But still I was two far deep in these trenches now. I felt the bow. "Hmmm" I murmured. "What?" Meric asked. "Do you think?…" "No absolutely not" "Why not?" "because your blind Elisabeth! You can't shoot a bow." "I can with help?" "No, besides your trained in martial arts, you would have to learn how to use it, you also need to be able to see. Which last I checked you can't" "I am finding displeasure in your tone Meric" "Your blind" "yes you have stated that several times. However don't discount my credibility due to my disability" "You need to see to use it" "Not quite" "what?" "I was thinking that you could help me" "help you?" he scauffed. "yes tell me where the targets are, and I will shoot at them" "I don't think your getting the whole blind thing" "I am, I know I'm blind, I also know what I am capable of. You don't seem to" "fine whatever" he took the bow and gave it too me. "I'll tell Ebon to train you" he sighed and led me out of the room.

I always have my way with Meric, he'll due whatever I wish for him too, always. Though he does care and that's why he was so defensive. I came home with a bow and my dad rushed over to me. "it's one in the morning Elisabeth what were you doing out so late?" "I was doing the usual" "Why do you have a bow?" "I'm gona use it" "use it? I'm sorry but how?" "Trust me dad I have ways." I kissed him on the cheek and went to my bedroom, I hid the bow under my bed. The next morning I skipped breakfast much to my parents disappointment. I went with Meric to the same place as before. "Time for introductions" He said showing me several mice. "This is Ebon" Ebon introduced himself he sounded happy. "this is chameleon" chameleon was the feminine voice from before. "this is Rash" Rash was the horse voice from before. "and I'm sketcher." Meric said. All men fantastic… "We're very happy to meet you" Chameleon stated in an odd tone. "Ya we are. You two get to work" Rash said. I trained with Ebon all day always completely missing the target. "Darnet" I hissed. "It's ok you'll get it eventually" he patted me on the back. "do those other guys have a hard with things like this?" "which other guys?" "You know the rest of you" he laughed. "Chameleon's not a guy" "Chameleon's a girl?" he laughed again. "no their not that either" I was really confused. "How can Chameleon not be a boy or a girl that's impossible" "Chameleon is agender" "What's that?" "It's a gender identity." "what's that?" "gender identity is how you identify your gender, it's when you feel like.

For example if you feel you're a boy, a girl, or something else." "wait people actually feel like something else?" "yes it's called being non bianary." "Ok so if he feels he's something else what is he?" "agender" "what's that?" "it's when you don't feel like any gender" "at all!" "yes" "are you kidding me?" "no it's an actual identity no less real then being gay or straight" "ok, so he's like that huh?" "well actually they don't like being called he" "then what do I call him?" "they, them or their?" "wait you mean using they, for one person?" "yes it's what their preferred pronouns are" "oh so how would I use those?" " heres some examples instead of saying he went to the store, you say they went to the store" "ok" "instead of saying it was his birthday, you say it was their birthday" "ok" "and lastly instead of saying I met him, you say I met them" "oh this is kind of werid" "no it's not" "I feel it is" I remarked "you were born a girl right?" "yes"

"so you feel you're a girl in your mind right?" "yes" "that's your gender identity" "ok" "well that's how it is with chameleon their gender identity is that their not a boy or a girl" "it's all a little confusing" "you don't understand because your not non bianary if you want" I heard him put the bow down. "I can have Chameleon explain it to you?" "that would be better" "oh and one more thing" "ya?" "nice shooting Elisabeth" He sounded cocky. He knew who I was. Darnet. I should've been more descreit.

Chameleon entered the room, they sat down. "So you want me to explain my identity?" "yes" "ok you in your head feel you're your proper gender right?" "I feel like what I was born as" Chameleon moved the chair. "well I don't" "but how can you feel like not a boy or not a girl" "it's simply how I feel" "but its so-" "Bandit Sketcher told me you had two dad's right?" "yes" "some people may think that's strange" "but that's just how my parents are that's just them" "well it's the same with me, that's just how I am" "ok I still don't get it. But I'll try to be nice about it and respect you" "thankyou" "it's the only nice thing to due" They shook my hand. They were happy about this. "you know no one's ever been nice about it before they've all been really mean because they didn't get it" Chameleon was crying. "but even though you don't, your still nice about it, so thankyou" This meant a lot to them. So I imagine it would mean a lot to everyone who is non bianary like Chameleon, to respect them for who they are.