Jase's POV

My phone rang out with a text again. It was Zara. Again. I shut my eyes and opened them again. I wanted to tell her but, I couldn't. I couldn't tell her that my family was fostering a girl from a foster home. I didn't want to explain it all.

"Her name's Bellana and she's your age!" my dad said, not looking up from driving. My mom grinned at me.

"It'll be like having a sister! Isn't that great, Jason?" she said. I said nothing and let my mom continue. "She's a very sweet girl according to her caretakers. I think we might ado-"

"NO!" I yelled sensing she was about to say "adopt her." My mom stopped and looked at my dad. The car stopped in front of a foster care house. My parents went inside while I waited. I wondered how life would change. I was always the only child so, a sister would be…..strange. I stiffened as they walked out. A girl about my age was next to them. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She got into the backseat and I moved away. My parents talked to Lillian for a while but, plopped in earphones.

"Hi, I'm Isabella but, everyone calls me Bella," she said, smiling at me. "Not to be ungrateful or anything but, don't call me Ella."

"I'm Jason but, you can call be Jase." Bella seemed nice and I felt myself relax a little bit. She seemed to sense it.

"It's ok if you're embarrassed," she told me. "Don't worry, I'll be back in a day."

I was speechless so, I closed my mouth until we reached my house. Zara was out front and at the sight of our car, she leaped up. I realized how much she looked like Bella. When she saw Bella, her eyes looked confused. Bella ran inside our house, her face a bright pink.

Zara walked over to me. "Who's that?"

"No one," I mumbled.

"Oh, come on, Jase," she said. "Who is it?"

I didn't want to answer so I walked away. Zara bolted after me.

"Jason, seriously?" she asked again. I felt my feet stop. Zara NEVER called me Jason. Not once.

"Fine. I have a sister. An adopted sister. Happy?" I fumed, angrily. Zara was annoying me. Didn't she get I didn't want to talk about it?

"That is so so cool!" she squealed, ignoring my stop-squealing look. I went inside and found Bella on the couch, attempting to turn on the T.V.

"Here," I said, turning it on. I turned to leave, not glancing at her face.

"Thanks…" She hesitated. "Jase."

I smiled and went upstairs willing myself not to say anything back. But, my brain took over. "You're welcome, Isabella. Opps. Bella."

She grinned at me and started chasing me. Bella was totally awesome but, I wasn't dreading our neighbors finding out. I was dreading Zara meeting her. What if they really hit off and I became the 3rd wheel? Stop, I told myself. I fell into a restless sleep.