connect Ed to the gym, was full of prepubescent children. My eyes gazed on as the principal led on our school in the daily announcements. Nothing new, just the reading of what would be served at lunch and the news of the book fair that would be arriving in a few weeks.

"Boring as usual." A small voice reached my ears. I looked towards the sound from the side of my head and smiled gently as a boy leaned back on his arms. "It's the same thing day in and day out."

I let a small chuckle leave my lips as I followed in his foot steps and also leaned back on my arms. "My, my Matty. Quoting Death note in a school that freaks out at the mention of 9/11." I whispered back, teasing the boy.

His chestnut eyes lit up in amusement and let a small smile graze his face. "Of course. I mean you just looked so excited there with your blonde hair all tangled and matted."

I looked at him and fluttered my eyes mocking the princesses we laugh about. "Aren't I a beautiful pretty princess?"

"You? Pretty?" He shaked his head, making his dark brown hair fall back into place. "Never in a million years"

I frowned and pushed his chest making him fall back into the class who sat in a row behind us. He squirmed struggling to get up while kids glared at him and pushing him to and fro. He finally sat back up and gave me a sinister smile.

"I'll remember that."

I laughed and closed my eyes tightly. "I'm sure you will Matt. I'm sure you will."

"In conclusion, Naruto and Hinata will end up together." I broke off from a heated debate with Matt.

We walked along the track, our feet taking on a mind of their own as we stood side by side. In comparison, to me, matt was tiny. I at least had a good six inches on him, but then again. I was tall for my age. In fact, that's what set me apart in my elementary school. I was the tallest person in my grade, and some in others as well. So the kids were intimidated by me and left me alone. For years I had no friends, and sat alone at recess while the other kids laughed and played. But I still had fun. I would sit down and create simple and idiotic stories in my head. In my mind I was never alone, I had the characters that I made up to keep me company with their incredible stories and adventures. But that was until I met Matt…

It was when third grade began. There were too many children in the classes that year, so the school pulled out one or two children, from each class, and placed them into a new class room with a substitute teacher until they found another one to take her place. We were in line waiting to head out for recess, matt was holding a small deck of trading cards. They were different from the simple baseball trading cards, one would imagine. Each held a character from a show called Naruto. I watched him eagerly show them off to a group of guys who laughed at his "nerdy cards". He had stared in shock as they turned away from him and began talking on their own. Not one to stand and watch a person bask in their misery, I gently of tapped his shoulder to get his attention. He looked at me with wide eyes. no doubt wondering why I would talk to him.

I gave him a small smile and tapped his cards. "If it means anything to you, I love Naruto, and have at least a hundred of those babies."

From then on we would talk animatedly to each other, day in and day out, about different animes. He soon became my best friend. And I, his. We never left each others side, always making sure we were always close to the other.

At that moment in time, Matt was the only thing holding me together. With constant arguments between my parents, and the way my brother always disappeared when I needed him the most, Matt was always there. Of course I may sound melodramatic, but it was the truth. There's only so much a small girl can handle before she cracks, and with Matt by my side, he was the only thing keeping me sane.

Though now that I look back on it, there were quite a few people like that for me in my life. But that's for later on in my little story.

"So Lainey." Matt's voice broke me out of my revere.

I hummed in response showing him I was listening.

"The school year is almost over, so I was thinking that you could come with my mom and I on vacation."

I stopped walking and looked at him while a small smile broke out on my face. "of course you idiot! I would love to go!" I suddenly pulled him into a tight embrace. Going on vacation with him meant I could get away from my family, and getting away from my family sounded like a wonderful idea. Though I let go of him when I remembered something my mother had told me a couple of weeks prior.

'you'll be going to a girls scout camp every other week during the summer. It's not because we want to get rid of you, Lizzy. It's because we want you out of the house, away from your brother.' Her voice rang through my head and I felt my shoulders slump forward. Of course there was always a possibility that the time Matt and his mom went on vacation, was in between one of the weeks I was back at my home. But I highly doubted that.

"What's the matter Lizzy?" Matt asked when he saw that my happy attitude changed to a solemn one.

I sighed and covered my face with my left hand. "I just remembered that I can't. I have camp every other week."

"Oh.." matt replied in disappointment.

I looked at him in between my fingers and frowned. It just wasn't like Matt to look so sad. I forced a cheerful smile on my face and began to pat his head.

"Don't look so down Matt!" I held my hand out for him to take. He looked at it with crimson cheeks and looked up at me with wide eyes. I smiled gently. "Friends forever… Right?"

He looked away trying to hide his cute blushing face, and took my hand in his own. "Always and forever." He mumbled quietly, almost so I couldn't hear his voice.

I squeezed his small hand and dragged him along with me so we could continue our walk around the small track.

Back then, we were still innocent. Our minds could easily be tamned. And our attitudes could easily change. The year ended and summer passed by quickly. I was excited to see Matt again. I hadn't seen him the whole summer. I hadn't even spoken to him over the phone. So I was so excited to see his smiling face.

I jumped on my feet as I waited in line with my new fourth grade class to go outside for recess. So far the children ignored me and acted as though I didn't exist. But I didn't wasn't them who I was excited to see.

So as we walked towards the playground, I quickly looked around for Matt. When I spotted him I ran up to him waving my hand excitedly to get his attention.

"Matt!" I called out breathlessly when I reached him.

He was surrounded by a group of guys who I instantly recognized. They were a group of friends who had bullied Matt and I in the past. Ivan, Zeke, Eli, and Jayce.

I quirked an eyebrow at Matt while the four others awkwardly walked away. "You guys make up or something?" I asked Matt.

He looked at me for a second before looking away in… shame? "I guess you could say that…" He responded slowly.

Something was wrong, I could tell. But knowing Matt, he would just want to let it go and ignore it. So I quickly decided to change the subject. "Okay. Well come on! We have a lot to talk about! I'm sure your summer was more fun than mine. Afterall you went to-"

"Lizzy." Matt cut me off while I started to walk towards the track.

"Yeah?" I tilted my head and looked at him with curious eyes.

"Go away." He said harshly.

My heart suddenly felt heavy and I felt my jaw slacken. "Wh-Why?" I stumbled out.

"Your a loser. And you make me look bad." He paused to look at me with cold hard eyes. "So go away… Loser."

My ears started ringing, and I felt the sting of tears pricking at my eyes, begging to be released. I swallowed a lump in my throat and nodded my head walking away, refusing to let him see me cry. I walked alone to the bathrooms and quietly sat on the ground leaning my back against the door. I covered my mouth to keep the sobs quiet and unnoticeable.

Hearts are fragile beings. That was something I learned that day. They can easily be broken. Easily torn to pieces and burned in front of your eyes. And once it's broken, you feel empty and cold. You start to long for warmth, and you'll do anything for it. Anything to mend the broken pieces together again. But sometimes they never do, unless you have love from another to rebuild it with you. But what happens if that person leaves you? what happens if your left to pick up the broken pieces again and again? What happens if that love you sought, never existed?

On that day, I could easily tell you what would happen. Because at that moment. I was left to cry by myself. And pick up the pieces of a broken heart alone.