Yes I know I should update faster! That's why I put this one up even though it's short and not my best piece of work. But I'm really trying to work through my writer's block (in a future chapter) and get my focus and motivation back on this story. For now I hope you enjoy this one!

Chapter 9

Soon students would come. Please be early today!Alex stares at the empty hallway in front of him. He can hear the distant laughter swapping over from the cafeteria. He doesn't know if his plan is going to work but he hopes it does. Oh how he hopes it! Without this he wouldn't have endured Mike's accusations for leaving without telling him when he called on Saturday afternoon or his boasting about the night he spent with Helen. And he couldn't have endured a text on Sunday coming from Heather telling him how sorry she was for her behaviour and how he was such a gentleman and asking if they could get together again some time. Would she still consider him a gentleman if she knew that he didn't sleep with her because he has feelings for one of his students? Probably not.

The first students show up mustering him strangely as they pass. It must look odd, a teacher standing in the hallway with nothing but an envelope in his hands. He starts to doubt his plan. Maybe he should just go back in his room and forget about it.

No wait there she is! A short girl with wavy blond hair walks toward him. He makes a step in her direction.

"Excuse me. I'm Sara Bernstein's European history teacher. I believe you came to me last week telling me that she was ill?"

The girl walks over to him giving him a long, critical look when she comes to halt in front of him. Then she nods briefly.

"Ok well she missed quite a bit and, and would you please give this to her?" He holds out the envelope. "It's an assignment and it's important that she does it. She… she should really not miss it. Please tell her that."

A hand reaches for the envelope, snatching it away. He has a hard time letting it go. All his hopes lie in there.

An ironic little smile plays on the girl's lips and she lowers herself to finally say something. "Will do Sir. But now I should get going. You wouldn't want me to be late for class now would you?" Her voice teasing and there might even be a slightly seductive tone to it.

"Uhm of course. Thank you Miss…?" Is all Alex can stumble.

The blonde has already turned on her heels walking towards her class room, hips swinging. Half way through the door frame she turns again and says with a brief smile "Hutchings." before disappearing completely.

- Sara -

"Saraaaaa! Are you in here somewhere?"

Sara can see her friend coming into the kitchen through the glass walls of the winter garden.

"There you are!"

Diana hops to her friend, taking the book she was reading out of her hands and hugging her.

"Do you know how unfair this is? I'm stuck at school and you lie here reading a book, drinking delicious iced tea" she looks longingly at a half filled glass on a table next to Sara's seat "and don't even get detention for not showing up in class. Even though I don't get why you won't go. I saw Mister Too-hot-to-be-a-teacher today and I would switch to his class anytime."

Sara lifts her head. "You saw him?"

"Yep. Even talked to him. He gave me something for you. Wait I must have it here somewhere." Diana starts rummaging through her bag. "Ah here it is."

The envelope appears in her hand as she holds it up in triumph. "Some assignment I believe. From what he said it's pretty important that you do it. Wait what he said was – and I quote – 'She should really not miss it. Please tell her that'."

"He gave you this?" Sara can still not believe what her friend is telling her.

"Yes, isn't that what I said? Even waited in the hallway for me. Probably because he didn't know my name." Diana chuckles. "Well now he sure does."

"D what did you do?"

"Nothing really. I just wasn't throwing myself at him like all those girls who would give their grandmother to have some alone time with him." Sara can't help but join in her friend's laugh. "You're unbelievable D! Now do you just pass through or would you like to stay and get some of that delicious iced tea yourself?"

"Definitely staying. I have to enjoy every free second I get between working and tutoring."

It has become Diana's favorite activity to complain about her tutor and the tortures he's putting her through. 'Like we're back in the middle age I'm telling you!' is a frequently used phrase in this context. Sara can't completely focus on everything her best friend is telling her now. Since she stopped going to her afternoon class Diana started treating her like she wasn't going to school at all and tells her every tiny bit of school gossip. Sara endures all the stories and complaints for a while then she says.

"D I don't want to send you away but my parents will be showing up soon. It's up to you whether you want to stay and face them or not. You're always welcome to stay from my side as you know."

Diana and Sara's parents didn't hit it off too good in the past. Miriam thought her a lazy fool because to her it is incomprehensible how somehow could be interested in something like music, especially if the music wasn't written by someone who's already dead. Diana on the other hand dislikes Sara's parents because she knows how often her friend feels miserable because of them. Whenever possible both sides prefer not to interact with each other.

"Thanks for the warning Sara. Maybe another time but at the moment I prefer to make the absolute best of the little spare time I have. With tutoring and everything you know?"

Sara has to stifle an annoyed groan. Would she never stop?! But whatever. Right now she's just glad her little manoeuvre worked out.

"Okay then go and enjoy freedom my friend. Thanks for coming over."

They hug and Sara sees her friend take one last sip of the iced tea before she leaves the kitchen. As soon as Diana is out of sight Sara's gaze shifts to the letter laying on the table next to her where Diana had put it down. Sara hadn't touched it yet, not with Diana next to her. She hated to lie to her friend but the thing about her parents was the only way to get rid of her and to have some time to herself before they actually show up.

She takes the letter carefully in her hands and walks to her room. Sitting down on her bed she tears to envelope open holding her breath.

In there is one white folded sheet of paper.

Presentation: My trip to Europe



Time frame


An overall open structure is attempted. You can come to me and we will talk. You can tell me everything no matter how big or small. I want to hear it all.

I want to know more about the girl in the third row next to the window and about the woman at the museum. I will try to figure out how they fit together. If you let me.


For you to forgive me for my behaviour.

For me to get to know you.

For us to figure out what this is.

Time frame

Whenever you like. After school in my class room, at night, in the morning.

I'm waiting for you.

When she's finished reading, her hands - still holding the letter - sink down. An overwhelming feeling spreads, reaches every part of her body and she starts shaking.

He wants her.

He wants to give 'them' a try and he is willing to risk everything for it. For her.

At the bottom of the paper he added by hand his name, address and phone number. She admires his clear, swinging writing. According to this he lives in Grant Street 7. A sudden curiosity comes over her. What his place might look like? And if he'd show it to her some day?

Stop right there Sara! Her reasonable mind interferes with the agitated state of her feelings. She forces herself to put the letter away, her hands shaking when not holding the precious piece of white paper.

He wouldn't be the only one risking a lot. What if it didn't work out? Or if he wasn't even serious about it in the first place? Or if it became known and she would be 'the girl who had something with that teacher'`? She looks over to the sheet of paper next to her and instead of the actual words written there she feels like there's just one big question on it:

Do you want to have a relationship with your European History teacher?