"46, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46, 46" my friend said as I tried to pour the chemical into my solution

"47, if you keep poking me I'm going to mess this up and then we'll both be in trouble" I say curtly.

"Has that ever stopped me before?" she asks "Plus I'm bored, I need some entertainment"

I sigh "Then go play with your sky dragons" I say trying to get her to leave me alone.

"You killed them all" she says "And the babies haven't hatched yet"

"Oh yeah….well at least I got their scales and venom, I needed those to make this" I say

"That so" she says, next thing I know I see a hand come from behind me and tip my bottle up and pour too much in there. My eyes widen.

"You b-"is all I get out before a small explosion knocks me back into her. Luckily I didn't do anything more than, cause the glass to explode and give me a few cuts on my face. I hear laughing behind me. "I will kill you!" I yell angrily.

"We can't die! We're demons!" she yells defiantly back at me.

I snort and say "I will find a way!" she pales a little to that "and if I can't" my voice goes quiet "I will make you suffer, like 10 hours of being on a plane with a crying child sitting next to you and you can't sleep, kind of torture" I say with an insane grin. She whimpers a little bit.

"Oh yeah…I forgot you're the one who gets information out of prisoners…." she says backing away. She has her back against the wall. I pick up one of my throwing knives and slowly advance to her. "Come on 46, it's not like I haven't done something like this before" she says in her defense. This was true.

"And I always get mad about it. Funny how some things never change. You still have that scar on your arm from last time?" I'm talking in an insane growling voice now. I have my knife to her throat now.

"Yes…..and the burns they haven't quite disappeared yet. Seems like only yesterday" he says wistfully

"It was yesterday, you jerk!" I yell. Just then the door opens. I look over through my hair and see an unfazed 45.

"Don't hurt her" he says without emotion "We need you two for a meeting" my eye twitches and I reluctantly. 46 walks past me trying and failing to keep her composure as she picks up her pocket knife and hand gun. She walks out of the room, she straightens her Prussian blue trench coat over her short crimson dress and her matching knee high boots. She flips her long dirty blond hair as she walks out.

"YOU'RE SHORT!" I yell after her and I hear a scream. And then I laughed.

"shut up" 45 say's to me void of emotion "we have to go, be there in 10 minutes" I put my sash of throwing knives on, my satchel where I keep my….concoctions, and my sword on my waist. I tie my dark green cloak over my gold V-neck and clack skinny jeans. I put my green hi-tops on and lock the door to my temporary room as I begin my walk to the conference room. I pass a few of demons that I created in my lab, 26, 31, and 54. I stop and say "hello, brothers and sisters"

"Hello, 46" 31 say's to me, the others smile and nod their heads at me as I continue walking down the hall. When I reach the conference large conference room doors I already hear someone yelling. I sigh and open the doors. I open my eyes and am not surprised to see 14 yelling at 15, and 17 cowering in a corner with 47 waving a carrot in his face. As I pass her I grab her but the collar and tie her down to a seat. I then notice that there are only about 10 other demons here. I count off: me, 47, 45, 14, 15, 17, 73, 96, 37, 11, and 67. Eleven total. Hm.

"14 shut up!" I yell "And 17 she's tied down its safe so stop cowering! And 45, why are there so few of us here?" I ask finally. 45 cleared his throat, and when that didn't quiet the rather loud demons he threw his (rather large) sickle into the table. That successfully quieted us down. He yanks it back by its chain, nearly hitting 47, and causing her to let out a muffled scream.

"Now the reason I have called you 10 here is because all of you are leaders in the departments of our collective" he says "And we need to pick our juniors to raise the young ones, and teach them our ways, because most of you will be too busy training the juniors to train them. Also when 46 is finished creating the bodies, the souls will have to be put in them" he takes a breath "17 have you given 5 captured souls to 96 yet, so that he can put them into the bodies?"

"Yes, I believe I picked strong ones, we might not lose any this time" he says

"Unless 46's bodies don't hold up" 11 say's

I look over my glasses at him "excuse me?" I say deathly quiet.

"Don't you two start" 15 says "Last thing we need is for one of you to be incapacitated this close to the creation time"

"67 do you have the runes set up?" 45 asks "and 73 I swear if you chose 72 or 71 as your junior I will end you" 73 snorts

"Yes I do have them ready" 67 says

"Good, ok so I want you all to pick your juniors before the creation day. Now shoo, I can't keep looking at your faces. I might go blind" he says waving us away. We all walk out, and I almost forget 47. I stand in the doorway staring at her for about 5 minutes debating whether or not to untie her. ''Just untie her" 45 say's and I reluctantly I take the duct tape off of her mouth.

"I'm going to kill you" 47 says in an angry voice, but I'm not fazed by this

"You've never managed to defeat me before, and I don't think that will change anytime soon" I say

"You haven't either" she says smirking, and my smile turns into a deathly scary frown

"We'll see" I say cutting the last of the ropes tying her down.

Finished this at 12:30 in the morning, while listening to Swedish radio….dies.