Hello human! My name is Elisabeth storm. I am the princess of mice. I know what your thinking. Mice have royalty? Or better yet a mouse is talking to me? And those are both very good questions. However I feel as though I'm prepared to give you the answers. You just need to listen to my story.

It all started on the day of the festival. "Elisabeth what are you doing out of the castle?"

"Father I am merely taking a stroll" "A stroll dear girl for you is something I cannot risk. Back inside now." "Father there is no need to be so protective." "And there is no need for a stroll. Your room now." "Fine father" I have two dads. And their great but one of them is a bit protective, The one I call father is, trust me it's not a flattering feature. I went back inside as commanded.

Their I saw my dad. I call my parents father and dad something I use to differentiate between them. "Oh Elisabeth, you haven't even gotten dressed yet." He Dad took my arm and led me into my room. "You must get ready. Your festival is today." "Dad I know but-" "No but's c'mon I'll help." "Do you even know anything about fashion?" "Well no, but you're my daughter so I guess we shall learn together." He grasped his hands in mine. They felt quite warm. I'm very close with my dad.

He did put on my fur put what felt like a bow on my head. "What do you think of this dress?" He put a dress in front of me. "I don't know what does it look like?" "It's green, has a gold ribbon" "Not the colors I don't care about those, the pattern?" "It's covered in flowers from head to tow, has a poufy bottom and large puff sleeves." "I like it give it." I got dressed after my dad left, and then I made my way outside. "Are you ready Elisabeth?" "Yes dad" "Good" he kissed my forehead and then lead me outside to the ball. Their my father greeted my dad.

"Good she's dressed." "It's just took a little encouragement." "You know you have a way with her." "We both do" My father pecked my dad on the cheek. I then heard the villagers. I memorized the layout of the town. Oh I almost forgot. I'm blind. I was born that way. My parent's adopted me a few years back so it's something their still getting used too, but to be honest I don't think it's that big of a deal. I made my way to 's shop.

"Good evening Princess Elisabeth." "Good day Mr. Chalk. What are selling this evening?" "Several gold sunflower seeds, and a few different fruits." "I'll take several." "Oh what? The seeds or the fruit?" "Both" I took out seven gold pieces the highest currency in my land, and handed to mr. Chalk. "That's quite a lot for what I'm offering princess" "It's fine. Help yourself" Then he gave me my bags and I was on my way. I gnawed on the seed as I went back to the castle. I grabbed my cane. Though I've memorized the village right by my castle pretty well I still occasionally have a hard time getting around.

Especially given that today I would be making my way to the stadium. I walked to the stadium. I took my seat upon the highest height. Today their would be all kinds of performances. Dancers, musicians, fighters, even a game called blice. That's a mouse thing. Anyways I listening to the beautiful sounds when suddenly I went to tap my father but he was missing, so I went to tap my dad and he was missing as well. I looked around and suddenly felt something on my mouth. A cloth, and the next thing I knew I fainted. I awoke to see hearing strange voices.

"Hello?" I asked panicked. "Who's there?" "Oh look she's awake. Morning princess." That voice sounded familiar but I wasn't sure who's it was. "Who are you" "Doesn't matter" I tried to move my arms only to realize I was tied up. "Tell me who you are immediately!" "not gona happen princess" "I recognize your voice. Who are you!" I heard whispers. Then I felt a cloth being stuffed in my mouth. I cussed in my mind. I overheard the bandits speaking. I'm blind but I can still hear perfectly well.

"No harm will come to her you promise?"

"Ya, you got it." My captor said.

"It's just a ransome."



"Thankyou you for your cooperation." I heard a bag of gold being put in the mans hand.

Then I recognized the worried man's voice. It was Mr. Chalk. He betrayed me! Why would he do something like this. I heard him walk away. I cussed once more in my mind. I then realized they hadn't tied my tail. It was still loose. I took it and pulled at the ropes with it. No luck. I continued pulling. Then finally I got the ropes loose enough. I slips my arms and paws out and waited for my captor to leave. Once he did I found a stick on the floor which I used as a cane.

I put my ear to the door I heard talking. "crap" Then I screamed as though in pain. They instantly rushed in. I kicked and punched the goons. They were both cisgender male so I hurt them especially hard. They fell. I know it was a cheap shot however I had been being held for a ransom so I made my way out. I fought my way out of the building with nothing but cheap shots. I finally got out. I heard familiar noises from a crowd. I was in a cart outside the coliseum. With directions I made my way back home. I knocked on my parent's door. My dads rushed and hugged me. Apparently I had been out for three days. They said they were just happy that I was alright. I was home. But something that I could not imagine was about to happen.