Yeah, I know. This is a venture out of my normal preferences. It stems from Wayfar-1444, the scifi text-based game I play. Fucking awesome, it is. Go check it out, I dare you.

Anyway, this is a crackfic, based off the players and admins in the game. Averitti is my character; Vanity is her lesbian lover. Keep in mind that I haven't ever messed around with f/f pairings, but Averitti and Vanity are so fun, I wanted to show them off.

Rated M, for suggestive themes, and explicit lesbian sex.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any erections lasting longer than twenty-four hours. Read at your own risk.

In spite of the suggestive writings posted here, Wayfar-1444 is not a place for explicit sexhaving. Please don't join the game and expect the admins to condone lewd behaviour of any kind. Only Averitti can get away with such things.

Warnings: crude humor, fingering, homoerotic themes, light bondage, attempted femslash ..

Really, I think this is a Wayfar story should be warning enough, no?

Other: Wayfar 1444 is a text based online multiplayer game. You are a colonist, sent to the surface of an alien world with a few basic supplies. Join up with other colonists, or plot against them, while surviving and building a self sufficient colony.

Wayfar features a procedurally generated galaxy, a distinctive dice pool combat system, hacking, robots, aircraft, vehicles, starships, buildings, detailed crafting, easy-to-understand English command syntax, and a friendly admin staff.

Blah blah blah, are you ready to read?

"Morning, chief!"

"Shout again," hissed the noraneko from beneath the blankets. "And so help me God, Nohran, I will twist your penis into a pretzel and present it to Vega as a new recipe for the maker block."

She didn't have to look to know the threat didn't even so much as register with the chestnut-haired boy. Arrogant little shit thought he was immortal.

"Ah, sorry, chief. I'll try to keep it do–"

Then why is your voice still so goddamn loud? "Fuck, just go and get Vanity. Tell her .. tell her I took a bunch of pills. Please," she added as an afterthought.

A moment later and the noraneko could've wept, the touch of her mate's cool hand on her brow felt so good. "A bunch of pills, eh?" Vanity murmured, in a beautifully soft, soft voice. Were her lips even moving at all? If she'd thought she might've been able to manage it without puking up her intestines for the second time that morning, Averitti might've pulled back the covers to see.

"Lied," she admitted, trying in vain to summon a wry, apologetic smile. "Hurts."

"What hurts?"

The bed dipped gently, sheets rustling as the raven-haired woman slipped in beside her. "Oh, God. Everything. My head, my chest, my muscles––ow, fuck!" A finger had snuck up on her––Vanity's, undoubtedly––and was now prodding her, incessantly, without a care for the discomfort riddling her. Normally, the noraneko wouldn't have complained––except everything hurt and for once, the pain did not put Averitti in the mood.

"Really, babe, I'm flattered," she drawled dryly, trying in vain to wiggle out of range of her mate's groping. "But I ain't in the mood."

"Something's definitely wrong, then." The warmth beside her vanished, Vanity's voice floating above her, teasing and light-hearted. God, she sounded so sexy. Averitti was almost tempted to fuck her anyway, sickness and all ..

The beginnings of a mischievous grin on her lips, she freed a hand from under the blankets, intending to grope her beloved—however blindly—and perhaps persuade her into joining her beneath the covers once more.

But the fever rose up and took her then, and as Averitti's eyes drifted shut, her hand dropped limply to the sheets.

She was vaguely aware of Vanity leaning down. Why, she didn't know. Likely reaching across the bed for .. something. Hmmm.

Her last conscious thought probably should've been something more intelligent, like maybe the lube? Handcuffs? But alas, no.

Instead, all Averitti could think about as the fever got hotter and hotter was that Vanity had damn nice tits. They were perfect, really. Perfect for me, yeah. The way they fit in my palms—oh, yeah. Want it. Want her, need her now. Gotta wake up, Av. Gotta tell her ..

"Open wide!"

"Buy me dinner first—and I might think about it," spat the noraneko, glowering at Rosemary. Her violet eyes were bright with fever, her muscles ached and her skin was slick with gross, cold sweat—and yet Averitti still continued to singlehandedly keep all four of her persecutors at bay.

Maybe it was because of the defensive stance she'd assumed from the start: alopecoid ears flattened irritably against her skull, their outline nearly rendered invisible due to the dark pigment of her hair; narrow shoulders stiff and hunched, the muscles beneath Averitti's tanned skin quivering, drawn taut with tension.

Or maybe it was because of the pearlback revolver she wielded?

Nohran tried desperately to placate her, stepping forwards with hands outstretched. "Chief, please, we're only trying to help—"

"Bullshit! You're trying to stab me with fucking needles!"

Rosemary charged then, as did Sanders. Panicking, the diminutive noraneko swung off the bed and shot under it, hissing and spitting furiously.

"Fuck all of you! You might as well take those needles and stick them up your whore asses, 'cause Nohran'll grow a dick before I let you touch me with any of that shit! Now get the fuck out!"

Upon waking a third time, it was to the sound of voices, just outside the door—and also to a killer headache, pain pounding at her temples. Averitti didn't pay it any mind, however, instead fixating on the voices.

"How did it go?"

"How do you think it went?" Fucking Nohran, snapping at Vanity. Listening, Averitti bristled angrily, vowing to remedy that when this sickness bullshit settled down. Fucker had no respect for his betters.

An audible sigh; her mate had clearly been expecting more. Me too, babe. Me, too. "Put some heated water and a bandage on it. She's still awake?"

"Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, yeah."

"Well—" A hesitation, and Averitti imagined Vanity chewing on her bottom lip, just like she always did when she was thinking or worried. Her brows would knit together, furrowing above her dark, pretty doe eyes ..

And then it hit her. Vanity was worried about her. Shit. Because of her.

I'm the reason for that wounded bottom lip. For the tense furrow between her brows.

But it was only right for someone to worry about the people they loved, right? After all, if it was Vanity in this position, Averitti would've felt exactly the same, if not more. God knew it wouldn't be her own self she was gnawing on, though.

"—I'll see what I can do. Go on and head out, I'll page you if something comes up."

The door opened then, booted feet scuffing on the wooden flooring. Averitti caught a faint whiff of leather and rain—a combination of scents she would know anywhere, because it belonged to the woman she loved.

Klaxons of pain shot suddenly up her side, eliciting an involuntary cry. Fuck, that hurt. She blinked furiously, wondering why the hell not being able to stretch without hurting made her want to bawl.

Instead of bawling, though, Averitti watched as Vanity sat cross-legged on the floor, not but a short distance away from the bed.

For what felt like hours, they sat in silence, the both of them alone with their pain.

It was Vanity, bless her, who finally reached out, whispering gently into the quiet that stretched between them.

"I bet your head is pounding."

"Yeah. Wish it was your ass," Averitti blurted.


Yeah, I totally meant to say that aloud. "I wish it was your ass, getting the pounding."

Even though it wasn't Averitti's best line, Vanity still rewarded her with a peal of laughter. Somehow, Averitti knew her eyes were laughing, too.

And just like that, the tension bled from the room.

"You're so romantic, I don't know how I keep my exosuit on when I'm around you. You gave me fiber burns, you know, pulling it off so fast."

Inch by inch, the noraneko edged out from under the bed, yearning to see her mate's face. "Sorry, babe. It's just that you make me so hot .."