I woke up to a call from William. "what?" I whispered. "get in your gear, we're talking to the police" Fantastic. Police, I don't quite care for them to be honest, I feel police in general are corrupt. I've had very bad experiences with them as children. I'd rather not get into it. It was Saturday so I was able to ride my moped that my dad gave me down to the sour. It was several miles but I managed. I can walk from my moms house I have to drive from my dad's apartment. My dad is always busy so no big deal. Besides he wasn't awake at that hour anyways.

Their I saw the whole team. I walked and stood next to Podia, I think he was giving me a look but it's hard to tell with that darned gas mask. He looks kind of creepy if you ask me. Otis took out his phone and dialed 911. Then we went to a park, nearby. The police arrived.

"You said you knew the spread of infection?" a young tall white officer said. He had a southern accent but then again this the south so its to be expected. Otis wearing gloves, handed him the vile. "hmm" he asked us several questions and filled out the file form. "thank you children and the by the way" He looked me rite in the eye. "don't wear masks in public" he then got in his car and drove away. "well he was really cool" Podia said. "no" I remarked. Cops aren't cool. Podia mentioned that he always wanted to be one when I visited him once, either that or in the military. Both options seem dull, and given that Podia is probably trans it's not like he'd be allowed in the military anyways.

I got on my moped and went back to my dads complex. I got in the elevator and snuck back inside. I went back to bed. The next morning, I saw on the tv. a news report about the liquid.

That was quick. Looks like their looking for a cure. Problem solved? This is so fast. I mean why would a company make liquid out to intentionally hurt the impacted, and why would they go out their way to become untraceable. Ya that's right the company is competently off the map, or at least according to the news report. It was some kind of online store, run by a few people. Their gone as well. This is outrages. At least it's over. I hope that's all for the drama for now.

End of book 1