Within a pet store, a little golden retriever walked on inside from the freezing rain... holding on to his father for guidance. He was in awe of the size of the place... and what was within. There was cages upon cages of animals: squeaking, barking, clawing, and purring... all blending into one dissonant blur. Some of the birds were loose in the store, dancing away above them.

His eyes stretched out... trying to look at everything at once. His curiosity grew as he got a good look at each of the different animals around him.

He felt his father's grip gently tighten around his, grabbing his attention.

"Now, son..." He leaned down on one knee, looking at his boy. A paw laid on his shoulder. "I want you to go and find yourself a friend... someone you would like; we'll take it home. I'll let you go by yourself, and pick one out."

The big figure got back onto his two feet. His warmth left his boy; his little eyes showed a hint of fear: a lost soul in a big world.

"Don't you worry... I'll only be gone for a few minutes. I'll be looking into finding some food for our cat. You be good, okay?"

A bit shy, the pup tried his best to be brave for his dad.

"O-okay, dad... I will..."

As his dad started to walk away, he gave a gentle rub on his head. The boy starred at him, not moving a step. The dad walked farther and farther away from... and soon turned a corner.

The pup was all alone. His free paws soon clenched into a ball together.

Looking back at the hallway in front of him, the little one starts to walk his way over. He observed all the different varieties of animals: parakeets, monkeys, cats, guinee pigs... all of them craving for attention. HIS attention. All of them wanting to taken home with him; they knew he was here to take one of them away from his place.

Their desperation grew as their chirps and squeaks became growls and screams... cages shaking.

The pup gasped... walking further with quicker steps... his nerves throbbed in his chest.

He reached to the far end of the hallway. He looked back, feeling a sense of security sinking in... as he felt distance between himself and the others.

About to make a turn into another hallway, his eyes caught a glimpse of a cage. It was isolated; in the farthest spot on the shelf his level. There wasn't another cage next to it; it was rusty, and shadowed with time.

Walking up to the cage, taking a deeper look inside, he saw a little blue-night fox; it was snoozing away, wrapped in himself in a deep sleep. The pup gently placed his paws on the cage, looking more closely at him. The fox's cradled ears had a bit of a milky-white color on the tips (same as his tail too!); there also was some going down his chest. Each of his front legs have some orange markings on the side of them.

The pup slowly started to wag his tail... his panting started... growing louder and louder. He might of found the one he wanted to have.

The fox's ears began to twitch, disturbed by the noise the pup was making. He started to wake up; his eyes slowly opening up from a long slumber. He noticed the big creature in front of him, overshadowing his cage. He suddenly got off his paws, shuffling as far away from him as possible. He cowered into a corner of the cage. His chest heaving with fright, his eye widened.

The pup carefully opens the cage door. His started to crawl his paws in inside, reaching over for the frightened one. The little creature started to shake the whole cage with his nerves.

"Come on, little guy... don't be shy."

The fox tried to dash over to the other side, but the pup caught him in motion with one paw. Quickly (and carefully), he wrapped him with the other.

"No no no, foxy. It's okay... I'm not gonna hurt you."

The fox's heart pounded against his grasp. He was slowly pulled out of the comfort of his home... and into the light. His eyes blinked away rapidly from the adjustment.

The pup gently puts him on his back within his grasp. He looks down at the scared one; his nerves still frailing away. The pup gave a warming smile down at him... and slowly cradled the little fox.

The fox still watched him... shaking a bit less, but still precautious. He noticed the pup's paw going down at his tummy. When it reached, he slightly jumped from the touch... shaking quicker and quicker.

The pup felt his reaction.

"Shhhh... no, foxy... it's okay; I'm your friend"

And slowly began to rub his tummy.

The fox's fears and doubts slowly began to disappear.

His frightened face turning to a small smile.

His smile to a wagging tail

And a wagging tail growing with trust.

"You're a very cute foxy; who wouldn't want someone like you?"

The smile grew on the creature's face, and he gave the pup a small lick on his cheek.

The pup giggled of his new affection, and rubbed the fox's headfur.

A connection was made.

On cue, his father walked from around the corner... noticing the animal he picked out. As he got closer to them, his eyes widened with disbelief of what he picked out.

The pup couldn't help, but grin from cheek to cheek.

"Daaaaad... I want this one!"

The father eyed the blue creature questionable. "Son... couldn't you had picked out something different... like a bird? I mean... look here..." He guided his paw all over the several birds in their cages. "There's lots to choose from... and it would be easier to take care of one of them than this fox."

The fox whined scared of his words. He and the pup made eye contact of the father's doubt.

"But, Dad... loooooooooook at hiiiiiiiim!"

He holds the fox up towards his dad, standing in midair. His forepaws hanging down.

"He likes me, and I like him! I'll take super-duper care of him; I prooooooooomise!"

The father starred down at the fox... looking at him.


The fox reached over with his head, and gave him a lick on the nose.

Wagging his tail with a big smile.

"Oh... *Grumbles*... All right."

The pup squealed in the air, running around the hallway with his new pal in his paws. The fox soon joined him in his rejoice. And soon they'll leave this place... and go home.