You left us that day.

It was our fault you said Our fault you're in this situation. HOW IS IT OUR FAULT?!


Yo point at me...saying if I never lived t hrough my early birth and mabye you'd have one less mouth to less person to watch over

I never asked for you to watch me!But that's what a good parent does.I...just can't believe this. A family sticks together through all the trials in life and what do you do to show me that your part of our family?

You leave...

Saying you'll find a better wife,someone better than the woman who helped you create this beautiful family,Leaving me and what's left of our team with nothing but the clothes on our backs, one house,(You took the car) and a bitter taste in our mouth.

Why Dad...just why?

Yeah,as you can see I'm going through some family problems so I just had to let my anger out...I had to write. :'(