Authors Note:

Here is a trigger warnings as with most of my stories.

murder tw, anxiety tw, violence tw, cusssing tw, panic attacks tw, casual ableism tw.

Now I don't think anything in this story is inappropriate for children however keep that list in mind if you are a child, and or reading to one.

Hello. I am Ivy. That's all you really need to know for what I'm about to tell you. You see I'm one of the impacted. A long time ago their was a virus. It was extreme. Half the worlds population was infected. The doctor's did all they could to cure it. And they did, but at a cost. The people who were cured, people like me, were changed. Half of us, ok..most of us lost our minds and destroyed and still destroy everything in our path, half us stayed sane. Half of us gained abilities. Not everyone who was given The Cure developed them. But the destroyers and my friends and I, did. I work with a team, A team called Roitista led by our wonderful leader William. We end the impacted. We destroy them. For good.

We were running. Fast towards several destroyers. When people become destroyers they change. They use their abilities for the worst. Their eyes go black they spew nonsense and attempt to kill. Their were three. One a young latino girl, no older then 17 with huge veiny claws and fangs growing far outside of her mouth. She had ended several civilians. The next one was a pail white boy, like myself around my age two. He was creating water from thin air, he was turning it to ice and spitting it in every had seriously injured several kids. He was crying and grasping his head, skin was in his finger nails. The last one was a young Chinese girl screeching and howling while levitating in thin air. My team moved in. My team consists of three individuals besides myself. Podia, a 15 year old, black, tall, cold and distant boy. Cam a Korean demigirl age 12, leg amputee, loudmouthed and witty, And lastly our leader Williem.

He's Chinese, 16, tall, flirtatias, and a pain in the neck. We attacked. My ability is super agility. I can bounce 15 feet into the air. And I'm super flexable able to do several flips and kicks. I jumped towards the levitating girl. I tackled her to the ground.I took care of her in an instant. Then I saw Podia. Podia has the ability to spew acid from all his limbs, infact he even bleeds it. He was throwing the liquid from his hands at the crying boy. The boy fell to the ground. Podia took care of him. Next was Williem.

Williem is a bit weird with his abilities. He has the power of illusion, flight, and telequineses. Most of us only get one power but he received three. He took out the girl with tusks easily. We then heard sirens and ran away as fast as we could. We were panting in a sour tunnel. Podia was gasping for breath. "We sure-" he inhaled "Took care of them didn't we" he breathed out. He was hunched over. "I believe so" Cam stated. She smiled. Her and Podia normally don't get along. I was surprised at them. Willeim with his dark pitch black goggles and mouth respirator spoke. "That's enough for today I'll see you all later" Then he left. The thing about my team is that we don't know any of our own's secret identities. I know Podia's. Podia know's cam's but for Williem? None of us have a clue.

"I think I should be going too." I sighed. Podia and Cam said goodbye.

That would be patrol for today. I snuck back into my house. I took off my bandana and latex mask. We have to cover our entire face. The real world's not like the comics, one thin piece of paper won't protect your identity and neither will glasses. I slipped off my bulky costume. I wear a bullet proof vest, several stab plates, body armor and carry a knife on a belt. It's hard to move in at first but you get used to it. I hid the costume where I normally due within the folds of my hot pink bed. I laid down. I relaxed. I pushed my long blue hair to the side. "Thank goodness" I slept. I had an odd dream. I was looking in a mirror, but my reflection wasn't my own. I had short hair, no scars and a lip ring. I was looking back in the mirror, and touching my own hand. I then made a weird symbol on it. A symbol I didn't recognize. I awoke to my alarm, it was morning. "Ivy time for breakfast" my mother called. I live with my mom. She's great.

We fight sometimes but for the most part were good. I stay with my father on the weekends. Their in the process of getting divorced. I sat down to have veggie bacon and eggs, I forgot to mention I'm a vegetarian. I've been one since I was a young child. I honestly don't remember what it's like not to be one. If were being honest. My mom was watching tv. It was a news report.

"3 Volo found at the scene, seriously harmed" the news reporter said. "Good" my mom remarked. Volo is their term for us, the non impacted. Most of us, myself included find the term degrading. But that doesn't keep people from using it. "What do you mean good?" "You know how harmful those things are" I looked at my feet. "I don't think so" "You're a teen, you wouldn't know. Now c'mon time for school." She packed my lunch box and drove me to the buss stop.

Their I got on the incredibly crowded buss. I felt overwhelmed. I have soveir anxiety and lot's of people or lot's of crowds freak me out. I knew it was the first day of school but still. I kept my head down, sat by myself at the front. And avoided eye contact. This week was going to be fun. I got to school and met my friends, Tali and and Otis.

Otis is my best friend. I've known him since last year. He's very easy going, geeky, and won't shut up his fandoms. I swear I havn't read or watched anything having to do with Homestuck or Doctor who, yet because of Otis I know everything about them. He's really into alians. Otis is tall,16,Chinese,and dy's his hair bright red. Tali, Otis and I all dye our hair natural coulours.

Otis and I sat down at a table before class. " So exited?" Otis asked. He was chipper then usual today. "That's one word for it." Tali spoke up. "Anxiety again?" "How'd you-" "It's always anxiety with you Ivy" Otis laughed. He was being insensitive "Anyways want to hear about my new obsession?" "Let me guess fandom" "Well it has a fandom if that's what your asking" he seemed proud. "What is it this time?" Tali practically rolled her eyes.

Tali is 15 years old, one year older then me. She's native amearican and in a wheel chair. I met her through Otis. She's spunky quirky, and really into fashion. She's also a social justice blogger and activist so I'll let you make up your mind about that. "It's called Sliders" "Sliders?" Tali asked raising a brow. "Ya it's about these people who go through different dimensions and stuff" "Never heard of it." "well it's old and not very well known" "Is it any good?' Otis gave tali a look. "Is it any good? If I like it, it has to be" He seemed slightly offended. Though that may have just been his accent. He's from some part of England. I can't really tell to be honest. I'm a silly amearican in that way.

Quickly the bell rang. "Looks we need to leave" I looked down. "See ya guys." "Bye" I walked down to my first my class where I started feeling it coming on. It was panic. It was an attack. "Ms. Win" I raised my hand. "What Ivy" "I feel ill may I go to the nurses office?" "yes ivy." Like that I ran to her office. I started hyperventilating, my heart begun to race, and I felt like I wasn't actually there.

In the office the nurse sat me down. I saw two other people. A girl who was a small person with bright green hair. She was Japanese, wore very baggy clothes, and was also having an attack. She sat down on the bed within the office in feedle position. Imbetween my gasps I drank water. Tears were falling down my face. Then I saw the a lamp in the room begin to float. I saw the chair she was sitting on begin to as well. Everything around her as if in a small bubble was levitating, including her and her hair. The nurse tried to calm her down. Eventually she was. This girl has an amazing ability she could be of use to us.