The attention of every student was at once trained on the Professor. He was dressed as some sort of Grim Reaper. Complete with a scythe.

"Is he supposed to be Death or something?" Angel wrote underneath her number.

Sarah's shrug seemed to say, "Uh, I guess." She looked just as puzzled as Angel.

"As you may have guessed," Freeman started, moving to stand directly in front of Angel and Sarah, "I am dressed as Death."

Angel looked to Sarah and grinned. "I've read up on the horsemen" she mouthed, feeling somewhat accomplished.

"Death," Freeman continued, "Is one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the Bible -book of Revelations- he is referred to as The Pale Horseman. Bible studies show that he seems to be the eldest of the four. Older than Famine, War, and Pestilence. Some believe that Death is the only being that will persist through the end of time. That even god himself will die and that Death will be there to reap him."

He paused to look at the class, for people who didn't seem to be paying attention.

"Does anyone know what they meant by 'Death will be there to reap him'?" he asked waiting for volunteers.

Seeing that no one was going to speak, he gestured to Angel, whose face reddened immediately, as it always did when she was asked to speak aloud.

"Miss Hartig," Freeman gestured to her again, "Do you know what they meant by being there to reap god?"

"Um," she started oh-so-eloquently, "To reap him means that Death will escort his soul, or grace, considering it's god, to wherever he'll go when he dies."

"Very good," he said, and Angel was a little offended by the amount of surprise in his voice, "I was hoping you'd get that one wrong so that I could describe it."

"Uh, I'm sorry..?" Angel said a little unsure.

"Don't be sorry," Professor Freeman said laughing, "Be proud!"

"Alrighty. I'll be proud that I know what it means to reap." Angel slid down in her seat.

"I'm also happy that you said 'grace' when you noticed I said 'god' instead of 'man.'"

"Well, I'm really nerdy, so.." Angel shrugged as she glanced over at Sarah, who was wearing an impressed expression.

"Nothing wrong with that," Freeman said, patting her shoulder. He continued on with the rest of the lesson.

"How did you know all that?" Sarah wrote.

Angel sighed and picked up her pen:

"Well, it started when I discovered Supernatural on Netflix. I watched most of them then decided to study more on the subject on my own. Reading some passages of the bible, or looking stuff up online."

Angel handed the pad over to Sarah and listened to the Professor's speech on Death and the other horsemen while waiting on her reply.

"Supernatural is awesome!" She wrote, "I watch it all the time. Jo... mmm.. lookin' good.. ;) I've studied some of the things that the guys have hunted. Hey! We can be SPN nerds together!"

Angel was pleasantly surprised that Sarah watched her favourite show as well. She eagerly flipped to the next page to write:

"Mm, yeah. That Jo is a pistol! She sure is something. We could totally have an SPN Marathon XD I can't believe that you love Supernatural as much as I do. I watch it all the time! I've watched all they have on Netflix..and then rewatched them.. And now I have an SPN buddy! Wooo!"

Angel handed the pad back to Sarah. So Jo, huh? she thought, Jo is female. I am female. Her eyes widened slightly. I might actually have a chance with her!

Sarah passed the pad back to Angel, who then read:

"We need to pay attention or he'll get upset with us. But we'll talk more later. Okay?"

Angel nodded and sat the pad of paper on the corner of her desk. Sarah grinned and turned her attention to Freeman who was then discussing the finer points of the appearance of Death. Explaining his scythe and robes.

After class, Angel and Sarah exited the building together, turning toward Angel's car. Sarah followed, but looked to be scanning the crowd in the parking lot.

"Do you have a ride?" Angel asked.

Just then, the guy Angel had seen Sarah with that morning came jogging up to them. He started signing wildly to Sarah while Angel stood and watched awkwardly.

"Hey, I'm Shane. Sarah's cousin." He held out a hand for her to shake.

"Uh, I'm Angel," she answered. "Good to meet you."

"Likewise," he grinned a knowing grin. "Have any plans to woo my darling little cousin?"

Angel stopped cold, terrified and looking anywhere but at Sarah. Shane laughed as Sarah punched him on the arm.

"Okay, okay!" he said raising his hands in surrender. "I'm sorry, Angel." He held a hand up to keep Sarah from seeing what he said, "She went on about you forever yesterday."

Sarah smacked his hand down and signed furiously what Angel was pretty sure was "What the hell did you just say?!"

Shane just shook his head at her. Just then, his cell phone started ringing and he whipped it out with flourish. Glancing at the screen, he started to walk away. Sarah gave him a questioning look and he signed the letters K-R-I-S. She nodded and he turned away again saying, "Hey, babe. How's everything?"

"I'm sorry for him," Angel heard Sarah say. She sounded uncomfortable at having to speak aloud, but she could clearly see that Angel was a little flustered by Shane's behaviour.

"No, no! It's fine," Angel hurried to reassure her. "I was just a little, ah, stunned." Sarah smiled and gestured for her to hang on. Angel nodded and watched as Sarah signed to Shane for a moment. He nodded and pressed a kiss to her forehead before they waved goodbye to each other.

"Mind giving me a ride?" Sarah asked, standing closer to Angel than she had been before.

"Uh, sure. I'm parked right over here." Angel lead Sarah to her car parked on the other end of the lot.