Shaun and Megan's Ridiculous Adventure; A tale of wisecracking CIA agents, forced partnerships and terrorism.

A play by SlytherClawPride.

(Scene opens up to Shaun and Megan in their office. Shaun is on a computer, while Megan is talking on the phone)

Megan: What? You can't be serious! (pause) Well, what do you expect me to do about it? (She sighs, and runs a hand through her hair in exasperation) OK, I'll talk to him! (she hangs up.

Shaun: Who was that, another one of your (he raises his hands and does air quotations) "top-secret sources?"

Megan: Yes, Shaun, that was one of my sources.

Shaun: Which one?

Megan: Don't know. I've never met him face-to-face. I just call him Wade.

(Shaun looks confused)

Megan: You never watched 'Kim Possible'?

Shaun: ...No. I'm a highly sophisticated CIA agent, I have better things to do than watch kids cartoons.

Megan: Sophisticated my ass! You pick your nose and wipe it under your desk, I've seen it, you pig! Maybe think of Betty next time you do that!

Shaun: Whom?

Megan: The cleaning woman, eejit. She's been here since before I came here as a kid.

Shaun: Oh, please don't bring your past up again. I've had it up to here (holds hand above head) with tales about how you were adopted by agents to be a secret spy, codebreaker and hacker!

Megan: Look, do you wanna know what my source said, or what?!

Shaun: Alright, what did "Wade" tell you?

Megan: Well, y'know that tiff that Mexico and France had a while back?

Shaun: ...Yes. It was all over the news, Megan.

Megan: Oh, shut up, smartass! Anyway, Mexico has decided to have...revenge.

Shaun: What kind of revenge?

Megan: Well, first of all, a bunch of suicide bombers are going to hijack a plane going to Paris. Then, well...

Shaun: What?!

Megan: They're going to crash it into the Eifell Tower.

(Shaun sits back, shocked.)

Megan: (grimacing) I know.

Shaun: And how in the name of Hell are we supposed to stop it? And why? In case you haven't noticed, we have nothing to do with the French government!

Megan: (quietly) So you'd rather let innocent people die than get up off your high horse and stop it from happening?

(Shaun is silent.)

Megan: We're their last hope. Nobody else knows about this. The only reason "Wade" knows about it is because he's after infiltrating the group.

Shaun: Then why can't he do something about it?

Megan: Because, unlike us, he's not a highly trained CIA agent with many weapons and lots of people at his disposal. He's just one of the basement nerds I hired to infiltrate terrorist groups.

Shaun: Well, what are we expected to do about that?

Megan: Good question, Shaun. To answer it, we're going to fly to Mexico City. You're going to infiltrate the group, and find out about their plans.

Shaun: Um...why?

Megan: God, you're even stupider than I thought. You'll infiltrate the group and find out about their plans, right? Meanwhile, you will wear the recording devices I crafted back in my earlier days. Once we've found out everything we need, I'll bust you out, and we can escape back to the good old US of A!

Shaun: ...That, uh...that plan, it's...(he mumbles something incoherent under his breath)

Megan: (grinning) Sorry, Shaun? I didn't quite catch that.

Shaun: I said, it's not bad.

Megan: Haha, I have that recorded! (she pulls out her phone, and presses a button. Shaun's voice is heard, over and over again.)

Phone: I said, it's not bad! (playback) I said, it's not bad! (playback) I said, it's not - (Shaun snatches the phone from her.)

Shaun: (sarcastically) Yes, yes, very funny! I hate you.

Megan: And I you, Shauna.