Little Miss Honey Pie

There was once a girl name Miss Honey Pie
Who would talk about wanting to die.
All day long she'd cry, cry and cry,
For true love she never could find.

Love at first sight, first kiss or whatever,
All she ever wanted was a forever.
But only a string of men cruel and sly,
Would follow her round with promises of the sky.

Then one day, her luck finally struck,
When came along a prince called Chuck.
For he was handsome, kind and funny,
And his voice was sweet as honey.

They'd laugh together and have so much fun,
While sat on a blanket under the sun.
Little Miss Honey Pie thought he was 'The One',
But a queen for the future king, there were none.

And soon after the regal Prince ran,
For he was in love with another man.
But never again did Miss Honey Pie cry,
As she was too busy eating Pecan Pie.