I want to be alone,

I don't want to see anyone,

Yet I'm not free to just roam,

Around where it's just the sun;

Acting as my luminescent guide,

Towards an uncertain destiny,

Emotions are chocking me from the inside,

I need to be free!

I'm had just about enough,

Why can't anyone see that?

I'm expected to be strong and tough,

Why can't anyone see just how sad;

I am with all these changes,

Some of which I never wanted,

The ones I look up to are full of pain,

Instead, they come to me for comfort.

I can't take it anymore!

I just want out,

I don't get what all the fights are for,

If all they ever leave you with is more doubt.

So go solve your own problems,

I want nothing to do with them,

Don't hold me accountable if you've fallen,

Or I might just say "it's the end!"