Jeffery was just heading home from his walk. He liked to walk, it gave him time to be alone. When he got home however he found a group of bandits sitting at the table, his parents dead on the rug and glass over the floor. His father just looked like he'd been shot, but his mother wasn't wearing any clothes, and her throat was slit. The bandits noticed Jeffery and looked at him.

"Hey, your folks were nice, before they died" one of the bandits laughed. Jeffery had no idea what to do, so he ran. The bandits, fearing he might tell the sheriff, chased after him. The bandits caught up with him and pinned him down.

"Come on, I hate it when kids are sad" Another bandit said.

"Let's make him smile" Suggested a third bandit. Jeffery struggled but the bandits had a tight hold of him, as if he were a pig in a lasso. The bandits passed a knife around, and one of the bandits started leaning towards Jeffery.

"Let's see you smile" he said almost in a whisper. Jeffery could smell the whiskey on his breath almost like his father was speaking close to him. Without the slightest hesitation, the bandit started cut Jeffery's mouth till it looked like the nicest smile that has been carved. The bandits then tied him to a post and ran off.

Jeffery started to cry. His parents weren't there to comfort him, and the pain he felt from the cutting was to much for him. Before long he saw a glow in the distance. He knew it was his house, the bandits ran in that direction and he figured they didn't want anybody to know it was them.

"Don't cry Jeffery" said a voice. Jeffery looked and saw the sheriff. The sheriff cut the rope loose and walked Jeffery to his home.

"By the good name of the Wyatt family," he thought to himself "Those bandits will pay."