Jeffery and Mary were still floating down the river, they were quiet for they didn't have much to say anymore. They've talked about a lot on the train and they know a lot of things about each other, but now they had very little to say. They were still hoping to get far enough that the coyotes wouldn't find them, Jeffery wanted to keep Mary safe, and stop the bandits who killed his family. Before a while the two came across a group of people. "Hey!" one of them shouted "Are you in need of assistance?"

Jeffery looked, he saw three people getting water, but there had to be about twelve or thirteen more of them. "We're fine!" Jeffery yelled back. "Although we would like to have somebody to talk with for once!" Without saying a word the guy started to head towards the two and grabbed the raft. He helped Jeffery pull it to shore. The group of men gathered around Jeffery, he was almost right, there were fourteen of them in total including the three he saw at the river. "What are you all doing here?" Jeffery asked.

"A bunch of bandits have taken our fort from us, we are going to get it back."

"Is that a fact?" Jefferey replied "How I'm I supposed to know you are telling the truth?"

The man shook his head "a group of bandits stick together, especially if they are Coyotes and road theives." Jeffery knew than he could trust him, the coyotes were the group of bandits that tried to kill Mary.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Gerald, and these are my friends, we were together in times of war and since we left California." Jeffery has heard about some guy named Gerald, although he had fifteen people with him. "One of them was shot and killed as a warning to us from those cursed coyotes." Jefferey knew that they couldn't defeat them alone.

"I'm going to help" He said "Those coyotes have caused me enough trouble."

Gerald looked uneasy, "Are you sure you can take on that many bandits? They have almost destroyed a whole town on multiple occasions."

"In fact on their first raid, they left the town in ruins and ashes" Another guy said sitting next to him, his name was Morgan.

"Those Coyotes tried to kill Mary, and have tried to destroy my home. Lord knows what else they have done." Jeffery started to get a little mad thinking of what else they may have done, until Mary held his hand and squeezed it gently.

"Well, I only have one thing to ask" Gerald said "What is your name?"

Jeffery took his mind off of his thoughts "My name is Jeffery Wyatt the smiling bandit."

Gerald smiled wildly and looked at the others, "Well Jeffery, welcome to the group."

The group rode off to the fort, Jeffery could see the coyotes flag waving outside. They dismounted and armed themselves. Jeffery even got a few explosives out. They all approached slowly, until the first shot was fired. Nobody was hit, but now it ment war. Gerald's group of men started to fire at the Coyotes on top of the fortress, if they were lucky they would slip, if they were extra lucky they would die. When they were all ready eight of them headed towards the fortress including Jeffery, while eight of them stayed back to cover anybody they missed which included Mary, her shooting impressed many of the guys.

Jeffery's half broke down the door and started to shoot all the coyotes in sight. Road thieves were also shot although their weren't as many of them. they started to climb up the stairs after they reloaded their guns, some guy tried to ambush them, but before he could fire, he got shot and fell down the stairs. They reched the next part, they seemed more out numbered this time. However with a few bombs and some luck, they all got through alive. They all sat down and reloaded and decided to wait for any others to come down. They needed some rest.

Mary's half was suprised at how many bandits and Coyotes were trying to ambush them. However, they could handle them and four of them focused on the fire coming from the fortress. Mary was almost clubed in the back of her head, however she turned around and shot the guy, that unfortunatly didn't save her from being hit. She became unconciouss, possibly a good thing for her as they would assume she was dead. The remaining seven kept on shooting, periodically having to reload.

Jeffery's half now was at the final floor before the roof. It was amazing nobody expected them, considering theonly people remaining there, were heading for the top of the fortress. Before they got to the top Jeffery got a good look at one of them. He was dressed in earthtone clothing, even though he had a scarp of black fabric around his finger. He remembered the face, despite the age he could still remember the face. That was one of the guys who was at his house the day his parents died, it was the guy who said he hated to see children cry, it was the guy who carved his mouth into a smile. Before he knew it his thoughts were interupted by shouts of victory.

"We won! We won! We won!" They all shouted, the other grouo came in, one of them hold Mary in his arms. He gave Mary to Jeffery, who was relieved that she was still breathing. He barley noticed the guys moving the bodies out of the building. He stayed by Mary until she woke up, that was an hour after.

The group celebrated and cheered for Jeffery and Mary. The two enjoyed these people. They had a big feast to celebrate. "So why were you two on that raft?" Gerald asked.

Jeffery knew this question was goign to be answered, he swallowed the food he had in his mouth and said "The coyotes atatcked my home town. We had to get away, and so here we are now."

Gerald had just one more question. "That guy you were staring at, why were you staring at him?"

Jeffery knew the answer to this very well. He almost hesitated to answer, "That was the man who cut my mouth until it looked like I smiled, he was at my house on the day my parents were killed."

Gerald knew right then and there why Jeffery was where he was. "Them road thieves, they take whatever they want, and they work with the coyotes. They take orders from the head of the coyotes, Samson Reddigg."

Mary almost gasped, "that was my old boss, I worked at a store he owned."

Gerald looked worried, "Jeffery if you go for these guys, leave Mary here, we promise she'll be safe." Jeffery knew he had to, the Coyotes were after her, and he'd die quicker if they knew she was with him. Mary also knew she had to stay.

After the feast everybody went to bed. Mary was about to put her canteen away, when she was returning however Jeffery grabbed her and pulled her into his room. "Mary" he said "I'm going to find out what I can about those bandits tomorrow and I want you to be with me tonight. In case I don't come back." Mary smiled and kicked the door to the room closed, the last thing anybody that was awake heared, were laughing and the sound of three guns hitting the floor.